Schedule posts on Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups, Twitter and Google+ from a single Social Media Dashboard

All In One: Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events

Post to Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups and Events, Twitter Accounts and Google+ Pages

Automatic Post Scheduling

Automatic Post Scheduling

Specify the date and time for each post or use automatic scheduling feature.

Chrome Extension for Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Fully Integrated with Chrome

Schedule a post instantly without logging in to Postcron. You'll love it!

Bulk Post Uploading on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Schedule tweets and posts in bulk

Upload up to 1000 posts or tweets at once from an Excel or Google Docs file


Who is using Postcron?

  • Ahmed Helmy Founder and CEO at
    I'm a big user of Facebook as it helps me to grow my business. n the past, I used to hire 2 or 3 persons to publish posts on my pages, but Postcron made everything easy and allow me to schedule Facebook posts in no time. I like Postcron so much.
  • Thomas Hiscocks Digital Marketing Director
    As a group of companies we use Facebook as the primary inbound marketing tool. With PostCron we minimize workload while maximizing user engagement. The only way to engage on a global scale to an audience that is always awake.
  • Naomi Havlen Marketing Assistant
    Postcron allows me to talk to thousands of tea fanatics with the most interesting, quirky and fun tea-related news every day, without having to sit at my laptop for hours on end! In short, it helps me have a life. That's priceless!
  • Juan Carlos Aliaga Manager at Graphic OX
    As a marketing company we were looking for the right social media management tool, to promote our customers on social media, we tried almost every system, Hootsuite, MediaFunnel you name it. Until we found Postcron, it is easy to use, elegant and have all the features we were looking for. Highly recommended
  • Anjanette "Momma" Young Blogger
    Postcron is affordable, convenient and simple to use. The Watermarking, Bulk Uploading and Collaborative Features makes amplifying my blog and events 100% easier. I highly recommend it for your social media.
  • Juan J. Perez Founder and CEO
    After using several Facebook applications, Postcron was the only application that served my specific needs. With Postcron I can schedule tweets and Facebook posts for the entire week. By doing so, I can concentrate on running my business efficiently. Thank you Postcron.