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Sizes and Practical Tips for Conquering Your Audience

As we all know, Google Plus is Google’s Social Network which makes it an essential platform for positioning your content in Google searches. In order to reach your audience there, you must share quality images; and we are going to show you how!

We’ll take a look at why it’s important to post relevant photos that attract people to your content. And we’ll go over the recommended image sizes for Google Plus and some practical tips as well.

Why Should You Share Relevant and Attractive Photos on Google Plus?

Images, along with videos, are the most shared content on Social Media, statistically speaking. That’s why including images is vital if you want your content to spread on Google Plus.

Due to the importance of images on Social Media, Google Plus (just like the rest of the social networks) has set aside a special place for photos on their interface. Making it easier to post and interact with images.

Now, why are images so effective on Social Networks? The answer is that they have what’s called “Stopping Power”, since they have the ability to make people stop and look while scrolling through the endless information on their Google Plus feed. 

So when sharing images, you have to make sure they have two qualities that guarantee success. They are as follows:

1- Your Photos have to be relevant:

This means that the photos you publish go along with your audience profile and with the type of content proposed in your Social Media Strategy for your brand or business.

2- Your Photos have to be attractive:  

This quality is fundamental since it increases the chances of your photo’s Stopping Power working at top notch. Basically, your photos need to be esthetically pleasing, attractive and have the proper resolution.

What Are the Recommended Google Plus Image Dimensions?

To ensure that your images are displayed well, you must know the recommended sizes for Google Plus. This will guarantee that your images look professional, and with a good definition.

Here are the recommended Google Plus image dimensions:

- Profile -

● Google Plus Profile Picture:  250x250 pixels.

- Covers -

● Google Plus Cover: 1080x608 pixels.

- Posts -

● Google Plus Post: 700x525 pixels.

Practical Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Google Plus Photos

Now, we’ll go over a few very applicable tips that will help you get the most out of your images on Google Plus:

3- Add Watermarks to You Photos to Promote Your Business:

In order to facilitate your brand’s diffusion, its highly recommended to add a watermark to the images you share on Google Plus. An easy way to simplify this task is to use tools that allow you to automatically add watermarks to all your photos.

4- Use your Cover Photo to Advertise Offers and Discounts:

Changing your cover photo on Google Plus is an easy and very effective way to advertise new offers and discounts (you can check its recommended size above). So, make sure you take advantage of your cover photo’s exposure to promote your business and sell more.

5- Use Attractive Images That Strengthen Your Posts in Order to Get more "+1":

Statistics show that posts with images receive a larger number of +1s. Thus, you should include attractive images that strengthen your words. Don’t forget to use hashtags in order to maximize your posta’ exposure!

1- Find Out Which Were the Most Successful Images and Create Similar Content:

A good way to get inspiration for your photos on Google Plus is to go over the images you’ve previously shared and find out which ones generated the largest amount of positive interactions. The idea is to create similar content that is equally likely to be successful.

2- Go Back and Re-Share Your Most Popular Images Every Once in A While:

Another efficient means of increasing engagement on your Google Plus account (especially when it comes to new followers) is to re-share your posts with images that your fans liked most (you can share them, for example, twice every 3 weeks).