Exploit the power of the most visual social network by creating original, professional and cool images to share and convey your brand's spirit in each pin.



Choose the template for the image that you need, personalize it and be sure that it is displayed perfectly in every device.

Optimize the profile image of your Pinterest account, using this personalized template. Create a unique and proffesional image in a few seconds.



Create the cover for your Pinterest boards with the perfect size, and be sure to display them without loosing quality on every device.

600x900 / 600x600

You can upload any pin size on Pinterest, but if you want all your followers to appreciate your content correctly, use what is recommended.



Pinterest is a relatively new Social Network that is gaining strength in the Digital Marketing arena. Its online catalogue design is a must for brands and businesses and that is why we will show you how to make the most out of your Pinterest images.

We will explore the reasons why you should use professional images on Pinterest, and review the recommended sizes Pinterest images and three executable tips to get the best results on this social network.

Why is it Important that My Pinterest Pictures Look Professional?

As we explained above, Pinterest is designed to function as a showcase. That's why great importance is placed on this Social Network's images, as they must look attractive and aesthetic. 


In Pinterest 85% of the audience is female, so if your products, services or proposals are directed to this segment, you must include this Social Network in your Social Media Strategy. Especially if you sell products that are photographed such as furniture or clothes.

So, in order for your Pinterest images to look professional and appealing, they must have a good resolution. In other words, it is important to avoid any viewing problems such as stretched or pixelated images since this could ruin your strategy.

What Is The Recommended Size For Pinterest Images?

In order to avoid the image problems on Pinterest, so your images are viewed professionally, you must use the recommended sizes for this Social Network. Thus this will ensure that your pins are shown perfectly.

These are the sizes you must use on Pinterest:


- Profile -

● Pinterest Profile Picture: 400x400 pixels.

- Pins -

● Pin Image (square): 600x600 pixels.

● Pin Image (vertical): 600x900 pixels (variable height).

- Covers -  

● Pinterest Board Cover: 200x200 pixels.

Fundamental Tips To Optimize Your Pinterest Images

Now that you know the dimensions of your images for Pinterest, lets revise a number of practical tips that can help you get the most out of your images in this Social Network:

You can create boards to group your images by categories on Pinterest: The idea is for users to be curious about exploring them by simply viewing their appearance. That is why your covers must illustrate the content, and be eye-catching and aesthetic in order to attract attention.

1- Use The Most Appealing and Representative Images To Illustrate Your Boards

When you conduct a search on Pinterest, the words utilized work as tags that identify contents. For this reason, your images must contain clear and descriptive hashtags, in order to appear when people perform related searches.

2- Use Hashtags Or Precise Tags To Increase Dissemination Of Your Images

It is also important that you add boards to some of the categories proposed by Pinterest, so they appear in the user's search results. For this reason you must go to the “Edit” menu of each Board and select the categories.

3- Classify Your Boards With Suitable Categories So Users Can Find Your Images