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Por Rosángela Mansutti |

Increase your Social Media Audience

Social Networks have been converted into one of the most important channels for businesses. Studies estimate that nearly 90% of the population connects to the Internet via their mobile devices; a figure that has far surpassed the computer. One of the main uses of these connections is produced in this type of platform.

It is understood that they are the perfect place to propel a business. But the rules of the game have also changed; now interaction is completely direct. There are no middlemen and you can learn about the strong and weak points of products and offered services as well as the company itself. An instantaneous feedback that allows notable improvement.

There are numerous types of social networks; taking advantage of them allows obtaining a huge boost. But you also have to be cautious since you are projecting an authentic image through them that can work against you unless you do things right. For this reason it is important to maintain an active community and that they don’t feel like mere numbers or sales. Rather an ideal place for them to positively associate with the brand image.

It doesn’t matter when you start your business you’ll still want to grow your audience. The more people you attain, the better results you will have in the long run.

1- Create strong profiles

The starting point for increasing your audience in any social network is the creation of strong profiles. These profiles should include brand images as well as profile pictures. Also you must fill out all the required details, not leaving anything out. In Twitter it goes through a small biography, link and location. Facebook wants a short description, web page, address and telephone contact. In short, fill out all the fields that you can.

Before starting to generate these new users it is important that prior content exists, a few updates so that when they reach your page they can see how you operate and what content you offer. This way they can decide to follow you or not. If there aren’t any, the response will always be negative.

2- Share quality content

It is important that content has a minimum quality in order to keep the audience engaged. Furthermore, the theme should be interesting and have a certain relation with your company. It serves no use to write a post about football if your public is interested in the fashion world.

If it’s a text, it must have a careful format so that it doesn’t look burdensome. Without paragraphs that make them very heavy, highlighting what is important in black as well as support from images and videos. Data reflects that a good photograph can generate more clicks and also helps the content to go viral.


3- Invite through the friend finder

This is a resource that the majority of social platforms permit. What better way to generate an audience than starting with your email contacts? Invite them to register or learn about your pages on these networks. Additionally, you also have the option to advertise to the contacts you have added, as is the case on Facebook. It is a very simple resource but many let it slip by when they don’t take it into account. On numerous occasions the simplest thing is what generates a bigger result.


4- Add visible links of your networks on your webpage

This can be accomplished by adding small social network icons to the header of a webpage as well as at the bottom and in a sidebar. Make it accessible and visible to users at all times while visiting the page. Individual platforms allow you to obtain their logos to place them in the form of an icon; additionally Facebook also has the option to create a personalized logo through a generator.

If you are not satisfied with what’s normal you can always turn to the photo bank where there are more modern designs created for professionals which can be given a different touch depending on what you are looking for in your style.


5- Put Social Media links in your Email signature

A small trick that often goes unnoticed.

As an entrepreneur or manager of a team you can spend a lot of hours a week sending and responding to emails. Sometimes they are people in your contacts but other times no. Your signature always will appear bellow the text so it is the perfect option to make Social Media visible by placing the corresponding links. It is always best to do it through small buttons.

6- Have a cross promotion of your accounts

The name may implicate something complicated but it is as easy as putting up a tweet asking your followers if they are on Pinterest or another social network. And if the answer is affirmative, follow them through these platforms o have them follow you based on what the case is. Furthermore, don’t lose the opportunity of placing links as is the case on Pinterest which allows a Twitter and Facebook link.

“I didn’t know that you had a Facebook account”. This is a very common phrase. Not everyone dedicates their time searching if businesses have more profiles on other platforms. For this reason you can’t fail advertising so it is always clear.

-7 follow me on Pinterest Twitter Search

7- Follow your audience on Twitter and get involved

Start following people so that they get the notification they are being followed. Additionally, don’t hesitate to start conversations with them and find a solution to whatever type of doubt they have. Also it is positive to interact in public conversations do they see your ease about the addressed issues. Of course if you see a publication that catches your attention don’t hesitate to RT.

You can use the search engine to find people that fit perfectly with your target. For this it is best to use key works or specific content.

8- Use Twitter Ads

If you have an advertising budget try out this system where Twitter will promote your account to a targeted audience and they can follow you this way.


9- Give likes to other pages via your Facebook site

Aside from your personal profile, Facebook gives you the option to give a like and comment on other pages and publications on your business profile. It is a way to create ties with members from the same sector who create some professional relation such as a way of finding new people focused with your target. This finally is possible thanks to interaction in the comments.



10- Your Facebook profile has to be public

You have the option of all your information, such as the publications, appears to people without them needing to be one of your followers. This is a way to promote your business to the audience and if they like what content you offer they follow the page. Hiding everything you publish only limits your options.


11- Participate in Facebook groups

Be involved in groups related to your market niche. Use your profile to establish conversation and participate in possible discussions. If what you are about is interesting, other than being educated, you will create the possibility of obtaining new users to follow your page. You can also take advantage of the same option to comment on your private profile; provided that you establish a tie with your business or a brand that you have come across.

When you already have a certain status it is very easy for people to follow your business through your options with your personal account. They will know that you are an influential person or at least the basis of a company that fills the needs of the citizens.


12- Don’t forget about hashtags on Twitter

When you share articles, photos and videos on Twitter always accompany them with hashtags. So people who don’t follow you will be able to find you easier through tags. They always have to be associated to the content you publish, such as your business, where the audience feels comfortable. Additionally this way not only will you be able to get new followers but also you will be able to find interesting people who can support a different point of view than you.

13- Participate in LinkedIn groups

This social network is one of the best for generating professional contacts. It’s certainly a place to create ties and get to know other members of the sector. If they like what you offer, as well as your profile, it will be much easier for others to share your publications or reference your company.

Groups are fantastic for generating an attraction with the people who want to connect with you. In the generated discussions it is your opportunity to create responses with a lot of value that that get the interest of other parties. When comments are made that bring content to a community people who appear receptive to following the steps of the people who make them, in this case a curiosity to see their business model.


14- Comment on LinkedIn blogs

This platform gives it members the possibility of having a blog. Many of them count on thousands of users. What’s ideal is finding people that are related with your market niche and in the same way as in previous points involved with the community that follows by establishing conversation and giving opinions.


I hope these 14 tips help you to improve your presence on social networks and increase your audience on them. What do you think? Do you already have some of these points in practice? Do you have any tips that you would like to share with us? Leave us your comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and followers!