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5 Actions to Promote Content And Start Applying Today

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Actions to Promote Content

To activate a Digital Marketing strategy you need to position yourself in the mind of consumers and learn how to promote content and expose your brand to the target audience. Content is key to generate confidence amongst clients and keep them interested until you establish a long-term relationship.

That is why we would like to share some techniques with you to promote it properly.

5 Techniques to promote content with your target audience

1.- Social Media is your first option

Social media is key for Inbound Marketing techniques and to make your business grow organically. This is an ideal channel to promote content since the majority of the clients and consumers are present in these profiles.


All you need to know is which social platforms have the largest interaction among your audience since your audience might prefer to have a more serious participation on Linkedln and doesn’t pay that much attention to Facebook, even though it has a larger user base than this professional network and the style of publications is more open.

If your audience uses Linkedln, we recommend that you learn how to promote content on LinkedIn. One of the benefits is that you share publications with an audience interested in gaining specialized knowledge and willing to debate issues, something that can help you spread your content.

Join these groups, publish content on your profile and always update your status (remember that you can use tools such as Postcron and publish your posts on social networks automatically), exposing your brand to your audience is useful to grow your business, your follower list and what’s even more important, your client portfolio.

It’s also convenient to know what topics users are interested in so your content is more likely to be shared.

2.- Promote your blog posts among your Mailing subscribers

For a business that has been promoting content, this may sound obvious. But for a startup that has just begun, this makes a world of sense.

Sending your content to a list of blog subscribers is a great opportunity to reach them and maintain an active presence in the mind of your audience. Use the right tools to send these mailings, in order to get into the inboxes of your followers and stay there until they look at their emails.

Keep in mind that as you experiment and increase your subscriber list, you also increase the opportunity to expose your content.

With a list of updated subscribers, you have the opportunity to engage and charm your clients, offering them content “right out of the oven”.

One of the advantages of having a list of subscribers is that you can promote content for a niche that has shown interest in your brand. Remember that a database is created with data offered by consumers when they enter your website.

3.- Link your own content to your blog


This is one of the best techniques you can apply when you try to promote content. You can link your own content by using Anchor Text or by advertising traditionally by leaving links at the end of each post.

If you have to choose between anchor texts and links at the end of each post, we recommend the first option. There are different reasons why our suggestion falls more toward anchored text, but mainly because these offer value to an SEO strategy.

This is an excellent resource to help Google decipher your website.

And it also keeps the reader navigating on your pages so you are chasing the rebound and letting Google know that you offer quality content or a useful element to your audience.

All of this, in the end, adds points to your SEO status and you learn specific data about your client’s preferences or readers who at the end can become followers and even brand ambassadors if you focus on creating quality content.

As you see, promoting content correctly unchains a series of facts and if you know how to tie them all up, you end up with a good result.

4.- Invest on social network Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook is the social media leader for brands and online users alike. One of the many advantages that Facebook Ads has, is the potential to make your content viral.

Other social networks can also offer going viral but if you consider the amount of users Facebook has (1.860 million in February 2017) this phenomenon can be produced much faster.

Twitter Ads and ads on Instagram are also helpful to promote your content. The key to sharing your content and being successful is to know where to interact more with your brand. We already mentioned it above, but we say it again, this is an important fact when you reach your audience.

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5.- Create alliances with influencers

Another technique that works well until now, not just to promote content, but also to launch a brand, as long as you execute actions with ideal influencers (those who communicate with your target audience) is to create alliances with influencers.

This gives you more flexibility than any techniques since they are exposed to thousands of people in only one minute.


If you begin sharing content with your target audience and know where, when and how, you can achieve a lot of quality clients.


About the Author

Emanuel Olivier Peralta

Founder & CEO of Genwords