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Welcome to the Direct Sales section of our blog! Here you can find articles and suggestions from experts in order to become an online sales ace. With guides, tips and successful cases, you can find all the information to multiply your Internet conversions, keep clients, attract prospects, and much more!


Why Should You Read The Articles In Our Direct Sales Section?

As you probably know, it’s extremely important to stay updated on Online Sales and Direct Sales. Why? Because tools and platforms about eCommerce add changes constantly, and in order to dominate them, you need to stay updated!

That is why in the Direct Sales section of Postcron´s  blog, our objective is to share with you the most recent updates, techniques and successful cases regarding online sales so you can reach your sales objectivestake advantage of Digital Marketing tools and achieve your goals.

What Type of Content Can You Find In the Suggestions Section of Sales Catalogues for Resellers and Consultants?

This section of Postcron´s blog is about direct Internet sales and online sales activities, so you can find specialized articles about this topic. So, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you take a look at our post Sales techniques: 7 tips to update your Sales Team.

sales techniques

We also have educational blog posts, created to learn about digital Marketing and Sales possibilities so you can decide which one is best for your business. Such is the case in our post B2B vs. B2C marketing: 10 large differences and the best actions to implement them on Social Media.

A third type of article you can find in this section about Direct online Sales has to do with specific sales strategies within each Social Network. A good example of this is our article How To Create A Facebook Party (or Direct Sales on Facebook) In Three Steps (And Not Die Trying!).

Learn About the Tools And Expert Suggestions To Multiply Your Direct Internet Sales By Reading Our Posts

Many formulas exist to launch your Internet sales success and the objective of our posts is to show you which ones they are. That way, if you want to take advantage of your Digital Marketing efforts and multiply your sales, you should consider the following:

  • What market segment do you direct your sales to.
  • Which consumer habits and characteristics do each segment have.
  • What is the behavior of your online target audience and what Social Networks can you use to contact them on.
  • What is the best online Sales strategy for your business.


Addressing the mentioned aspects can help you make your sales activity more professional on the Internet and get the most out of your online work. Yes, we know, this is a lot of information to take in! And that is why we ask that you get comfortable and revise our Section carefully in order to enjoy and learn.

With this said, if you want to stay updated regarding the latest Direct Sales trends and learn the most effective methods to sell more, take a look at the articles in our section. You can let us know later!

Let´s navigate! :)