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Category › Google Plus: Tips, Advice, Tools and much more

Google Plus: Tips, Advice, Tools and much more

Welcome to our section on Tips, Advice and Tools about Google Plus! Here you will find information and learn the techniques needed to bring success to your Social Media Marketing campaigns through the Social Network on Google.

Why should you use Google Plus?

Even though it is not a massive Social Network as Facebook is, using Google+ is important for positioning. Why? Because, although it is one of the many products of Google, all the information and social profiles created here are integrated with the browser.

[caption id="attachment_3957" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Google Plus search result When you enter the Google Plus world, you open the door to numerous integrated Google services that are very beneficial for Online Marketing.[/caption]

In fact, more than 40 thousand searches per second are taking place all over the word in Google. As a result, generating an active presence of your business on Google Plus can lead to excellent brand positioning and eventually your site.

More so: if all the public information published in your Google+ account (images, videos, text, etc.) is indexed immediately by Google. This means that even if your site is not visible at the top of the search results, your Google+ profile will appear.

How does it benefit you to appear in the first Google search results?

If your business appears among the top search results of Google, this is very positive, both to increase your web traffic and to promote your brand. According to the experts, the first positions in Google´s results receive more than 54% of total clicks.

What benefits does Google+ have to offer you from Online Marketing´s point of view?

The benefits are many! First, and as we mentioned above, Google Plus is one of many Google services, and as such, it integrates “perfectly” with other proposals from this Internet giant (YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps, Hangouts, Communities and more).


So, when you create and manage a page on Google+ for your brand, all the information you broadcast will take advantage of the benefits of Google. For example, you can integrate easily on maps with the location of your business and use Hangouts to answer questions from your audience.

And as we will see below, Google+ offers you the tools to optimize your business page , so you can reach a wider audience and provide all the information that people interested in your proposals need.

Advice to Manage your Business Page on Google+

First, we recommend that you optimize your profile with information about your commercial offer. In order to do this, you can fill out the space “Brief Description” and explain in a few words what people can find on your website and/or follow your brand.


It is also highly recommended that, when you add images to your cover and profile, you follow the guidelines for the recommended image sizes on Google+. This will help you maintain a professional and attractive image amongst your audience.

In addition, it is essential that you add the links to your site and position the necessary information in the section “Contact Information”, so those interested in your business proposal can find you easily.

Lastly, if you want to save time and always be present in the audience´s Timeline, the best way to do this is to program publications in Google+. This way you can better organize your posts without having to be connected all day.

For everything mentioned, we invite you to visit our Tips and Advice about Google+, to learn to manage your accounts like a Social Network professional.

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