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Instagram: Tips, Advice, Tools and much more


Welcome to our section on Tips, Advice, and Tools for Instagram! Here you will find everything about this Social Network (from news to tutorials), so you can optimize your social media marketing strategy and take your business to the very top.

Why should you include Instagram in your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

There are many good reasons why it is recommended that you include this social platform in your strategy. First, it is a Social Network that grows exponentially, which means that the number of users multiplies every day.

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Along with this, it is important to remember that Facebook purchased this social network in 2012, and since then has introduced many changes of various ranges on Instagram, both in operation as in the advantages to advertisers.

As a result, Instagram has strong  advantages in the advertising system of Facebook (ranging from the creation of personalized audiences to the possibility of segmenting your audience based on their specific interests and demographic information).

That is why Instagram´s position increases more as an effective weapon in terms of Digital Marketing, that you can also take advantage of.

Statistics and Important Instagram Facts

As you know, it is always interesting and instructive to take a look at the numbers:

According to a report by brandwatch.com, this social network today has more than 400 million users, of which 75% live outside the United States. In turn, nearly 60% of the Social Network members are connected every day.


Also, it is in second place behind Facebook, in terms of engagement. Another interesting fact is that Instagram users represent 30% of the total users of the Internet, which is very promising in the terms of Online Marketing.

It should also be noted that 90% of the network´s users are less than 35 years old. All this data (especially the latter) can help you determine whether your business is suitable in order to join this Social Network (and the most probable answer is a resounding: Yes!).

Articles that you must read before you use Instagram to broadcast your business

In this section, you will find essential articles for those who want to take full advantage of Instagram, in the terms of Online Marketing. One of them refers to the New Function of Instagram Stories that help you connect with your younger audience and maintain your strategy updated.

We also recommend you visit our post 10 simple ways to improve your Instagram engagement and make your audience love you (and all of this without spending a penny!), where you can find effective tips to reach your audience better than before.

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Should you decide to advertise on this Social Network, we recommend that you read our article on How to advertise on Instagram and publish ads that you can convert in only 10 steps, where you will learn how to generate effective ads through practical and comprehensive guides.

Lastly, it is convenient that you explore all the possibilities offered by Instagram for Businesses, so you are aware of the options offered by the platform. This will enable you to make the best decisions regarding your communication strategy.

And of course, we recommend that you visit our article on How to program publications on Instagram (step by step), where you will learn how to schedule your posts to save time and effort and increase your productivity on Social Media.

In conclusion, to learn everything bout Instagram and Online Marketing we invite you to relax and enjoy the articles in our section.

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