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Welcome! Do you know what SEO and SEM are and why they’re essential in Digital Marketing for improving your Web Positioning? This is exactly what you’ll learn about in this category of our blog! Here you’ll find out what these techniques are and how to utilize them! In addition, you’ll get applicable tips for getting the most out of these things.

As an introduction, below we’re sharing some basic definitions with you in order to help you enter the world of SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing and Web Positioning. Here we go!

What is SEO and why is it important for Web Positioning and Digital Marketing?

The abbreviation SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. As specialists from the University of San Diego in the United States explain:

“Search Engines are one of the most frequently used tool for finding information on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a variety of techniques and strategies for improving your positioning and visibility in search engine results”.

Thus, through SEO techniques you can optimize the visits coming from your content and arriving at your website in order to multiply the possibility of users finding your proposals when they carry out a search on Google (thus improving your content’s positioning in Google results or any other search engine).

So, some issues to address when planning a website or content’s strategies for improving web positioning are:

SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing Google Search

  • Using Keywords.
  • The website’s user friendliness and implementation of a design that facilitates browsing and searching for content.
  • The use of Meta Descriptions for different pages on your website.
  • Using hashtags in titles.
  • Including keywords in images’ Alternative Text (Alt Text).
  • Proper use of links on your website.
  • Etc.

What is SEM, Internet Advertising and Social Network ads?

On another note, while SEO techniques favor “organic” positioning (non-paid) of content, SEM strategies are paid for. The abbreviation stands for “Search Engine Marketing” and enables web positioning improvement through paid advertising.

So for example, with SEM techniques you can publish your content or products through advertising services on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in order to favor their discovery by users. This technique is very effective for achieving objectives like increasing your website’s views and promoting your commercial proposals.

In order to have success with SEM techniques, it’s important to create effective and attractive advertisements. You also have to ensure that the links you promote in your advertisements direct users to useful landing pages that fulfill what was promised in the advertisement (and avoid deceptive marketing at all costs).

SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing with Google

In conclusion, SEO, SEM techniques and tools for Digital Marketing are essential for building a prominent Internet presence and improving your Web Positioning. Take a look at our articles in this section and get some ideas, tips and current information for your SEO and SEM strategies.

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