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Welcome to our Social Media Data and Statistics section! The articles you’ll find here cover a very important topic for those who work with Social Media, and thanks to this information we can channel our communication investments and get the most out of them.

What Are Social Media Analytics Tools  for?

social media analytics tools what are they forThere are very good reasons why Marketers, Community Managers, Social Media Managers and everyone else who works with Social Networks should keep Statistics in mind when carrying out their online tasks. Here we’re giving you the 5 most important ones:

1- They Help You Get to Know Your Public on Social Networks

As you know, it’s important to know who you’re targeting to be able to design the most successful messages as possible. For example, if your audience is made up of people 50 years old and up, then its recommended to avoid idioms for teenagers or much younger people.

Thanks to tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, with these Social Media Analytics tools you can find out the origins of people who visit your social accounts or website, what pages they’re coming from, what sections they browse, for how long and other valuable data for optimizing your website, proposals and publications.

2- They help you measure your actions’ impact on your audience

Social Media Analytics Tools are essential for gradually improving the quality of your Social Media publications. With their help you can analyze what content your followers liked most and during what times you obtain a larger amount of response from your audience.

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Usually all the social platforms provide you with statistics on your accounts, including Instagram, which recently implemented this feature and other updates. So, there is a series of Social Network Statistics that every Community Manager should be reading.

3- They Allow You to Decide Where to Direct Your Communication Efforts

With Social Media Analytics Tools you can channel your investment (time, money, labor) on Social Media in the best way possible. It happens that this information is essential for determining certain actions’ profitability. For example, if you discover that your public mainly consists of young people, you’ll be able to adapt your content to them.

If you don’t know your audience’s demographics, your publications won’t be as effective. In this sense, segmentation is an essential step for obtaining the best results, and can only be achieved through obtaining your public’s information (meaning, through statistics).  

4- They Enable You to Know How Close You Are to Reaching Your Objectives

In order to know if your online activities effectively help you nail down your marketing objectives, there are two fundamental steps. The first is registering your Social Media strategy in writing (meaning, documenting your actions on Social Media) in order to plan and execute your communications in an orderly fashion.

The second step for checking if your content marketing strategies are functioning is to consult your social network statistics. This will help you know basic questions like how many people have seen each of your publications, in order to use content that goes along with “the most viewed”.  

5- They Function as a Guide to Understanding the Terrain Where You’ll Be Working

social media analytics tools socialnet stats

In addition to Social Network statistics related to a particular one of your accounts, it’s very important to know the situation of each Social Media before making any decisions on your online strategies. Aspects such as the type of audience and content each Network focuses on are essential for deciding on which ones to invest.

For example, if you have a women’s clothing store or an interior design store, surely you’ll want to invest in Pinterest based on what their statistics say: 85% of users are women. Meanwhile, Facebook is a must since it’s the most wide spread platform (with more than one billion users).

For these, and many other reasons, we invite you to read out articles on Social Network Statistics.

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