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Twitter: Tips, Advice, Tools and Much More


Welcome to our Twitter: Tips, Advice, Tools Section and Much More! Here you can find practical articles, news, tips and everything you need to know about the Microblogging Network in order to achieve your goals in the area of Social Media Marketing.

Now, why dedicate a whole section of our blog to Twitter?

The answer is simple: this is one of the most popular Social Networks in the world with its own characteristics that make it an informative and communicative proposal, indispensable in terms of Digital Marketing.

Why Should You Include Twitter in Your Social Network Marketing Strategy?


1- Because Its A Communication Channel With Unique Features

There are qualities that are unique to Twitter compared to other Social Networks. Among them is the immediacy of the messages, which appear chronologically in “real time” on the user´s timelines, and the limit of 140 character maximum per tweet, allowing a very agile reading.

2- Because It Appears Among Google´s First Search Results

Try testing it: conduct a Google search for a brand or business that you know has a Twitter account and you will notice that the profile appears among the first search results. In other words, having an account in the microblogging social network helps you to improve your web positioning.

3- Because Of The Advantages It Offers When You Use Hashtags

Twitter, just like Instagram and Tumblr allow you to use hashtags to position and classify your content in the Social Network. This represents a huge advantage since users can track your tags to find your proposals even when they are very popular and can incorporate them as Trending Topic (TT).

Twitter Tools And Actions That Can Help You Increase Your Engagement

Another great advantage of Twitter, in terms of Digital Marketing, is the wide variety of tools made available to you that allow you to increase engagement and your follower interactions. Some of them are:

Tweets:  Publications with a maximum of 140 characters, in which you should try to provide as much information as possible in an attractive way, without exceeding said extension.

Hashtags: These are tags that we discussed above that enable you to classify your publications so those who wish to “join the conversation” can find them.

Retweets: Allows you to share the tweets you liked with your followers. So you can use this feature to disseminate publications of influencers from your niche or people whose attention you want to attract or to share relevant posts with your followers.

Multimedia: Here you have the option of including images and videos to your publications. This is a highly recommended alternative, in all cases, so you can gain the attention toward your tweets, as they enrich them visually (simply compare a tweet with images with another one without them to see the difference).

Placement: The possibility exists to include a physical location of your business, brand or personal account. This is beneficial since it allows people who are close to you to know this relevant fact and decide if they want to follow you.

GIFS: When you write a tweet, the social network offers you the option of including animated GIFS to visually enrich your publications directly when you compose your publication.


Surveys: Ideal to increase engagement with your audience and while you write your tweet, you have the possibility to create a survey with options, so your followers can choose one and share your survey with your followers.

Mentions: You can add mentions to specific users in your tweets, to get their attention and make sure that they see your post (never abuse this resource). To do this, simply place an at sign (“@”) in front of the person´s name or account that you wish to quote.

Private Messages: Finally, it is possible to send Private Messages on Twitter (in other words, only you and the people involved in the exchange of messages can see this content). This option is recommended for answering queries from specific users, use as a thank you or establish a more personalized communication.

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