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Postcron has been upgraded! Discover the new Platform!

Por Lucas Emma | CEO & Founder of SocialTools / Postcron




I am very happy to announce today that Postcron has been upgraded to make it more user-friendly for you!


Since our first day working on Postcron, we’ve been constantly thinking about how to help you save more time and make your social media tasks even easier. After talking to hundreds of clients who gave us their feedback, we’ve implemented numerous changes. Changes that led to the creation of a brand new platform and exciting features that we’re going to tell you all about in this post.


What’s New on Postcron?


1- A New Design! It’s faster, more intuitive, and mobile friendly!


For starters, when you got to you will notice that we have completely redesigned the look and feel of the site. From the new logo to the locations of buttons and menus. You will see that everything has been renovated to give you the best experience when it comes to scheduling your posts and ultimately saving you hours of work! In addition, this new version is Mobile Friendly, so you can schedule and monitor your accounts wherever you go with Postcron from your mobile devices.




2 – You no longer have to choose which kind of post to create (Status/Link/Photo)


Now Postcron automatically recognizes what type of post you want to publish! No hassle, no longer have to choose what kind of post you want to create, just type text, paste the link and/or insert your image and go!

postcron gets updated


3- Upload multiple images to the same post!


We have made this feature, literally requested by thousands of customers, a reality. Now you can upload multiple images per post! And as always, if you wish, you can choose to automatically add “watermarks” to your photos so that your brand is present on all your images. 


Postcron multiple images per post


4- New Postcron Bulk Uploader


We’ve upgraded the Bulk Uploader so you can publish hundreds of posts within minutes using an Excel spreadsheet, even easier!  


  • In the new version, the columns for entering the times of the posts are much more simple. With a single button, you can assign times to ALL of your posts “automagically”, without having to do it one by one on the spreadsheet.
  • Now you can upload images directly from Postcron or from your computer, without having to copy the link and paste it into the spreadsheet.
  • Also, you can schedule posts with multiple images. You just have to paste the URL of the images you want to share in each post, separated by “comma” (“,”) in the column of images.
  • Resolving errors is so much easier! You can edit the posts with errors directly from the Postcron site!
  • You can now save your .CSV files directly to the Content Gallery on Postcron in order to re-post at another time or on another account.


Upload multiple posts


5- We’ve created a Content Gallery


To help you optimize your time spent on social media work, we have added a Content Gallery  with new features that will help you find and share the best content with your audience. There is a panel on the right of the post editor, where you will find suggestions for posts and you’ll be able to access different search engines for distinct Social Networks.

Content Automatically with Postcron


What’s a Content Gallery for?

a) Get the Best Content Suggestions right from the dashboard!


Keeping your social networks updated with great content is a tedious task that usually takes hours! However, with this new feature, you can quickly get recommendations for the best links for your audience and then schedule them to be posted to your accounts with a single click!


To do this, simply choose a set of keywords you’re interested in (For example if you’re a community manager, you might be interested: Social Media, Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Then select multiple @users from Twitter, who are influencers for your field… and you’re good to go!! Postcron will look for the best links shared on Twitter by your influencers (Using filters that attract those who talk about the topics you’re interested in). They will be listed in the right column so you can share them in your Predefined Publishing Times with just one click (or you can also edit them and schedule them for whenever you want).


b) Quickly search for content throughout distinct Social Networks and RSS Feeds


The second tab of the Content Gallery is entitled “Social” and allows you to:


– Add RSS feeds to share new updates from the sites/blogs that interest you, directly from Postcron.


Search  Flickr, YouTube and Pinterest, to find interesting content. When you find content you like, you can edit it and schedule it to posted automatically on your social accounts.


Look for Content on Pinterest - Postcron content gallery


c) View Your CSV Files (Bulk Uploads)


Lastly, under the “CSV Files” tab of the Content Gallery you will find all the files you’ve uploaded in bulk, so that you can republish them whenever you want! 




6- A new Chrome Extension!


Last but not least, we have updated the Postcron Chrome Extension, so you can share the content you’re looking at on the browser with ONLY ONE while surfing! If you haven’t installed it yet, click here now!


Postcron Chrome Web Store

I am sure that the Content Gallery will be very useful for you, and that the new design will make your work on Social Media much more efficient!


What do you think? Do you like the changes? We look forward to continue creating the best platform in the world for our users, and that’s why your feedback is so critical, please do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comment box below!


Thank you 😉