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How to Get More Likes on Facebook (Research based, Part 2/2)

Por Josefina Casas | Content Manager & Writer at

tener-mas-likes-en-facebook1 (1)
This blog post is the second part of the article: “3 key elements to get more likes on Facebook: fan pages + posts”, in which we discussed three key aspects to insure the success of your fan page and the content you share.

In order to obtain more engagement and reach on this social media network, all community managers need to master those three elements we highlighted in the other blog post before deciding on what tactics and actions are to be taken.

If you’ve already read the previous article, then you’ll be able to understand and take advantage of the practical advice we develop in THIS article. That way, you can apply them to your fan page and posts right away. Warning!  Some of the advice won’t be that typical advice you would find in other posts. That’s because here at Postcron, we’ve decided to approach this topic from another point of view, with other types of suggestions that we believe will be more effective for you in the long run.

Remember that nothing is done with magic. If you want to achieve positive results, it requires patience and dedication (now that Facebook has made this task a difficult challenge but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.)

como tener mas likes en facebook

A brief recap of the three fundamental elements:
1 -Understanding the nature of this social media channel, what exactly is Facebook for? How can you take advantage it to improve your business?

2 – Content: What content works the best on Facebook? What type of content does your audeience prefer?

3 – Fans: Who are they? What do they need? What aspect of their lives do they want Facebook to satisfy? What moves them emotionally? What time are they connected? How would they like to be talked to? In what way would they like to be approached by a brand? etc…

You really need to understand that people use Facebook for 3 main reasons: Because they want to connect with their friends, because they seek a sense of belonging, and because they want promote their “self-presentation.”

This means you gotta work really hard in order to become the best friend of each and every one of your fans: be the most demanding personal trainer, be the trusted mechanic who fixes their car, be their child’s favorite doctor, be the sucessful co-worker that everyone wants to be close with, be the favorite baker on the block, be the trusted financial advisor who gives the best advice … in short, be human.

If you understand this, but your boss doesn’t, then tell him/her to please read the previous article :)


Let’s get started!
How to get more likes on facebook:

1. Develop the voice and tone of your brand.

I’m listing this as the first piece of advice because the voice and tone together, is the centerpiece that will guide how you interact and participate in conversations with your audience, how you present content, how you write your headlines in each post, how you construct welcome emails, etc…

The importance of developing a voice and tone for your brand isn’t reduced to just one single benefit. So, let’s review just a few of the them:

1 – The brand acquires a personality.

2 -When the brand takes on a personality, it’s no longer inactive. It becomes a person, a friend, and can engage in conversations naturally.

3 – Voice and tone give textual cohesion to all the messages you convey. Over time your messages begin to follow the same style.

4 – You start to build trust.

5 – It enables you to influence and persuade: one trusts in a friend much more than in a brand. Friendship with your audience will allow them to lower the barriers of skepticism, and lets the message of your company get through.

6 – You can convey values and culture of the company. Through your voice, people can choose to align or not with your brand. People can defend it, support it, or criticize it. Whether one or the other, your fans can at least can do something!


Allllllllll of the above ideas will make it easier for your fans relate with your brand, give likes, share, discuss, recommend and talk about it.

facebook likes 2
Development of the voice and tone comes BEFORE designing any content strategy, selecting any tactics to use, producing any posts, designing any images, developing any content, defining schedules, etc., etc., etc. . Before doing any of the aforementioned things you must think about:

  • What image you want your target audience to get from your brand or product.
  • What needs your brand or product satisfies. What it’s qualities are, what sets it apart, why and what the brand was created for in the first place.
  • Who you want to consume your product and how you want to inspire people who choose your brand.

Once it’s clear what YOU want, you must understand, HOW your audience wants it. What needs they are seeking to be met by consuming your brand or product. For this, I recommend you read this article on Buyer Persona, which is a critical resource for you to use to find out exactly who your audience is and how to address them.

Before explaining how to create voice and tone, let’s take a look at how different brands that produce the same product, address their audiences in completely different ways: 

Stella Artois:

facebook likes 3

facebook likes 4

facebook likes 5

1.1 What is voice and tone and how are they defined?

To put it simply, as we like to do things here at Postcron, we can define voice and tone as the following:

  • The voice of the brand is its “personality.”  It can be positive, sophisticated, professional, cheerful, cynical, adventurous, etc. . . . Imagine a person and think about the way he/she is, what values they have, and use that to create the relationship you desire to have with your audience.
  • Tone on the other hand, is the way we say and convey our personality. The way we articulate our sophistication, our positive way of being, our professionalism, our adventurous spirit and allow these aspects to been seen. All of this will be adapted to the channel, the audience, and the situation in which the message issued.

It is not the same to say:

“Dear customer, we’re sorry to inform you that at this time you may not be able to access this application. We are aware of this situation and working hard to resolve it. Try connecting again in a few minutes. “

This type of message brings to mind an image like this:

facebook likes 6
As to say:

“Ouch! Houston, we have a problem! Something is not working.  Dude, try again in a few minutes, we’re working with the team so you can get back to your stuff as quickly as possible. “

Whereas this type of message could be directed at someone like: :)

facebok likes 7
Here, you’ll find a chart, which you can copy and fill out with your own info in order to define YOUR voice and tone.

facebook likes 8

So, think and define each:

Character/Person: Who are you? What are you like? What do you represent?
Tone: What will add a little bit of flavor to everything you say?
Language: What kind of words will you use to express your personality and give a hint of you in each message?
Purpose: What do you want your fans to get from your words? What do you want your tone, your voice, your post to generate?

2- Tactics that will strengthen engagement and lead more traffic to your fan page:

Now that you’ve got it clear what your voice is and how you’ll address your fans, and you know how they want to receive your messages, you need to think about which tactics to use in order to attract more fans and get more likes. Here are some serious ideas: :)

a- Blogs:  Blogging is a powerful tactic for content. It attracts an audience and brings people to your fan page. By blogging you can get a lot of likes without actually having people ON your Facebook page. It’s a job that takes a lot of time, but it’s really a very powerful resource to consider. Don’t worry, the content doesn’t have to be something as extensive as this article, or that complex. If you’re new, I recommend this article and this one.

b- Infographics: we’ve already highlighted the tremendous popularity and importance in our article on Social Media Trends . There we indicated that on Shutterstock the search for info graphics grew by 332 % in 2013. Between 2010 and 2012 , from they found an 800 % increase in search volume for this type of content.

So, whether it be big data or any information that can be presented conceptually like this, try to make it as an infographic. Their preference and popularity will give you more chances to get LIKES from your fans, and if it’s really good, from the friends of your fans. For example:

facebook likes 9
If you don’t know how to make one and want to, or if you can’t pay a designer to do it for you, check out these apps that will make your life  MUCH easier:

c- Slideshares: is another way of displaying your content. Have you ever made a tutorial for your customers or a product presentation? It doesn’t matter what it is, upload it to Slideshare. This content plataform has 60 million users, so someone is bound to find your information interesting on there.  Also, from this platform you can score a LIKE or bring traffic to your site, therefore gaining more and more fans.

d- Webinars: are small live presentations, workshops, courses, or demonstrations that are given on line. You can use Skype, the hangout tool on Google Plus, as well as other platforms. The key to this resource is that after you do it live, you can also share it on various social media channels in order to reach a wider audience.

e- Video: Ever since Instagram and Vine launched microvideos, you now have a way to share content on different channels that doesn’t require a super blockbuster production. As you already know, in addition to pictures, users love videos.

With YouTube you can do many things as well, since the idea is to share useful information with your community. No matter what type of industry or category your brand belongs to, with a little creativity you can take advantage. View these examples:

Do you have a clothing store for men? This is a great idea :

Know your customers are wine lovers or enjoy living the good life? Have you got a restaurant or a small winery? Then this is an excellent choice for you:

Are your fans women? And do they love always being fashionable all the time? This is a great idea for whether you’re presenting a new product, or just wanna give some excellent tips that’ll make your followers happy:

3. Review Your Competitor’s Insights

To learn how to get more likes on Facebook, what better way than to learn from those who do it better, or from other’s mistakes? We’re talking about your competitors.

For those of you who have the most recent Facebook administrator’s interface, from the new Insights feature, you can go to “Pages to Watch” to get this type of information. Although you won’t get any information that you couldn’t get from a deep analysis of your competitor’s page, at least this tool does it for you. And even better it presents the info in a very practical way so that you can easily compare it to your fan page.

You can choose up to 5 pages that don’t have more than 10 thousand fans. Look at this example:

facebook likes 10

4. Optimize the cover photo on your fan page

This is the most important thing apart from your profile picture. It’s the first point of contact that people have with your brand, your values, your personality, and your style.

Your profile picture is the most important because it’s what your fans see on their Newsfeed, and in the publications that they share. That is, it has much more visibility than the cover photo, but the latter is where you can promote the “message” of brand.

While I was reviewing other blogs, I got several different ideas on how to use and take advantage of the cover photo for your business.

Before we continue, make sure to review the rules your must follow regarding cover photos: check out this  Facebook support link.

A-  Show us the success of your business

cover 1
B- Tell us what your business provides:

cover 6
C-Use it to announce an important or upcoming event.

cover 2
D- Show us the people who work behind the scenes at your company or brand

cover 5
E- Show us your products. Take advantage and promote them

cover 4
F- Involve your fans. Tell their stories.

cover 3
G- Seduce your fans with your most outstanding products

cover 71

5. Allow your fans write or post content on your wall

This is an excellent piece of advice because it’s simple and without investing anything you can generate awareness of your brand. When people post on your wall, or share content on it, their friends can see this activity on their “news feed”.


If you’re afraid that they might post certain content that could harm your image or just bring an unwanted headache, you can set up your fan page to block certain words or content. Check out this tutorial to learn how.


6. Tag comments

Although Facebook doesn’t allow you to tag your fans in posts, it can be done (but it’s not right). With the exception that the user has left a comment on any of top your updates. In that case, you can tag the person in your response. Then, when the person receives the notification, they’re seduced to check your fan page again and therefore get back in touch with more of your content.

7. Use Hashtags.

Hashtags should not be used like this:

When hashtags are used correctly, there are tons of benefits, but in my opinion, there are two that are the most important:

A- They increase the range of your posts, as hashtags (especially the trendy ones) help distribute your content outside your fan pageand give you more exposure without paying any extra money. In addition, hashtags allow your content to cross the borders to different platforms, since almost all social networks use them.

B- Your brand can be easily inserted into conversations and thus reach new audiences. They help you gain new contacts and discover groups that are talking about the same thing or who share the same interests, motivation, or spirit.

Kit Kat brand has a hashtag that consistently runs through all their campaigns in different channels and actions: #haveabreak. This strengthens the engagement, brand image, and connects it with other people who aren’t part of the community yet .


facebok likes 11
We suggest that you take a look at hashtag trends on these sites, and then join the most popular conversations and/or the ones with the
most people participating:

8. Use Facebook’s built-in tools

This time, we’re giving you an excellent tip if you haven’t heard of it yet, you should definitely take advantage of it because it’s free, and allows you to reach many more people, and therefore get more likes.


Embedded Posts: you can include them on your website, Facebook posts, and from there you’ll be able to like and share. This is without a doubt a unique opportunity to show your content outside of your fan page and reach more people. If you want to know in detail what it’s about, make sure to check out presentation  here are the FAQ

facebook likes 12

A little summary:

Trying to get more likes on facebook, on either your fan page or your posts, isn’t done with magic. If you want to get long-term sustainable results you must make structural changes. Define the voice of your brand and develop content beyond simple posts with an image. If you want changes, you have to start by making them to your fan page. Take advantage of Facebook’s built-in tools and the opportunities they offer: use hashtags and embedded posts to bring your content to your page. Organize competitions. Optimize your cover photo, not only visually, but take advantage of its presence to show what you do, seduce your audience, advertise your products.