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5 Strategies to Learn how do Websites Make Money

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

learn how do websites make money

Why is it important to learn how websites make money?

We know: you dedicate each day to update your site and offer your followers the best content. Then: why don´t you reward your efforts? Learning how do websites make money, will allow your to enjoy of the economic benefits you deserve, it also offers you the necessary resources to improve the quality of your work. That is why I am going to explain how to monetize your web with 5 effective strategies in this post: here we go!

Strategy #1: Include Google AdSense in your web


Google AdSense is a Google online advertising service. Adding AdSense to your site is basic step learning how do websites make money, because it enables the automatic exhibition of ads on your web page, so you can receive financial benefits. The notices shown can be graphics or texts and are selected automatically by Google, based on an automatic betting system. The image bellow shows you an example of how a blog uses AdSense.

Blog-con-AdSense (1)

You can enable Google AdSense by clicking here. The registration process is quite simple and you must use your Google account. During the registration process you must enter data such as your bank details. In addition, a series of minimal requirements are necessary in order to sign up for AdSense (don´t worry, they are very basic!).

Strategy #2: Register for affiliated programs

An important point in the path of learning how do websites make money is to join the affiliated programs. With them, many companies dedicated to e-commerce offer money to all the sites that add buyers or register new users. So, if you activate this system with a company, you get money for each user referred from your site when they make a purchase on their platform.

As you can see in the image, this is an easy way to earn a commission. All you need to do to become part of this business is to have a blog that generates frequent and quality content, so you can add links and notices of the company you are affiliated to. Some well-known sites that offer affiliated programs are:

Cómo-funcionan-los-programas-de-afiliados As you know, these companies are dedicated to e-commerce and are the most successful in the world. This platform offers up to a 10% commission for any sale produced from links offered in affiliated sites. To get more information and sign up for the program click here.

Walmart.Com: As in the previous case, this company offers a percentage for each referred client that makes a purchase from you site. You can sign up for this network on this link.

 writing-down This is one of the most popular options regarding affiliated programs based on the generous commissions they offer: not only do they pay for referred buyers, they also give you extra credit for publishing certain goods and for each new registered user obtained from your web. The platform warns that the MercadoSocios Program only works until September 30th and will be replaced by new forms of affiliation. Click here to register! The program for this company is called eBay Partner Network and offers dividends for obtained sales through their blog. In addition a percentage is paid for the quality traffic you refer to their site. Get more information and register on this link.

Screenshot_1 This Company claims to pay the best online commissions (can reach up to 75%). In this case you must choose one of the thousands of informative programs available to promote it from their site in order to obtain corresponding earnings. You can register by clicking here. The proposal of this platform is to pay a percentage for each song, book, application, movie or product you sell from your site, through links and notices. Register and get information about this program through this link. In this case you have to get involved in the travel world and publish about this on your website in order to obtain dividends. This platform allows you to choose banners, images, HTML and other promotional formats. Join this program by clicking here .

Strategy #3: Sell advertising space


Still wondering what`s another strategy to learn how do websites make money? Sell advertising space. The idea is to take advantage of content positioning to sell ad spaces to companies in your niche. To do so your web needs a stable volume of traffic. This allows you to offer your site as a profitable site so companies interested in your audience so they can advertise their products or services.

Regarding all this, I recommend that you prepare a media kit, in other words, a presentation with detailed information about your site and your audience so you can send this to potential clients by email. You can offer a fixed banner with an established price per month, together with other options to promote your blog.

Strategy #4: Offer relevant products to your audience


In this step the objective is to keep on learning how do websites make money and to obtain commercial gain for your segmented defined audience from this content topic. How? By offering relevant products to your audience. So, for example, if your site is dedicated to cinematography, you can offer magazines, movies and books related to this industry. That way your web becomes a complete platform, where users can gain information and purchase goods or services regarding these topics.


To create a commercial transaction in itself, I recommend that you add a Paypal payment button. This is a simple and secure procedure that entails copying a HTML code provided by this company on your web. To obtain it and learn know how to install it step-by-step click on this link.

Strategy #5: Include a donation button



The last strategy to learn how do websites make money  is to install a button for donations on your website. Why? Because if you offer free quality content to your users, it’s quite possible that they value your effort, and many might be interested in making a donation. For this reason it’s important you have this option and the means to do it.


Once again, I recommend that you use the Paypal service for this purpose. Said company provides a button to make donations and can be created, personalized and installed easily. Get it by clicking here.


EXTRA TIP! Use keywords in your content. 

Using keywords is essential if you want to obtain winnings on your blog: they help you position your content on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo and are the links your audience use to get to your web. The use of keywords won´t allow you to monetize your web directly, it helps your target audience find your site and the different advertising networks, that we help you install, know more about your audience and show content that is more relevant each time.


For this reason and just to close this strategic lesson of how do websites make money, it’s important to use keywords in all your publications since they relate to your niche and to your audience. So for example, if you have a blog about video games, you can use keywords such as “The best videogames of 2015”.


It is also important that you have a well-defined target audience (so you know who you are writing for) and can offer relative content, regarding their interests. This will help you maintain and increase the web traffic or visits through Google and allow you to be more specific in the ads you exhibit in the segmentation. In addition, by offering relevant content, the level of interaction with your audience grows.

A question now arises: How do you define the best keywords? I suggest that you follow these next steps:

  1. Create a brainstorming of keywords: The idea is for you to consider which terms your clients or your audience use to search the web, by using brainstorming ideas. Then write down keywords you have found.
  2. Control the volume of keyword searches:The objective is to discover which ones are the most searched for keywords that you created on the previous step so you can use them in your articles. For this step I recommend that you use a Keyword Planner, a very effective and free tool from Google AdWords.


To use the Keyword Planner, all you need is a Google account. After you have one you must enter some data, such as your country of origin, hourly use and currency. Once you are finished with this step, the site shows you the option to create a campaign, but you can skip this step and go directly to the Keyword Planner, as shown in the image below.


Keyword Planner from Google


  1. Select the most searched for keywords and write about them: The last step is to select the most requested keywords from your investigation and write about such topics. This way you are sure to offer the content your audience effectively requested.


By following these 5 strategies you can monetize your web easily and effectively. What’s important is that you always offer your audience quality content since this is the capital that sustains your monetization.


And remember: in order for your monetization strategy to be successful, you must have a good level of traffic and capture your audience using keywords.