How to create an engaging image for Social Media?

5 Key Techniques for Creating Images that Generate Engagement Among Your Audience

“Content accompanied by relevant images receives 94% more views than content without them”. This data is from one of the latest studies from the Content Marketing Institute. But, do you know what relevant images consist of? Or what you can do to make them relevant? For us this means utilizing images that generate engagement.

We’re talking about visual content capable of making your followers and fans react to it, making them feel compelled to Like, comment and share. Just like a cat trying to catch a fish!

Now let’s take a look at these 5 key techniques for creating images that generate engagement among your audience.


The image/text combination never fails. And it’s even less likely to fail when this combination includes a quote that gives way to a brand’s personality. A quote that you like, inspires you and really relates to your fans and followers’ beliefs. When people can identify with these quotes, the easier it will be for them to like them and participate.

What do you need to do to accomplish this?

• Utilize texts that have already proven successful (something you’ve already published that have a good level of interaction or famous quotes that you know will provoke some type of reaction from your fans and followers).

• Make use of large, legible letters.

• Use an appropriate background image that’s high quality.

• Strive for high contrast between the background image and text.

• Include your logo.

Create Quoted Images


Humor is almost always effective. We say “almost” because most of the time it’s improperly used and doesn’t generate the expected effects. Humor on Social Media can be more effective if it coincides with your brand’s spirit. For example, Nutella and M&M are two brands who transmit their personalities through images with sarcastic and intelligent humor.

You can add some words to go along with a post in order to boost participation and bolster an image’s humor. For the image below, Nutella added the phrase “Sun Toasted” to beef up their image.

Use Images That Generate “Engagement” Through Humor

Create Visual Series That Create Familiarity

TIP: Don’t abuse this practice because you may bore your audience. Mix all the different types of visual content together to create a constitutive content marketing strategy. This is the magic key.


Seeing similar images associated with a specific brand creates a certain sense of familiarity among fans and followers and encourages them to participate. How to do this? By designing templates with consistent elements. The only thing that should change is the content.

This technique is very easy and can help you no matter what the goal is: promoting an event, informing others about an offer, launching a new product, etc.

Make sure the template has:

• The brand/company/businesses colors

• Website URL

• Logo



Combine Images With Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns have proven to reap in very good results in terms of engagement and interaction. They are especially good at making people talk about your brand, company or business through a specific theme or hashtag. And if combined with a good image, even better!

Take a look at this example of Spirit Airlines and their #WindowViewWednesday campaign. This campaign encourages passengers to send in photos they’ve taken while flying for a chance to have their image featured on the Facebook Page. All the images give a peak into all the places the airline travels to.


All these techniques are based on concrete data. Meaning that they’re types of images that have already been analyzed: we know that they work well because they’ve already been tested. This is one of the keys for visual content.

We’re not only referring to recycling the photos and images you’ve already published that got good results. Its more about sharing visual content from other sites, blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. that were successful. You have to adapt them to your brand’s personality before publishing them.

So are you ready to start publishing irresistible images on your social channels? When your audience’s level of engagement increases, you have a better chance of increasing your clients and your sales!


Use Images That Express Your Appreciation

Have you made it to half a million Likes on Facebook? Have you reached 5000 followers on Twitter? These are milestones for your company or business that can’t go unnoticed. Thank the ones who made this possible and tell them through an image that’ll generate even more engagement!