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How to Host a Facebook Party? 3 Techniques To Create Multiple Sales Parties Successfully Without Dying In The Process

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How to Host a Facebook Party 3-Techniques-To-Create-Multiple-Sales-Parties-Successfully-Without-Dying-In-The-Process-


As it is known, creating a sales party on Facebook without the much-needed organization can become a cumbersome and demanding task. Now, imagine that you have to organize three parties simultaneously! How can you do this without going mad?

The answer is: by using 3 simple steps. In this regard, we will show you what the proven and effective apps and techniques are so you can reach your objectives successfully.


How to Host a Facebook Party – Technique 1: Define the Script for your Sales Parties to Create Reusable Posts and Share Them Automatically

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Since your objective is to create several sales parties on Social Media at a time (without going mad!), we propose an effective method to help you automate your online activities and optimize your time to the fullest.

The first thing you need to do is define the script or program of your sales parties. This is done by establishing the standard structure for all your online parties. By doing this, you will save time and work in an organized fashion.

To work with a script significantly simplifies the process of creating and selecting contents to be shared for each event. Similarly, this helps you to schedule tasks and posts for their automatic publication, via Postcron.


How to Define a Script for my Parties?

To establish a script or planning so the activities of your online sales parties can follow, it is best to have a reference structure so you can personalize your own content with the identify of your proposal.

Therefore, we share below a standard direct sales party script for Facebook, optimized to achieve greater effectiveness. This way you can use it as a reference to plan the structures of your own parties.


Standard Script for Sales Parties On Facebook

How to Host a Facebook Party - Standard Script for Sales Parties On Facebook


This is made up of five types of publications:

1- Share information before a party:

Objective: Present and promote your proposal.

Time of publication: Before the sales party on Facebook begins.

This information is very important since you must explain the event in a post such as:

  • what your business proposal is about,
  • what the products cost,
  • what must the users do to participate,
  • how long will the party last and
  • other similar details.

The best thing to do is to create a standard post explaining all these aspects, so you can save it (for example: in a file titled Online Sale Party) and reuse it in all your parties as many times as you need, through the standard “copy-paste” technique.

2- Publish instructions about the Group:

Objective: Avoid being reported as a spammer.

Time of publication: At the beginning of the Party. We advise that this be your first post (you can even set it on the top of the Group).

This publication is also “standard” and you should include, as we mentioned above, the necessary instructions so that people who want to, can leave the Group easily.

Here you also must add a small tutorial how to disable the Group´s notifications, so others are not saturated by them or decide to report you as a spammer.

3- Publish information:

 Objective: Promote the sale of your products.

Time of publication: During the course of the event, alternating with other publications.

You can also create a prototype of an informative post regarding your products and/or commercial offer, and save it to reuse it later. Naturally, you need to update your posts each time your business incorporates new products.


The idea is to share at least two publications a day during your online sales party.  

So, for example, one of them can have promotional content and the other can offer tips to take advantage of your products to the fullest.


4- Publish Games:

Objective: Entertain your audience and promote your products.

Time of Publication: During de development of the sales party on Facebook.

If the idea is to avoid repeating the challenges in all your sales parties. You can define several games before hand so you can use them in time. If you do this, try to update your “stock” of games once a month.



You should schedule at least 2 games per party.

 This way, if you sell makeup, you can show pictures of famous people with their faces washed, and invite them to choose products from your stock to accompany each look, adding a link from your site in return for a prize (discounts, etc.).


5- Publish the end of a party:

Objective: Thank your audience and promote engagement.

Time of Publication: Once the event has ended.

Finally, you can create a standard closing publication, in order to thank those who have participated in your party. We suggest that you add an attractive image to your text that refers to your sales party and the benefits of your sales proposal.

In the text, you can request that your audience sends you suggestions about what they would like in the next party, and invite people to share their information (email, etc.) by private message so they can receive your latest updates.

After you Create your Reusable Publications From Your Script, It´s Time to Schedule them on Postcron

Schedule posts for your Facebook Parties

As we have already seen, working with a script not only helps you organize your sales party, it also allows you to generate reusable standard posts that you can schedule so they are published automatically at the time that you previously establish.

Once you have created your reusable generic publications, all you have to do is program them on Postcron in the stipulated times for your next sales parties.

This way you guarantee the principal content publications for your parties without a margin of error. This allows you to concentrate all your efforts during the event and interact with your audience, in order to answer questions and multiply your sales.



You can create a spreadsheet with all the posts from your party and schedule them with a few clicks. This way, you will optimize the use of your time to a maximum. If you want to learn how to upload all your posts for a party all at once, we suggest that you read this article on how to create a massive post upload.

How to Host a Facebook Party – Technique 2: Create Fun Games to Entertain your Audience and Offer Relevant Prizes

As we mentioned above, during the Sales Party, games must have a dual purpose: on the one hand, they must entertain your audience and on the other, the must promote the sale of your products.

Therefore, in all the games that you propose, you must try to meet all the following conditions:

  • That they relate to your products or services.
  • That they involve exploring your website or online store.
  • That the winner receives a prize linked to your proposal or stimulate sales (for example, a discount for your products).

3 Games for Sales Parties that Increase your Engagement

To help you with this, we suggest, three games for sales parties on Facebook below that will help you achieve a maximum engagement (and that you can reuse in your multiple events).

a- “What product do you recommend?”

Depending on the type of product you sell, you can publish a picture of a scenery/person with a deficiency to be resolved through the use of your products, and invite users to specify which recommended products they would use by pasting links to your site.

facebook party

b- “Guess the product?”

In this case, you should give your audience a number of clues, either by text or by images, so they can guess what online product you are talking about. The clues can be information about “used to eliminate stains” or “it comes in two sizes”, etc.

c- “What Character Is Inspired In This Design?”

If you sell clothes or makeup, you can share images of your different products and invite your audience to comment on what person (for example: Disney Princess or sitcom individuals) each particular model is inspired in.


Another option is that you use different contests, for example, an image contest where all the participants must upload images or videos using one of your products. If you choose this option, I suggest that you use tools such as In this platform, you can find a group of tools that allow you to make different types of contests and select a system to choose the winners.

Awards and Tips for the Development of the Game

As I noted previously, the idea is that the prizes given to the winners encourage the interaction with your products or services.

So, some of the effective prizes are:

  • A kit of your products.
  • A discount.
  • One year or several months of a free subscription.
  • A 2×1 promotion or “buy 3, get 1 free”.

Regarding the development of the game, once you publish it, you must pay attention to the user´s comments and register the names of those who have responded correctly or favorably.

When the deadline for the game ends, you must choose the winner and notify him/her of their prize. Therefore it is recommended that you create a “live” publication and tag the winner in your post. If possible, include an image in order to promote your products.


How to Host a Facebook Party – Technique 3: Use a Spreadsheet to Create Several Simultaneous Sales Parties in a Successful Way

As I mentioned in one of the tips, thanks to Postcron you can schedule hundreds of posts all at once by creating a CSV file in one Spreadsheet. This allows you to automate all the publications of your different parties in one day´s work, and advance your work!

These are some of the advantages of using a spreadsheet to Massively Upload Posts in your Online Sales Parties.

Schedule posts on Facebook

  • You can program all your posts from the Script of your sales parties all at once.
  • You can define, in one day´s work, what you can do in several hours.
  • This enables you to program posts for multiple celebrations of parties simultaneously.

To take advantage of this practical feature, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions step by step.

As you can see in this screen save, you must create an Excel file or spreadsheet on Google spreadsheet, placing the information shown below in each column.

Take into consideration that each row on the spreadsheet represents a post and that each column represents a variable that is applied to the content:

Bulk Uploader posts Facebook Party

Click on the image above to obtain your massive personalized uploaded spreadsheet!


You can schedule a publication of posts with multiple images (i.e. More than one image per post, as a carousel), adding the URL of all the images that you want to add in your post, separated by commas in column G.


In general, the steps to follow are:

  1. create a spreadsheet and when you save it, make sure it is in a .csv file.
  2. enter your Postcron account,
  3. select the group you wish to publish
  4. and choose the option “Upload Many Posts At Once”. Voilá!


In the following video you can learn how to use a spreadsheet in detail:


That is all in this section! I hope you find useful this information and if you want to read complete “The Ultimate Sales Guide for Direct Sellers” click on the banner below and download the complete ebook!