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How to Use Quora Effectively to Market Your Business

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Digital marketers are always looking for ways to market their client’s businesses. So with every new platform that gets popular among users, marketers tend to flood the space. But there’s one platform that doesn’t seem to be getting overcrowded. As you may have already guessed, we’re going to show you how to use Quora effectively.

But first, a little house keeping…

What’s Quora?

Quora is a question-and-answer website, where community members answer and ask questions.

Since being co-founded by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009, the platform has grown tremendously.

Although the number of monthly active users (MAU) has not been officially reported, Quora founder & CEO, Adam D’Angelo reported over 200 million monthly unique visitors!

Take a look at this screenshot of that statement:



Also, no offense intended but this quote from Gary rings very true:

“There’s one thing I know more than anything, more than the fact that I know that the sun will come up tomorrow, the thing that I know, is that marketers ruin everything” – Gary Vaynerchuk


So let’s make a promise today. Quora has amazing potential but you’ve got to promise not to ruin it, no seriously!

All right, with that out of the way, let’s move on.

A lot of Quora answers turn up in SERPs (search engine results pages) as individual web pages, sometimes outranking even the biggest of brands. This means that you can receive hundreds and even thousands of view for your answers monthly.

It’s a great way to consistently be in the public eye, especially if you own or operate a business. When Quora is used effectively, you can receive referral traffic to your website daily without ever re-posting. Why?

That’s because you’re dealing with a very targeted audience. These people are already interested in topics that directly or indirectly relates to what you do.

Quora has an “upvote” system that allows the community to vote for specific answers. This is how the platform ensures that only the best of answers will be shown.

Not all of your answers will be upvoted but if you focus on providing high-quality responses to questions, you’ll increase the likelihood that they do.

7 Ways to Use Quora for Business

Here’re several ways that you can use Quora effectively for business.

1. Have a Great Profile

It all starts with the profile, regardless of which social media platform you’re using. Your profile is how you tell people what you need them to know.

People will often view your profile because you’ve done something that made them interested in you. So make sure that you write a good primary bio or about me page.

However, when it comes to your main profile bio, the length doesn’t matter as much. In fact, it’s better to be short and good instead of long-form.

After all, you want them to be curious enough to check out your website (a platform that you control).

Here’s a nice example of this from Rand Fishkin:


Additionally, Quora provides a way for you to use different mini-bios called credentials when answering questions on several topics. For example, you can have one for SEO and another bio for social media.

You get a maximum of 60 characters to show off your expertise in a pleasing way. This will appear right next to your profile photo whenever you answer questions on that topic.

Here’s an example:


2. A Goldmine for New Blog Topics

It’s super easy to find great topics on Quora that you can then add to your content marketing strategy. Most answer sites are very useful for this kind of research but Quora has almost every topic in one place.

When you search for a topic like social media, you’ll get results similar to this:



You can probably see how the first question on the screenshot can become a blog post, eBook or other publication.

3. Connect With Influential People

Follow and interact with influential people on Quora. We’re not suggesting that you do this for a day or two and try to contact them. No, that’ll just turn most people off.

However, if you spend a few weeks or months interacting with their content, they’ll notice you. That’s when you initiate the contact. You can do this through Quora or connect with them out of the platform.

The first option is limited because you can only direct message people on the network based on their privacy settings. To access the messaging feature, find your profile menu at the top right and select “messages” like this:


After that, you’ll arrive on a page with a noticeable button that reads “compose”, click on it. Then you’ll see a popup box for the receiver’s information and your message details.

Once you start typing the name of the receiver, the system will pull up suggestions for you like this:


If you cannot reach your influencer through Quora, then go to their website and use something else such as email or Twitter.

4. Improve Business Communications

Communication skills are a key sales and marketing asset. In communications, being able to see what already is working can be an advantage. However, there’s no substitute for reading some business communication books.

That being said, you can use Quora to improve your ability to communicate effectively online.

Here’s why:

There are many experts and thought leaders on Quora, including people that you may already admire or respect. Find them on the platform, follow them and analyze what they’re doing.

You can gain plenty of insights on how people prefer to communicate on the network. Much like Twitter, you can turn on notifications for some people to get notified each time they interact on the platform.

5. Promote Your Website

Focus on helping people with their questions but include your website to answers whenever possible. Only include your own website content if it adds value to the answer by further assisting or supporting the user.

Here’s a very tasteful way to do it. The question was:

What are some simple things companies can do to create a stronger Internet presence?


Notice how he cleverly introduces Moz’s Fresh Web Alerts in the copy.

6. Build Your Reputation

Build a presence on Quora but remember that everyone is an expert on something. It’s not a platform like Facebook where people would follow you for a variety of reasons (mostly entertainment).

These are professionals within their own industries. So build a reputation for your company or yourself by answering questions with some authority. How?

Simply keep your answers short, sweet and include an external reference whenever possible that supports your response. The external reference is an opportunity to include your blog’s content on that topic.

7. Crowdsourced Content

A phenomenal way of getting crowdsourced content for your website is by asking great questions and sparking conversation at the same time.

This is very similar to the process of creating expert roundup posts, except now you don’t have to email anyone.

There you have it!


That’s 7 awesome ways that you can start using Quora for your business today.


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About the Author


Gabriel Nwatarali is a digital marketer and designer. He is the founder of Tech Help Canada. He enjoys sports and is super passionate about SEO.