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Increase your Instagram Engagement with the new Postcron releases!

Por Lucas Emma | CEO at

At Postcron we have always worked towards delivering new features and solutions to make managing your Instagram and other Social Accounts easier… with that in mind, we are happy to announce 4 highly requested new features that will help you improve your engagement on Instagram (Stories and feed)!

These are the new Postcron features to boost your Instagram:

  1. Schedule videos for your accounts! (Stories and feed)
  2. Schedule multiple images post (Carousel style)
  3. Add Rich Content to your Instagram Stories with ArtStudio! Stickers, Polls, Location, Hashtags, Mentions, emojis and more!
  4. Add location to your posts!

 Best of all, these new features can be schedule and posted directly, no notification or reminders! Let’s take a look at each one of them:

1- Schedule videos four your Instagram accounts!(Stories and feed)

On Instagram (and pretty much every other social network), posting videos on a regular basis is one of the best ways to get more reach and engagement with your audience, which is why you can now schedule videos to your Instagram accounts with Postcron!

Start working more efficiently by scheduling your videos beforehand!

How it works:
  1. Upload a video
  2. Choose whether to publish on your Feed or Stories
  3. Keep in mind you can add location if you want!
  4. Select the date and time to publish, and that’s it!

2- Schedule multiple images posts (Carousel style)

Schedule multiple images on a single Instagram post and Postcron will publish them to your feed as a Carousel Post.

Show off your product catalog to potential costumers or tell a full story by scheduling up to 10 images on a single post, to be  posted directly!

Instagram Carousel


How it works:
  1. Upload multiple images (up to 10 images per post)
  2. Choose to post on your Feed and select “Publish all Images on a single post”
  3. Keep in mind you can add location if you want!
  4. Select the date and time to publish, and that’s it!


3- Add Rich Content to your Instagram stories with ArtStudio!

Add rich content to all of your Instagram Stories and increase your engagement!

With ArtStudio you can edit your images and create videos in seconds! You can also add mentions, locations, hashtags, stickers and emojis to all your images before scheduling!




How it works:
  1. Select an Instagram account and upload your video or image
  2. Select to schedule it on your Stories
  3. Click on the ArtStudio icon to add elements
  4. Add the rich content that best fits your Story (stickers, location, mention, hashtags, etc..) and then select “use this image”
  5. Select the date and time to publish, and that’s it!

You can also:

  • Select the font and color that best fits your Story;
  • Choose from over 2000 templates for more inspiration 😉
  • Select professional images from a free Stock (+100,000 images available)


4- Add location to your Instagram posts

In addition to adding Location to your Instagram Stories, you can also add them to your Feed posts quite easily!

Why should you add location to your posts?

Posts with location get 79% more Engagement than those that don’t; and it’s basically because people are more likely to engage with posts when they know where the picture was taken, especially in photos related to products.

When I see a picture of a plate of food and I can identify where it was taken, I’m definitely more likely to visit the restaurant the next time I go out to eat.

Besides that, hundreds of users search places to go or visit on Instagram, and this is a great opportunity to increase your reach among people who don’t follow you.


How it works:
  1. Select an Instagram account and Upload your video or multiple images
  2. Click on the “location” icon and add the location you want
  3. Select the date and time to publish, and that’s it!


All these new features are already available at Postcron, so don’t wast time and start using them right now!

Start Boosting your Engagement on Instagram-> Use these new features right now!