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My Not-So Secret Tool for Social Media Marketing Automation

Por Karen Smyrl | Independent Consultant at Jamberry Nails and Guest writer at

I am an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails, a direct sales company who provides high quality, vinyl nail wraps that can last for weeks on fingers and toes. There are no harsh chemicals and they are not polish, so there is no chipping or dry time. Jamberry has over 350 adorable design options to choose from plus a custom Nail Art Studio to create a custom look for you, your organization, or team. One sheet of nail wraps will give you up to 2 manis and 2 pedis!  As a Stay-At-Home mom of two young children about 90% of my business is conducted online via Facebook parties.

Check out my previous article on “How I Use Postcron To Automate My Facebook Parties” for my Direct Sales Business here.

As with any business utilizing social media marketing, your fan base needs a place to keep up and connect with you!

A Facebook business page is the perfect way to do this. It allows you to communicate information about your business, product specials, calls to action, giveaways, and general information about topics related to your market niche. I use to schedule my business page posts for once a day. This allows readers to check in and see what is happening with my business but not feel overwhelmed and “spammed” by too much information.

Choosing Content For Your Business Page Post

I have read a TON of posts on how to create just the right content for your business page. The authors have done a great job of listing those out…so I will stick to my topic and let you find those articles on your own. HOWEVER, I will share a couple of essential tips that have helped me:

  • Posts with fewer than 80 characters received 66% more engagement than lengthier counterparts.
  • Question posts have 92% higher comment rates than non-question posts.
  • Posts that have a question located at the end have a 15% higher overall interaction rate and a 2x higher comment rate than those asked in the middle of a post.
  • 82% of people think Facebook is a good place to interact with brands.
  • The number one reason 73% of social media users “unliked” a brand on Facebook was because the brand posted too frequently.

(stats courtesy of Hubspot)


I have two methods for formatting the content on my business page. The first way is to use my FB party script content. I take each post in my party script and post it on a different day of the week to my business page. I have great information I share in my parties and I try to use this script once a quarter to post on my business page. (I do edit the longer posts to be less than 80 characters as suggested above).

The second method I have adopted for my business page posting is the 9-1-1 method: 9 Non-Marketing posts, 1 Promotional post, 1 Personal/Casual post.


Here is how that breaks down:

  • Non-Promotional Post: This can be about your business but doesn’t require anything from the reader. i.e. asking for a sale, booking a party or joining your team. An example would be posting a picture of yourself doing an activity possible #becauseofjamberry, an article about nail related issues, and sharing posts from non competitors with your added caption.


  • Promotional Post: This type of post is where you make an announcement about a holiday promo and take orders in advance, share your website, post a contest from your business page, post “Join My Team” or “Book A Party” graphics. A post for you to shamelessly promote your business!


  • Personal/Casual Post: This post is unrelated to your business. Make it fun! A picture of your cat, your dinner, an inspirational story or quote, a “getting to know you” graphic, a guessing game. The post should be interactive and get people talking and responding to you so they know you are a real person with a real life.




Check out the way I translated these suggestions to post topics:

Day 1 – Post A friends non competitor Business Page
Day 2 – Nail article of some kind

Day 3 – Travel Destination/tips/savings
Day 4 – Game/question graphic.

Day 5- Article about pampering yourself
Day 6 – An inspirational story of someone doing something good!
Day 7 – Jamberry Collage


Day 8 – Something food related (preferably Chocolate) cause I like to read things about menus/recipes/food
Day 9 – Fashion Style Guide article of some sort (how to be on trend with something other than your nails! :-P)
Day 10 – Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Day 11 – Featured Product of the week – #mermaidtalesjn


Using one or both of these content posting methods establishes your presence and creates a relationship with your readers and followers. In the Direct Sales Industry as we utelize Social Media we have a bigger challenge in establishing personal relationships with our customers. Have a method to choosing your FB business page content and eliminate hassle and worry of remembering to post something each day, and using the tips mentioned in my article to eliminate the “what on earth do I post on my business page” question!

What is Postcron and how does it help with my Facebook business page?

Postcron is an essential lifesaving, timesaving tool in managing my FB business page!

As I mentioned in my previous article, I am a busy wife and mom. There are not enough hours in the day for me to sit and load posts to my FB page each day. Think about it, posting EACH DAY…that is 365 individual posts with individual content! Facebook does offer the ability to schedule a post directly from your business page BUT you can only post ONE AT A TIME! That’s a lot of time to select a lot of options…makes me tired just thinking about it.   That is why I love the postcron bulk upload feature!

Scheduling content with the bulk upload feature

Once I have established the information to go my business page, let me tell you how postcron not only saves time in my parties but on my business page as well! I create a .csv spreadsheet in the following format: Post text, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Image Link, and Website Preview Link. Each line on my spreadsheet has a post for each day using the content from above. I upload it to my business page via the bulk uploader, click confirm after all my graphics load and BOOM! My posts are scheduled to my business page leaving me free to spend more time responding to comments and reaching out to my followers.

A Final Thought…

Utilizing social media marketing in your business is essential in the 21st century. But let’s face it, everyone is BUSY. You AND your customers/followers have much calling for their attention. Using the methods I outlined here and the postcron bulk upload feature will save you time, and grow your fan base as they realize you are considerate of their time as well.

I look forward to new features postcron is working on and watching my FB Business Fan page grow!