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Music for Working: 9 Unfailing Options to Improve your Work Performance!

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

music for working, increase your productivity

Have you ever thought about how serious the world would be without music? Sad, right? The truth is that in all actuality musical works are much more than a hit on MTV, being as they actively and positively influence our lives. That’s why today I’m giving you 9 Playlists with the Best Music for Working.

In this post you’ll find 9 playlists that stimulate work productivity so that you can concentrate and keep your mind alert. So I recommend you chose the option that best suits you, since listening to music that’s right for you is an effective technique for increasing work productivity. And additionally, it’s fun!

What are the Benefits of Listening to Music while Working?

music for working, what are the benefits

Obviously, everything is better with music. But that’s not all: according to a series of investigations harmonious sounds increase the release of dopamine in the brains “reward” area. The same thing that happens with candy, looking at something attractive or smelling something delicious, all which make you feel much better.

Among the studies cited, Dr. Lesiuk from the University of Miami decided to investigate how music influences in the work space. With help from specialists, she discovered that the people who listen to music while working completed their tasks much faster and have better ideas than those who don’t.

Furthermore, scientific reports show that music improves humor and also note that it’s not so much the genre of music that positively influences work, but rather the impact left on each individual person. Therefore, everything will go well by listening to music you like.

Nevertheless, there are different styles of music which have demonstrated to be highly effective for different purposes. Below I’m presenting you with 9 playlists with different styles and purposes so you can enjoy them while you do your work and attain an increase in productivity.

All the playlists are available on YouTube, so you can add them to your favorites or create your own playlists on your account. Let’s get started!

Music for Working: 9 Playlists to Maximize your Productivity

music for working cool quote

1- Stay awake and concentrated with Binaural Sounds

 Binaural sounds are the result of playing very similar frequencies in each ear while using headphones. While doing this, the person’s brain “perceives” a third sound through which they can arrive at a determined mental state. This benefits concentration and studying.

Therefore, if you want to pay more attention and render intellectual efforts, I strongly recommend that you work while listening to binaural sounds. Thereon, below you’ll find an hour long track so you can start experimenting with this very effective music for working:

2- Increase your Productivity with Classical and Baroque Music

Classical music is very effective in accompanying intellectual activities, and based on scientists, the baroque style is especially effective. Thanks to these harmonies it’s possible to improve mood significantly and maintain focused on an activity for a longer period of time.

If you like the classics (Bach, Mozart, etc.) and want to fill your working hours with beautiful harmonies, then I suggest trying out classical and baroque music. So, below you’ll find an hour full of compositions from this style that you can play on your next work day to improve your performance.

3- Listen to Epic Music to Avoid Distractions and Renew your Mental Energy

As you may have noticed and how it’s been demonstrated by scientists, working with talking or conversations as background noise can become a distraction very difficult to evade. So, subjecting yourself to paying attention and ignoring the hum in the background can be irritating and create some ill-will.

A good way of overcoming this very aggravating distraction is to listen to epic music (one that often accompanies battle scenes in movies, for example). In addition, this class of music is highly motivating, therefore it will also help you in renewing efforts to continue with the task at hand. You can start to listen here:

4- Optimize your Working Hours with the Sounds of Nature

A good way of improving the quality of your working hours is to listen to sound of nature; from the ambient sounds of the forest to the waves on the beach. According to investigators, this class of sound not only favors concentration, but they also help in keeping the body relaxed.

According to experts, the studied group started to demonstrate signs of posture, breathing and muscle tension improvements after 5 minutes of having started to listen. It’s for this reason that I suggest adding nature sounds to music for working playlist. Start listening here:

Additionally, I recommend try out the fantastic RainyMood page, a site that adds the relaxing sound of rain to your work days. Tell me what you think later.

5- Maintain your Work Pace with Electronic and House Music

Listening to electronic music (house, for example) is an excellent way to keep your work pace dynamic and constant, without any distractions. Why? Because their musical patterns, mainly repetitive, furnish a constant mental work flow, like when listening to a mantra.

So, if you like digital rhythms as much as I do and want to listen to something that will keep you attentive and animated, then I suggest trying out this music for working.  You can start listening to the next track, of almost 4 and a half hours, here:

6- Improve your attention during the work day with video game music

Surprisingly (or perhaps on the contrary), video game music has shown to be increasingly effective in enhancing workers’ performance.  This is largely due to the fact that these types of compositions are specifically designed to keep people interested, attentive and motivated to play.

For example, the Maxis team (developers of the classic The Sims 2) composed a series of musical pieces specifically for the game, whose characteristics is to delight the ears with pleasant melodies and promote exploration without becoming a distraction itself. You can listen to the piece here (and try it out while working!):

7- Stay awake and active with Pop Music from every era

The reason that pop music is effective in increasing productivity has to do with its rhythms’ energy which promote activity and spread joy. In fact, according to a report , people who listen to pop music demonstrate a higher speed in the execution of data entry tasks in comparison with those who don’t.

Said investigation indicates that pop music (from every era) helps workers to hammer out their general tasks at a higher speed. So, that’s why I recommend adding this type of music to your music for working folder. You can start enjoying it now with this list of pop hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s:

8- Get inspired with your Favorite Movie’s Soundtracks

Another great alternative to fill your working hours and improve your performance is listening to the soundtracks of movies you like best. This works because you’re listening to music that you’re already familiar with (meaning, you won’t be distracted by “surprises”) and also because it’s related to positive emotions and sensations in your mind.

Furthermore, this class of music is noted for having been created to go with action – and for not interrupting. That’s why I advise you to include soundtracks from your favorite movies in your work day. Here’s a good stimulus for lovers of the famous Harry Potter saga:

If you’re into other types of movies, here’s another highly recommended possibility:

9- Generate the Perfect Working Environment for Knocking Out more with Instrumental Music

To finish up this music for working playlist, it’s necessary to include instrumental music pieces, that are pleasant to the ear, in the repertoire. As we said earlier, a soothing background noise provides a lot of concentration, and this goes for all instrumental themes.

In fact, instrumental songs are not invasive to the realization of intellectual efforts since they don’t require our attention to interpret or understand sentences. On the contrary, their lyric-less melodies accompany and accentuate thought, making every activity more tolerable.

So, I suggest that you try out the following instrumental piece. Keep in mind that they’re all YouTube videos, so if you log on to the site you’ll be able to get suggestions to keep exploring. Therefore, you’ll be able to find the most beneficial music for working that suits you and add it to your own playlist.

That’s all for today! In addition to exploring the proposed playlists, I advise going over the following articles from our blog in order to optimize your work space:

Did you like this article? Which of the music for working options seemed most stimulating to you? Would you add any other to the list? Leave us your opinion! And please, remember to share this blog post with all your contacts. See you next time!