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The New Facebook Algorithm: what is it and how will it affect your campaign?

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

new facebook algorithm, facebook is changing

Mark Zuckerberg’s team of developers has recently announced the implementation of the new Facebook algorithm. This update’s goal is to prioritize publications from users’ families and friends over commercial content.

With this modification Facebook intends to make people’s experience more personal so they can effectively connect with their family and friends online. Thus, in users’ NewsFeed it is now their friends and family’s shared photos, status updates and videos that take center stage.

The New Facebook Algorithm: What is it about and how can it affect your campaigns?

In the announcement about the new Facebook algorithm, Adam Mosseri, person in charge of the NewsFeed explained: “When we launched the NewsFeed in 2006, it was very difficult to imagine the challenge we’d be facing now: an oversupply of information which is a little overwhelming for a single person”.

This situation is what motivated the team of developers to make the modification whose objective is for people to not miss any of their beloveds’ posts. “This is why stories in the NewsFeed are ordered so people can see the ones that interest them first”, explains Mosseri.

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“Our success is based on offering users the stories that interest them most. If you were seeing thousands of content a day and could choose the 10 that interest, you most what would they be? The answer should be in your NewsFeed.  

It’s subjective, personal and unique -and sums up what we’d like to achieve s subjective”, the developers affirmed.

The New Facebook Algorithm and Digital Marketing

As to how this implementation can affect your campaigns, it’s effect largely depends on your strategy. In fact, with the new algorithm, the content on your Facebook Page will be viewed more often when it’s shared by a user in their Biography.

Therefore, you must keep in mind that if its content shared by users that’s going to be prioritized, then then you’ll have to go through them to make yourself a spot in your audience’s NewsFeed. So your strategy must concentrate on generating genuine engagement which causes people to share your stories with their loved ones.

Along with this, another huge possibility to boost the diffusion of your content is using Facebook’s advertising service. The ideal would be sharing interesting publications on Facebook (meaning that they’re relevant to your audience) and adding personalized advertisements of your site, products and services to them.

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Facebook is not the only Social Network managed by this company who recently adopted a new algorithm. On the contrary, similar changes have been announced by Instagram, the platform Mark Zuckerberg acquired in 2012, whose Newsfeed had been in chronological order up until this announcement.

The same as with Instagram, this new algorithm has aroused controversy among users (especially for those dedicated to Online Marketing). In regards to this, the Facebook team ensured that the changes will be applied cautiously, measuring the public’s reaction to each update.

In conclusion, today it’s the quality of your content that guarantees your proposals’ diffusion. Therefore, I advise defining a Social Media strategy that includes a calendar of publications based on your target audience’s profile.

That’s all for today! Stay alert, because we’ll be informing you on updates related to this topic and the world of Social Media. To get a little more insight on what we just went over, I advise reviewing the following articles from our blog:

What do you think about Facebook’s New Algorithm? Do you think it’s a good idea to prioritize your friends and family’s content in the Newsfeed? Tell us your opinion! And please, remember to share this post with your contacts. Until next time!