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We were acquired by Social Tools and many new features to come!

Por Lucas Emma | CEO at

Hi everyone! In this post, we’d like to tell you some great news: we were purchased by the company SocialTools.Me.

The acquisition will allow us to have more resources in order to develop new features and to invest a lot more in improving our service.

Since our purchase and in less than 15 days, we were able to launch a new feature: Starting now, you can Post to Facebook Events, as well as to Facebook profiles, pages and groups, Google+ pages and Twitter accounts.

Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll be launching even more features, like apps for Androids and Iphones, the ability to send emails right from Postcron (woah!), a library to store, share, and re-purpose content, and a lot more!

Our motto will remain the same: We are here to make your life easier; to save time and energy in your Social Media tasks. Therefore, simplicity and usability will be, as always, the basic foundations of our work.

As for me, from now on I’ll still be working for the company, as a consultant, and my place as the CEO will be taken by Lucas Emma, founder and CEO of Social Tools. Social Tools has a more comprehensive set of Social Media apps, and we believe there’s a perfect synergy between the two companies. I want to thank all those who placed their trust, heart, energy and goodwill in this adventure: Rosángela Mansutti, Don Ritzen, Ian Zein, Lucas Forchino and Sebastian Jaurena.

See you soon!