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Introducing ArtStudio! The Tool That Creates High Impact Images For Your Social Networks

Por Lucas Emma |


At Postcron, we are very happy to announce the launch of ArtStudio! A new tool that allows you to design the best posts for your social networks.

Our main goal is to help anyone that works in the Social Media field to save time managing their social networks, which also means generating great content for posting.

Starting today, you can explore the potential of image sharing by designing your content with ArtStudio for free!


Do you want to create a new design from scratch?

To create a new design, you first need to select the format you want (Youtube cover, Facebook ad, Twitter posts etc), and ArtStudio will show you the exact size for that.

You will be able to choose from hundreds of different templates and edit them according to your personal taste and goals. You can change the wording, colors, drawings and everything your imagination can come up with!


How to create a design from scratch, step by step:
1- On Postcron, click at the ArtStudio icon
2- Select the format you want for your design, depending on the type of image you want to create.
3- You can choose a template to edit from, and create your own design.

4- Once you are happy with your design, you can save it.
5- Click “Use this design”, which will redirect you to Postcron, so you can schedule it as a post.


Do you want to edit an existing image?

If you already have an image you want to share, but it doesn’t have the recommended size for a certain social network, or if you simply think that something is missing, use ArtStudio to add wording, filters, elements, and anything you need to generate a bigger impact on your audience!


How to edit an image in seconds, step by step:

1- Upload an image to Postcron.
2- Click on the ArtStudio icon on the image to open the editor.
3- Select the format you want, and edit the elements, texts, colors, etc!
4- Once you are happy with your design, click on “Use this design” button, which will redirect you back to Postcron, so you can schedule it to be posted.

And it’s not over yet!

There are many other reasons for using ArtStudio to make you get the most out of your social networks:

1- Find the exact size for each type of post and social network.
2- Find the best templates to create your posts.
3- Save and Organize all your designs in one place.
4. Share your editable designs with your team.
5- Explore other user’s designs.


1- Find the exact size for each type of design.

In order to get your audience’s attention, it’s very important that the content you share, in each social network, is compatible with the recommended sizes and measures.

Want to know the ideal size for an Instagram post? What are the exact dimensions for a YouTube cover? The measures for an Instagram story?

We put together a guide where you will find all the sizes and dimensions for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and Pinterest designs.

Find a design or template that suits your goals, and use it to create a professional design!

2- Find the best templates for your posts

We all know that there can never be enough time to spend on creating our Social Media images. With that in mind, we decided to offer you hundreds of templates for you to edit in a single click! You can change texts, colors and everything that you feel that needs to be edited.

All you need to know is the kind of design you want to create and choose the one that suits you best! Want to create brochures? Custom greeting cards? Discounts and Promos? Find all of it on ArtStudio!

You can also use other user’s designs (as long as they make it “public”) and use it on your own posts. This way, you can also help others with your own work! 😉

3- Save and Organize all your designs in one place

With ArtStudio, you can use folders to organize all your designs in one place, in a practical, efficient and safe way.

That way, the designs you create and edit will always be available, and ready to be reused whenever you need them!If you want to collaborate with other creators by allowing them to use your designs, you can save them as “public”, and you can also save them as private, if you want to be the only one with access to your creations.


4- Share your editable designs with your team

Teamwork should be done in the most efficient and productive way possible in order to save time and effort. Your ArtStudio designs are always editable, which will change the way your team works, because all team members will have access to the files from they own computers and from everywhere.