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How to schedule Instagram posts (step by step)

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at Postcron.com


How to schedule Instagram posts (step by step)


Now you can manage, publish and schedule Instagram posts so they can automatically be shared on Postcron.


Schedule Instagram posts on your Instagram accounts with Postcron is quite simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Create your posts on Postcron and schedule them for the day and time you’d like them to be published.
  2. Authorize the publications on your mobile (You should have installed our Android App  or our iOS App– in order to receive the notifications)


Still haven’t downloaded the Postcron Mobile App? Download it now and start enjoying the benefits and flexibility of scheduling your post through your mobile!

google-play-badge (1)


Postcron App iOS




So, in order to schedule Instagram posts with Postcron you have to program your posts in the Postcron dashboard and then, once the schedule you’ve established for each content to be shared on is met, just authorize the publication from your mobile through our  Android or iOS App. It’s that easy!


Now, I’ll demonstrate how to do this step by step:

1- How to schedule Instagram posts through Postcron

The first thing you have to do is add your Instagram accounts to Postcron. In order to do this, log on to Postcron through your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account as you would normally.

Schedule Instagram posts POSTCRON HOMEPAGE

Then, in the “Add Accounts” section, click on the Instagram icon, authorize Postcron to access your accounts and add your account(s) to the Postcron control panel as shown in the following gif.


Schedule Instagram posts gif

Now, you’re able to select your accounts and schedule Instagram posts the exact way you schedule posts on the other social networks.

Schedule Instagram posts from Postcron website

2-  Authorizing your Instagram posts on your mobile.

When the day and time for the publication of one of your scheduled Instagram posts arrives, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile, as shown below (remember that to be able to receive notifications it’s necessary that you have the Postcron Mobile App installed on your mobile. Further below you can see how to download it step by step).

Once you receive the notification all you have to do is accept it.

Schedule Instagram posts on your cell

Upon logging on, the Instagram photo editor will open in which you can add effects to your image if you want or directly access the editing box for Instagram photo captions.

TIP TIP TIP: Before confirming the publication, you can choose whether you want it to be published as an Instagram photo or as an Instagram story. You just have to select the option you want and that’s it!
Schedule Instagram posts

All the text that you enter while scheduling your post in the Postcron dashboard is copied into your notepad by default, therefore all you have to do is select “Paste” directly into the text box and click on the check () so it will publish:

Schedule Instagram Posts instagram app


Then, you’ll be able to see your post published on Instagram. C’est tout!


It should be noted that this step only applies to the posts that you have scheduled on your Instagram account; it’s done this way in accordance with an exclusive requirement on this social network. Your posts scheduled on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest accounts will automatically be published on the day and time you set, thus you won’t receive notifications for these networks.


Extra Info! To download the Postcron App on your mobile, the first thing you have to do is go to the Google Play Store or to the App Store on your mobile, search for the Postcron App:


Schedule Instagram posts Android instructions










Then, authorize the Postcron App on your Android or iOS device. And presto! You can know find it among your applications:




IMPORTANT: once you have downloaded the Postcron app on your mobile, you have to log on in order to be able to link your Postcron account to this mobile device and furthermore to be able to receive notifications

Schedule Instagram posts Android instructions

Also, with the Mobile App you can schedule and publish on your social accounts as well as review the status of your scheduled posts, edit them and much more!


That’s all for today! I hope this tutorial helped you learn to schedule Instagram posts via Postcron and with our Mobile App. Tell us about it!

Don’t forget to share this blog post with all your contacts, surely it will be useful to them as well. Until next time! :)


As a supplement to what you’ve just learned, I advise reviewing our posts on how to schedule multiple posts at the same time with the Bulk Uploader feature and our guide for utilizing the Postcron Chrome extension. Both possibilities will save you a lot of time!