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How to schedule Instagram posts (step by step)

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Scheduling your Instagram posts, to your Feed or Stories, with no push notifications or reminders is absolutely a time saver! It will increase your productivity and at the same time help you grow your Instagram account!

Whether your goal is to get more followers, improve your engagement, or expand your brand’s online presence, you need to be part of your audiences daily life, and that’s no easy task!


In the following tutorial we will cover what you should take into account when automating your Instagram posts and what are the best tools to do it.

Why should you schedule your Instagram posts?

1- Optimizing and saving time

After a hard working week, waking up on a Sunday morning worried about what to post on Instagram is just not the ideal way to spend your weekend… On the other hand, it’s also not ideal to spend a day or two without posting anything if your aim is to improve your engagement. Thinking WHAT to post, is definitely something you should spend some time on whenever you have time to spear, but posting each post everyday is a chore you can definitely automate to avoid wasting valuable time!

2- Creating and uploading content from a computer  

If you are like me, and you usually use your computer to create content and to edit your Instagram photos, you probably have had problems transferring that content from your computer to your phone! Grrrr!!… such a waste of time!! Using tools to schedule your posts in both Desktop or Mobile can be a lifesaver!

3- Increase your followers on Instagram

Brands that post 7 times a week show a significant increase on both engagement and followers. In fact, the amount of followers can increase up to 4 times when posting once a day as compared to posting just once a week. Creating good content is not easy, but that’s exactly way scheduling your posts can come in handy. It let’s you focus on the creative part, while the rest is done for you!

How to Schedule Instagram post with Postcron


Now let’s go over it step by step:

  1. Connect your Instagram accounts to Postcron
  2. Select the accounts you want to post to
  3. Upload one (or multiple) images
  4. Pick between Feed or Stories
  5. Write a Caption for your post
  6. Choose the date and time it will be posted


1- Connect your Instagram accounts to Postcron

The first thing you need to do is adding your Instagram accounts to Postcron. (You can add all your accounts and manage them from a single dashboard). In order to do this, go to, and log in. Then, under the tab “Add Accounts“, click on Instagram’s logo and enter your username and password.


Keep in mind that for security reasons, Instagram will send you a verification code to the email address associated with your Instagram account. This process might take a few minutes, make sure you have access to that email account.

Once you receive the email, simply copy the 6-digits code and paste it on Postcron.

IMPORTANT: Please check that the 2-Factor Authentication is disabled.

Now let’s schedule your first Instagram post!

Once you are done connecting your Instagram accounts, you can easily schedule your posts. You just have to follow these steps:

2- Select the Instagram accounts you want to post to

You can select one or multiple accounts, and schedule the same content on different accounts at once.

3- Upload one (or multiple) images

By clicking the “Photo” button you can upload images of any type and size. But we recommend that you check this Infographic: Social Media Image Sizes 2018 for reference.

4- Select to post on your Feed 

That’s the time to choose between posting on your Feed or Stories. This time we will pick: Feed!

5- Write a Caption for your post

Now it’s time to add a caption to your post and the hashtags to enhance its reach. A good tip is to hide the hashtags from your posts’ captions. Which can be easily done on Postcron by simply typing the part of the caption that you want to stand out, it can be a quote or information related to the image’s content, and then add 5 line breaks (by pressing enter) with a dot in each line, and then add your hashtags. 


Sunset over the city






#building #buildings #cityscape #town #architecturelovers #skyscraper #cities #archilovers #lines #architexture #architectureporn #perspective #archidaily #skyline #geometry


To find the best-performing hashtags for your posts we recommend using this Hashtag Search Tool which will help you save even more time by giving you between 15 and 30 hashtags to choose from.


6- Choose the date and time it will be posted

Here you have a few option. You can click on “Schedule” and pick the date and time you want your post to be published, you can click on “Post Now” to post it instantly, or you can also schedule it to the next available slot on your “Predefined Publishing Times


How to Schedule Instagram Stories with Postcron

Posting stories with Postcron is quite similar to posting to your feed. Simply go over the first 3 steps: Select the accounts you want to post to, Upload one (or multiple) images, and Select to post on Stories.

Now just click on “Schedule” to pick the date and time your story will be posted, and that’s it!


How to Schedule a Sequence of Images on your Stories

Showing up on your follower’s Stories every day is a must if you want to increase your engagement. The more users your stories reach on a daily basis, the more they will reach on your upcoming posts. Instagram Stories is a great instrument to.. well.. tell stories. And most times, stories are best told in several chapters. To schedule a Sequence of Stories you just have to: 

1- Select the Instagram account you want to post to

2- Upload multiple images

Click on “Photo” and select all the images you want the sequential images.

3- Select to post on Stories

4- Select “Post all stories 1 minute apart from each other”



To have your images published in Sequence, one after the other, choose the “Post all stories 1 minute apart from each other” option.

5- Choose the date and time it will be posted

Click on “Schedule” and pick the date and time your first image will be posted, and the following ones will be also posted with a minute difference between each one of them. You can also use the”Post Now” or “Predefined Publishing Times” option.

That’s all for today, folks! I hope this tutorial was useful to help you schedule your Instaram Posts with Postcron. Let us know in the comments!


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