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Now You Can Schedule Pins on Pinterest with Postcron!

Por Lucas Emma | CEO & Founder of SocialTools / Postcron

schedule pins on Pinterest

Today I’m really excited to tell you that we have a new feature that many of our users have been waiting for: Postcron joins Pinterest! Starting now, the simplest way to schedule posts integrates with the social network ideal for sharing images with lots of style and design. This means that now you can schedule pins on Pinterest with Postcron! Awesome, right?!

schedule pins on Pinterest fans

We’ve added this feature in response to lots of requests from our users and also because Pinterest continues to grow rapidly:  it currently has over 70 million users worldwide. In addition, this exceptionally visual network has more than 50 billion Pins created, and more than 1 billion boards generated worldwide. If you aren’t familiar with the site, I’ll show you how it works below.


Why should you schedule pins on Pinterest?


In recent months, Pinterest has consolidated itself into a very effective platform for the promotion and sale of products. Statistics show that 88% of users who publish pins of commercial products, end up buying it. That why we really recommend that your brand posts its content there too.

Moreover, currently 80% of Pinterest users are women. Even though it’s true that every day thousands of men are joining this network, the fact is that “natural segmentation” of the site makes it a very effective platform to promote products related to the world of fashion, motherhood, and other notably feminine areas. So, if your target audience includes women, then you definitely should be working with Pinterest.

On the other hand, areas traditionally linked to the male universe are getting an increasingly important role on Pinterest. For example, there are already over 35 million Pins dedicated to technology products, and the number continues to grow every day. In addition, the number of male users has doubled since 2014 and a third of new users who are currently registering for Pinterest are men.


These are the three main benefits of posting on Pinterest:

1- Improves your ranking and SEO

One of the main benefits of scheduling pins on Pinterest has to do with the positioning your brand on search engines. Having an account on this Social Network increases the visibility of your company on the Internet. This is because social profiles usually appear at the top of search results, as we explain in this article on SEO and Social Media.

At the same time, due to its strong visual appeal, Pinterest has a powerful image search. For that reason, millions of people flock to this place to find photos, infographics and other visual pieces on the topics that interest them. Another reason why we recommend that your business be present there with relevant content.
schedule pins on Pinterest good point

2- Increases your web traffic since your posts last forever

Keeping your Pinterest boards up to date helps you increase your web traffic because this network is, after Facebook, the second largest in terms of referral visits to different sites. Also, it’s worth noting that, unlike a tweet or Facebook update, a PIN is forever. That is, your content doesn’t lose relevance with the passing of time. That’s why it’s so important that you offer your users the option to share your blog images to their Pinterest accounts.

How can you do this? Very easily! If your site is hosted on a WordPress server, then just install this plugin that will enable users to share photos from your blog posts directly to their Pinterest accounts. Alternatively, you can create a Pinterest share button on the official website by following this link.

schedule pins on Pinterest plugin wordpress

3) Pinterest is the best way to display your product and get to know your audience

People love to explore Pinterest for inspiration when it comes time to shop. Some studies show that 70% of users check this Social Network to decide what they are going to buy. 67% say it’s where they find out about current trends. In addition, if you register for an account you can take advantage of enriched Pins, you can include information regarding prices, businesses, or stock amount of the products that are promoted in each pin.

Moreover, Pinterest offers free statistics about user behavior on this social network. To check out this feature, just create an account as a business and activate metrics. Then you’ll begin to receive data about which boards people pin your content to, which users follow you, what other companies have joined Pinterest and much more.

schedule pins on Pinterest awesome

Where do I start if I want promote my brand on Pinterest?

First, you should know that on Pinterest you can create Personal Profiles or Business Pages. So, according to your needs, you can opt for one or the other. Next I will explain the components of Pinterest and how to use them:

Profile: The idea is to represent yourself or your company. If you have a business page, I suggest that you customize it to fit with your brand identity (logo, images, etc). You should also include a brief description of your proposal, which should not exceed 65 characters so that it can be displayed correctly in search results.

Pins: This is the name given to Pinterest publications. They are what make up the boards and must contain a brief description. Don’t forget to add a link to your site, so you can get more traffic!

schedule pins on Pinterest newsfeed


Boards: This is how Pinterest calls the categories where you can classify and sort your Pins. Boards are great for organizing your content or products into separate categories so users can find them more easily. When creating your own, remember to include Keywords in the titles that represent your proposal, given that Google places a lot of importance on the titles in search results.
schedule pins on Pinterest boards
Now that you know how Pinterest works, I will show you how you can schedule pins on Pinterest to be published at the time and date you decide.


How to schedule pins on Pinterest to be shared automatically


1- The first thing you need to do is to register or login to your Postcron account through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.



2- Now you need to add the Pinterest Boards where you want to automatically post. If this is the first time you’re doing this, you must authorize the application on Pinterest to continue.

Add Pinterest board to Postcron


3- The next step is to choose the Pinterest boards where you want Postcron to publish.

Add Pinterest boards to Postcron


4- Now you must select the board you’ve added in order to publish to it.

Select the boards to schedule your posts


5- Then you need to create your post and schedule it.

Schedule Pins on Pinterest with Postcron!


Now you know how to schedule pins on Pinterest to published automatically right from the Postcron app! But, there is a even simpler way you can schedule pins with even leaving the site you’re on. All you have to do is install the Postcron Chrome Extension, that allows you to schedule post while browsing the web. This can save you lots of time and effort since the extension allows you to schedule posts on Pinterest and other Social Networks without having to leave your search.  Pretty practical, don’t you think?

Add Chrome Extention

Given that now you know how to schedule pins on Pinterest with Postcron, you can start promoting your content and interacting with your audience on this Social Network. And later tell us all about it!


Until next time! 😉