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How to schedule posts on Facebook Events

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

schedule Facebook events on Postcron

In this post, we’re going to explain you How to schedule posts on Facebook Events. But first, we would like to tell you why you should start using Facebook Events to make your business grow.

Why work with Facebook Events?

how to schedule posts on facebook event page

Today, every Facebook user -from people to companies and organizations- turns to the creation of events in that social network, for many reasons. First, it’s significantly handy: in a simple way it enables you to schedule your activities (both social and commercial). At the same time, it allows you to give relevant information to your guests (such as location, date, time, etc.) and to interact with them, all in one place. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

This way, millions of people organize their birthday parties, their receptions, their conferences and parties from there. Similarly, businesses and companies use the creation of Facebook Events to bring their proposals to their customers and interact with their followers, calling them to action.

How does posting on Facebook Events helps your business grow?

how to schedule posts on facebook event page


The main utility of turning to Facebook events is to promote your business. For that, all you need to do is to propose an activity (real or virtual), set a date and send the invitations to your followers. For this matter creativity is essential, since an event doesn’t necessarily have to be a concrete fact in a physical location. For example, the activity to spread can be the day your business releases a promotion, and the place where it will happen can be anywhere (real or virtual) where your business operates.

Next to this, two big advantages must be remarked: the first of them is the gratuity of the function. That condition allows you to create as many events as you want, without spending a dime. The other advantage of this feature is its way of dissemination, which is as practical as it is effective: you send the invitations to all of your customers and at the same time, you can enable them to send more invitations to other people.


Schedule posts on Facebook Events with Postcron

Finally, another of the benefits of turning to Facebook eventos to promote your business is to know the amount of guests, how many of them are hesitant and those who said “no”. This information will give you the chance to do direct marketing actions, such as to share information with a defined group of people, openly interested in your business. At the same time, the possibility to send direct messages to the guests can generate big profits for you, in terms of diffusion, interaction and engagement.

So, what are the main advantages of schedule posts in Facebook Events with Postcron, the event scheduling app?


Here we share with you the five most important ones:

  1. The feature developed by Postcron (the event scheduling app) allows you to save time of work in a significant way. This way, in one single day you can define and schedule all your posts of the month, scheduling in bulk through an Excel or Google Docs file.
  2. An important benefit is that you can be sure that you are offering a dynamic and varied content, which is permanently updated. Effectively, you have the opportunity of deciding in advance and strategically, which pictures, links, videos and information you will share with your followers until the day of the event. This way you avoid forgetting and monotony.
  3. You have the opportunity to remind important information to your followers, from time to time. For example, you can schedule at least two daily posts commenting the date and the characteristics of your sale, party, happy hour or that of which your event is about. Remember that every time you add a post to your event, your guests will be notified.
    Facebook Events
  4. Similarly to the last point, through the post scheduling you can increase your possibilities of reaching more people who didn’t get to see a former publication. That is, the post scheduling on Facebook Events increases your probabilities of reaching your target audience, since users will see your publications through their news feed, through their notifications panel and also they will get an email with your invitation. In this sense, many companies make the mistake of giving important information only in the description of the event, which is usually omitted by many users who get invited. This Postcron function can save you that loss.
  5. Another advantage of scheduling posts in Facebook events, essential for the success of your campaign, is to keep the event alive. Frequently thousands of events fall into periods of inactivity and, in consequence, of oblivion, once they are created. In fact: it’s not enough to create the event and spread it, it’s also necessary to keep the audience engaged, “motivated”. To generate conversations, to post audiovisual content and to entertain your guests is essential to achieve that goal. And when you schedule all that, the effectiveness of your efforts increases dramatically.

How to schedule posts on Facebook Events with Postcron?

Important: Scheduling posts on Facebook Events is a Free Feature on Postcron, start using it now!

You just have to follow these steps:

1. Once you’ve created the event, you have to log in to your Postcron, the event scheduling app.

2. On the Home screen, go to the Facebook button, and click on the “Add Event” option.

Add Facebook Events to Postcron - event scheduling app

3. The next step is to choose one or more of your events, which are related to your Facebook account.

Add Facebook Events to Postcron dashboard

4. Finally, you’ll find the edition and scheduling panel, where you’ll create and schedule your posts.

Create and Schedule posts on Postcron - event scheduling app

An important detail: if you are the host of the event in which you will post, you’ll be able to publish 18 times per day. If the event was created by someone else from another account, you’ll be able to post 8 times per day.

Here’s a tip! How to make a list of posts with Excel or Google Docs, to be published on a Facebook event

And interesting and practical alternative, which will save you time and will increase your productivity, is the possibility to make a list of posts, which will be published on your event according to your schedule. To accomplish that, Postcron enables you to upload an Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet, in which you will establish your posts calendar. You can find this function by clicking on the option “…or upload a file with lots of posts all at once!”, as you’ll see in the picture below. This alternative is especially useful if you want to keep your event updated and your audience engaged.


You can learn how to use this function in this tutorial video.

It’s important to mention that your spreadsheet will work correctly if you respect the order in which you have to load the data, which is: Message, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Link to an image, Link to an article or site. You can find all this information in detail in the tutorials we’ve recommended you.

To schedule posts on Facebook events makes your business grow

schedule posts on facebook events - event scheduling app

That’s why we recommend you to take advantage of this tool developed by Postcron. As I explained in this post, to turn to Facebook events benefits your business in multiple ways and it’s completely free.

When you schedule your posts on events, you make sure you are present in the life of your target audience and you bring them important information about your product or service. In summary, this is an excellent way to promote your business, and if you use it with creativity and quality, it can take you far.