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4 Social Media Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To

Por Taylor Webster | Writer & Translator at

Social Media Trends 2015 to plan your campaigns

Every year social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and others seem like they’re making big changes to their platforms, causing you to change the way you use them and/or rethink your SM Marketing strategies.  Well, 2015 is no different –  and maybe you’ve been wondering what this year will bring to the table? Even though it can be really difficult to predict the future of social media, in this article we’re going to take a look at 4 social media trends that are evolving this year. That way you’ll be able to analyze your social media marketing choices and see if you’re on the right track.  After all, it is most effective way to reach your audience. Let’s get started!

This is what’s been happening…

1. New and distinct networks popping up

2014 saw its share of new networks come into play. Most of them are trying to counteract user’s claims against giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, such as too many ads, lack of privacy, collection of data, keeping track of online activities, etc.  These new networks, like Yik Yak, for example, offer users more privacy by allowing them to post to other users nearby anonymously, or Ello who promises to never sell users’ data.

the latest Social Media Trends 2015

The challenge these networks face is gaining a big enough userbase to actually rival sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, some of the new networks are what we would call “Niche-based” networks, which center around an already existing population. These networks are based around a particular interest, rather than people. For example Foodie for chefs and cooks, or Fitocracy for workout junkies. Trends show that these types of networks have the ability to thrive.

Social Media Trends to help you plan your communication strategy

So as a brand, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for these new networks. Peek around and see if there are already any sites related to your ‘niche’ and see how you can be present there. Be aware of the growth of these networks, so that you can include them in your communication strategies.

2. Using social networks to send money

Recently, it has become known that Facebook is developing a “wallet” like feature for its messenger app. If released, it would allow its 200 million users to send money to each other and make payments without any fees. They’ve also already launched a new Autofill feature that allows users to enter their credit card info and make purchases with more than 450,000 sites on the web. So, if you own or operate a physical or online store, it would be a great idea to start taking advantage of these new features and incorporate them into your payment options for your customers.

Social Media Trends 2015 for your social media strategy

Currently, other companies are trying to get on on the mobile payment space as well. For example, Apple with its Apple Pay app, new ones like Square and Stripe and Paypal all want to start handing your transactions. It’s not exactly clear what the push to become your wallet is, they may eventually charge for their services, or it might be to attract advertisers with purchasing data. Anyway, it shouldn’t surprise you to see this trend gain traction throughout the year.

3. Shopping hits social media and takes off

This is one of the biggest social media trends of the year. Internet sites are already among the top places consumers go to shop these days, that’s why social networks are finally dialling in and getting one step closer to delivering the final sale vendors have longed for. Twitter and Facebook have already started testing out “Buy” buttons that allow users to purchase items directly from their network. Basically, once users enter their payment info, they’re able to buy anything that pops up on their newsfeed without even having to leave the social network.

Social Media Trends 2015 for your campaigns

Social selling showed a positive trend in a study from 2013 to 2014 with 26% increase. In addition, leading statistic provider, Statista projects that social commerce sales will take a 50% leap from 2014’s $20 billion to account for $50 billion by the end of 2015.

The upside for vendors is that with social media they’ve already got a receptive audience in real-time. This makes social networks the perfect platform for short-term deals and offers, as users will feel inclined to act in the moment and take advantage of them RIGHT NOW.  Then, get right back to scrolling through friend’s pictures, chatting, and updating their statuses. As you can see, adding “Buy” buttons to your posts can be a great opportunity for maximizing sales and is a trend that is definitely gaining traction across various platforms.

4. A growing demand for privacy

Since users are demanding more and more privacy with their social media, we saw a number of new platforms launched in 2014. For example, Telegram, Snapchat, Whisper, etc. all tried to deliver anonymity and privacy. After all, not everyone wants to broadcast their life to the entire world. However, the problem was actually fulfilling these promises of privacy. What happened was that almost none of them could indeed keep their users’ information (pictures, posts, identity, location, etc.) a secret. Snapchat was hacked and Whisper was reported to be saving people’s posts and locations to compile data bases.

Social Media Trends 2015 everyone wants privacy

However, that doesn’t stop users from still wanting privacy. As more and more users become aware of how their personal information is being collected and manipulated by companies and the government, the demand will only get stronger. Although proven difficult to deliver intimacy on the internet, big players are starting to acknowledge the trend and launch creations like Facebook’s new “Rooms” app – which allows users to create chat rooms based on shared interests, without the requirement of entering personal data like name or location.

Social Media Trends 2015 FB chat rooms

We recommend keeping the urge for privacy in mind when it comes to soliciting personal information from your users in let’s say facebook contests, or other social media propositions. Try not to ask for too much unnecessary info and don’t overwhelm them with too many requirements.


Hopefully, these 4 Social Media Trends we’ve shared with you today will help you get an idea of what is to come in 2015. The creation new and distinct networks based on things like the interests, respecting the privacy of users, using social networks for shopping and making payments, and even your home devices keeping tabs on your social media profiles are all things we will see gain strength in 2015.