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Social Network Marketing: How Many Times per Day Should You Publish to Reach your Audience?

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Social Network Marketing: How Many Times per Day Should You Publish to Reach your Audience?



So that your strategies for Social Network Marketing are a hit, its imminent that they fulfill three fundamental conditions: your objectives are clear, your content is effective and your messages reach your audience. We’re going to cover the last one in this post!

Every Social Network has its own dynamics, which is directly impacted by the publication frequency that you should follow in order for your content to be seen by your audience. So, for example, Twitter’s whirling Newsfeed (where you have to push on to “survive”) is not the same as LinkedIn’s unobtrusive flow.

Thus being said, in this post we’re going to demonstrate what is the best publication frequency for the most important Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

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How do you Publish on Social Networks every day?

Before moving on, it’s important to highlight why you must always keep your Social Network accounts up to date. As the specialists explain, in order to achieve a good diffusion on Social Media and build a relevant presence, it’s imminent to achieve the “Snowball Effect”.

This is the process through which a user sees your publication, is interested in it thanks to an attractive title and images and then shares it with their contacts. This alone is a great achievement for your brand, being that for this particular users’ followers it is a “competent” recommendation of your content.

So, to ensure that users see your posts its necessary to publish every day in accordance with each Social Network’s required frequency. And now, how to publish on Social Networks every day? In order to accomplish this with success, I advise:

  • Designing a Marketing Strategy for Social Media, this guides your steps on Social Networks based on the goals you have set. This will allow you to define, ahead of time, what you’re going to publish and to measure the success of your campaigns based on your planned goals.
  • Documenting your Social Media strategy, in order to facilitate the analysis of your editorial strategy and the selection of your best content to share.
  • Scheduling your publications so they can be shared automatically, without having to be online all day. So, in order to schedule your content I advise using Postcron, our new tools for programming posts (just one, or a massive amount), so they’re published on the days and times you specify.

If you want to optimize your resources to the max, then I suggest utilizing Postcron for Chrome, our extension that permits scheduling whatever content you find while browsing (photos, articles, etc.) so they can automatically be published on your Networks. This way, you can conquer much more while on the Web!

Now that you know the best way to publish every day to improve your Social Network Marketing results, we’re going to go over the ideal frequencies.

How many times a day should you publish? Publication Frequency Guide for Social Network Marketing

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How many times a day should you publish on Facebook?

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As you know, Facebook is the Social Network with the most users in the world. Thus it’s fundamental for your brand to be present there since your audience is most likely part of the more than 1000 million active daily users.

Therefore, in order for your publications to be seen by your target public on Facebook, the experts recommend using the following publication frequency:


  • For large brands, publishing once a day is sufficient.
  • For small businesses, it’ recommend to be publishing about 5 times a day.


How many times a day should you publish on Twitter?

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Due to its characteristics, Twitter is the ideal place for sharing your brands updates, covering live events, taking advantage of hashtags to maximize your exposure  and finding influential users. Because of this Twitter is a fundamental means for carrying out your Social Network Marketing campaigns.

So, how many times a day should you publish on Twitter in order to reach your audience with your content? For this the experts recommend:


  • The minimum recommendation for building a presence on Twitter is 3 times a day.
  • The ideal number to keep you always present on Twitter is 5 tweets a day.


EXTRA TIP: I advise reviewing our article the best techniques for acquiring relevant Twitter followers, where you’ll learn how to use this Social Network’s search in order to meet people who possess the profile you’re looking for. Additionally, I advise reading the latest Twitter updates for Community Managers.

How many times a day should you publish on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the largest Social Network of Professionals in the world; with more than 433 million users. For this reason, it is currently the best space for finding clients, promoting your brand and finding the best candidates to work on your team. Furthermore, this platform is indispensable for B2B Marketing.

So, how many times is it recommended to publish on LinkedIn in order to connect with your audience? Here’s what the specialists recommend:


  • It’s advised to publish 1 post per business day

(ex. from Monday to Friday).


EXTRA TIP: It’s advisable to optimize your profile on LinkedIn to create the best impression on your potential clients and throughout the business sector. In addition, I recommend reviewing our article Everything you must know about Marketing on LinkedIn, where you’ll find information essential for planning your strategy on said Social Network.

What’s the best frequency for publishing on YouTube?

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YouTube is currently the most important Social Network for videos, with more than 1000 million users registered from all around the world. You can promote your brand there by generating videos with content that’s relevant to your audience and by also using the  YouTube advertising service.

As for the publication frequency recommended for YouTube, the social network marketing experts suggest:


  • Upload a minimum of one video per week.
  • The ideal number is between 2 and 3 videos a week.


EXTRA TIP: So that your YouTube posts are a hit, its fundamental to define your video publication days (ex. Mondays and Thursdays) on all your Social Network profiles, Email Marketing campaigns and offline communication spaces (your business’s brochures, merchandising objects, promotional cards, etc.).

How many times a day should you publish on Pinterest?

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There’s a Social Network ideal for exhibiting your products , and its Pinterest. An online catalog that allows you to create Boards with attractive photos of your merchandise (ex. If you sell clothing, one of your Boards could be Winter Collection). If the majority of your public are females than Pinterest is a must, being that 71% of members are women.

So, how many times should you publish on Pinterest in order to reach your audience? The specialists recommend:

  • Publish once a day at minimum while keeping all of your Boards up to date. So for example, if you have 7 boards, you can update one every day of the week (ex. “Winter Collection” on Mondays, “Sports Attire” on Tuesdays, “Casual Look” on Wednesdays, etc.).


EXTRA TIP: While planning your Boards’ names, keep in mind that each of them functions as a tag or category when users perform their searches on said Social Network. Thus, try to be as clear as possible since it’s you who is classifying your content.

How many posts per day do you have to publish Instagram?

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With each passing day, Instagram has become the most important image focused Social Network in the world. Statistics show that there are already more than 400 million users, 70% of which are located outside the United States. So, if your products are “photographable”, I strongly suggest publishing there!

How often should you publish on Instagram in order to be seen by your audience? This is what the specialists recommend:


  • It’s advisable to publish a minimum of once a day, and ideally twice a day being as there are two key times for posting in terms of engagement: one of them is from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and the other takes place around 2 AM (especially for those who suffer from insomnia!).


EXTRA TIP: Take advantage of Instagram hashtags to position your content! Keep in mind that you can apply more than 15 tags to a single post, so think long and hard about which categories to place your content in so the most people see it.


That’s all for today! I hope this publication frequency guide for Social Network Marketing helps you achieve the best results with your Content Marketing campaigns. Tell me about it later!


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