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Social networks and Email marketing will never be defeated united

Por Rocklynn Valerio |

Email Marketing and Social Media


This title disguised as a cry of protest, holds the secret to the following article. Every day, in thousands of offices around the world, digital marketing strategies are being planned in isolation. Without realizing it, they pass up many opportunities to enhance the positive results by the mere fact of not thinking holistically.

It’s time to change our thinking and remember that old phrase, which is true: “Together we’re more”. Put it in the web and you’ll find thousands of blogs with tricks and advice, but luck is on your side.

As the teams of Postcron of and Doppler, we take care in compiling all the little secrets we learned throughout all our years of experience and we decided to hand them over to you for free, all organized and most importantly in your own language.


We’ll be stressing the unification of all these techniques and we’ll show you that Email Marketing and Social Networks combined will never be defeated. We’re inviting you to share a few minutes of your day with us and we guarantee that by the end of this post you’ll understand that even in Digital Marketing like in life, unity is strength.


Are you ready? Let’s begin:


The best strategies for integrating Social Networks and Email Marketing


1 –Optimize your company’s Social Profiles

Those who work daily in the Marketing world have a core objective which is to have their brand, products or services reach the most people possible. And before addressing and interaction between Email Marketing and Social Networks, you must prepare the grounds. That’s why your first step should be optimizing your online profiles. And what better way for your clients to learn about your brand than how you know it?

If you only strive to display and sell your products on your social profiles then it’ll be more boring than a catalog. Anyhow, remember that if you are very narcissistic, you can irritate your followers and scare them off.

The recipe is simple, and the secret ingredient is sitting next to you. Show a more human side of your company by sharing of those colleagues who make an everyday difference in your office. Don’t be afraid to have your company take the emotional marketing approach and show the warmth of your company to your networks.

“Balance” is the key Word to keep in mind when optimizing your networks, 80% of content adds value to your audience and 20% promotes your products or services. (Yes! Like the 80/20 rule)



2 –Integrate your Subscribers Lists into your Social Networks

The main Social Networks have the option to easily import contact lists in different formats. On Facebook you can do it on the “Friend Request” page and on Twitter you can find it under the option “Find Friends”.

It’s important to put a face to your subscribers since it will help you get to know them better. To do this you should integrate your Email Marketing lists into your networks. This way, you’ll no longer speak of them as an email address, but rather a person. Follow them, show interest, discover their passion, likes and learn their day to day.

Over time you’ll be able to apply this knowledge and generative more effective Email Marketing campaigns while you multiply your followers on networks by amplifying the scope of your Digital Marketing actions.


NOTICE TO READERS: remember that the majority of people don’t mix their personal and professional life. Facebook is known for being more personal than professional. Keep this in mind for all the Marketing actions you plan to develop on Mark Zuckerberg’s network.


3 – Make Retargeting your friend

By only glancing at the reports from your Email Marketing tool, you’ll be able to find out who clicked on the different links in the Campaigns that you sent. In short, what I want to tell you is that it is possible to generate a last that include all the people who showed interest in your products or services.

You can easily export these lists and with them you’ll be able to generate Retargeting campaigns  on different platforms, including the leading Social Networks. We are lucky to be living in an era where sending an email to a desired target public is as simple as a click. Why not take advantage of it?


There are a lot of retargeting apps and services that you can check out to integrate them into your websites and marketing campaigns. We recommend that you do this because you’ll be able to try to recuperate 98% of the users who leave your website without making a purchase or conversation. (Yes, we said try. The recuperation percentage depends on you and what actions you take.)

Lastly, keep in mind that Facebook and Twitter are friendly to these practices and allow you to generate advertisements directed specifically to subscribers included in these lists and they make it very simple and economical.


4 –Make Social Networks work for you

If the means are available, why not use them? Have you ever thought about creating exclusive communities or groups for your subscribers on your preferred networks? In only a few minutes a day you’ll be able to generate and maintain various active groups with interesting and creative content. Almost without realizing it you’ll be opening a forum of interactions for your clients and contacts where the main topic of the conversation will be your company.

Additionally, what’s interesting is what will happen a few days later when the news of this group starts to arrive in all the participants in boxes without you having to move a finger. These emails often remain in the inbox for days, keeping your brand present in the subscribers’ minds without having to spend a dime. You’ve managed to do it, the largest companies in Silicon Valley are doing Email Marketing for you!



5 –Include Social Networks in your Email Marketing Campaigns

Always include Share and Follow links in your Electronic Mailings. You should never waste the opportunity to make your content go viral.

Mind you!, remember to identify them in the correct way. No one likes to share content on the social profiles by accident. And if you are still reading, I’m going to give you another great tip for your persistence. Offer incentives to your subscribers and clients who use these Share and Follow links. You can give them discounts, endorsements, raffles or even include games. Do not underestimate the power of playful and good humored actions in any of your Marketing activities. Laughing and playing are essential parts of life, just like the great Francis Picabia once said: “The spirit works and plays, playing is living as well as working”.


6 –Personalize and Segment

If you are an Email Marketing veteran then of course you know about these two strategies. Basically, molding your message to fit your target public and speaking to each of their members by their name is an edge we can’t miss out on. And the only condition to be able to do this correctly is having all your contact lists up to date with the most information possible on each contact.

On the other hand, if you had paid attention to us and applied the second tip that we gave you in this article, your Email Marketing subscribers would already be friends and followers of your company on Social Network. What’s important in addition to having added followers is that you have access to a large quantity of new information about your subscribers.

Take a moment and analyze this new information. Study their common points, their language, and don’t think for anything in the world that these minutes went down the drain. Keeping in mind everything that you have learned will be useful to you for defining the themes of your next Email Marketing Campaigns or Networks. We know that we’re asking for some extra effort on your part, but we ensure that you’ll see the results reflected in your next actions.


7 –Grab subscribers through Social Networks

If you have done a good job linking your subscribers and contacts with your social networks it’s very likely that their friends visit your profiles. There’s a saying that “curiosity killed the cat”, however in this case, we prefer to let it live and catch it.

The main question is how to pick up and add these unexpected curious visitors to your lines. To do this it’s fundamental to include Opt-In forms in the shape of Facebook Tabs or TwittCards fixed to your Twitter profiles. You can find a lot of online tutorials on this and remember that the most important Email Marketing tools include recruitment tools among its basic tools.


8 –Find your promoters

If you are one of those people who think that promoters or influencers are only for top of the line companies, I have the pleasure of telling you that you’re wrong. Just by taking another look at the reports from your Email Marketing campaigns you’ll be able to see that various subscribers forward them.

Perhaps it’s not much, but these are the first promoters of your brand and for this they deserve preferential treatment. Organize exclusive campaigns; offer discounts and rewards for their loyalty. They’ll fall in love more and more, it just depends on you.


Remember that there are no magic solutions and any progress needs a little effort. We can assure you that if you follow this advice you will succeed in exponentiating the scope of your Marketing actions in a significant way. And if you want to apply what you have learned, we invite you to create a free account  without any mailing limits on Doppler, the most used Email Marketing tool in Latin America.

There are no more excuses; you can start building your company right now. Put those hands to work!