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Email Marketing

Essential Guide to Create an E-mail Newsletter Everyone Loves to Read

An e-mail newsletter? Isn´t that something of the past? Currently, brands have a number of marketing tactics available; but none are as strong and versatile as the bulletins sent through emails, better known as e-mail newsletters. Why do I refer to a “strong” newsletter? Without repeating myself of sighing, I turn to specific data: Because


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Email Marketing: 3 Foolproof Techniques to Learn How to Sell Using Social Networks And Keep In Contact With Your Clients

Social Networks (and Facebook in particular) are especially useful for digital marketing and online retail because they allow you to identify and engage clients-objectives quite easily. So, in order to take advantage of your audience’s contacts, it’s not good enough to get “Likes” on your page, it’s necessary to generate a database of those users


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Social networks and Email marketing will never be defeated united

  This title disguised as a cry of protest, holds the secret to the following article. Every day, in thousands of offices around the world, digital marketing strategies are being planned in isolation. Without realizing it, they pass up many opportunities to enhance the positive results by the mere fact of not thinking holistically. It’s


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