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Turn Insights for Instagram into your best allay

Por Mirella Amaral | Writer at

Analyze the effectiveness of your posts, focusing on key metrics to boost your Instagram account to make better decisions for your business.

You’re a CM at a company and you manage their Instagram account. You currently have 2.200 likes for a profile that has 20k followers. Is this information relevant to your growth and performance? How can you know if the 2.000 likes are a good or bad figure for your strategy?


With Insights for Instagram, you can track your key metrics and statistics to analyze your content’s performance and understand what works for your audience. 



It’s the most valued metric!

The quality and number of comments on your profile are invaluable treasures.

Here’s where the wanted engagement is achieved.

      2. Saved:

It’s the number of times users save your posts, meaning that they found your content very interesting.


It’s the number of times your content was shared or forwarded to another user.

This happens when people find your content sharable or valuable in any way so they share it with others via DM. Imagine the potential of making your content viral by tapping into this creative content flow.

      4. Video plays:

It’s the number of times your video has been played

Check out this metric to know which content resulted more appealing to your followers and you use it to guide your content creation.

What do you think is more important, knowing how many plays your video has had or the percentage of people that viewed more than half of it?


It’s the number of people that follow your account on Instagram.

Remember that your monthly follower growth will always be more important than the number of followers on its own. Track your own growth and measure your own progress.

6. Clicks

You can analyze interactions and clicks by inviting followers to do specific actions on your profile, such as: “Visit the website” or “Tap the link in bio”.


What to do once you’ve checked out all of this new info? The possibilities are endless!

With Postcron you can reschedule your most successful posts, moderate your post comments and download reports to share with your clients and team.  😎


The importance of understanding metrics

Now that you already know how to find Instagram Insights, what’s the value in having this data in hands? How will this information help you decide the right actions to take to better your content?

To know if our posts are effective, we should take two metrics into account. Take note:


➡️ Engagement rate

This metric represents the percentage of people that interacted with your content, factoring in people that viewed versus interactions made.


➡️Conversion rate:

This metric shows the percentage of people that viewed a post and that clicked (or made a specific action). To get this number, we divide the number of views by the number of clicks and then multiply times 100.

Focus on quality metrics and percentages! It’s always better to say “Compared to last month, we had a 15% follower growth” than just saying, “we gained 100 new followers this month”.

See the difference?


What gets measured gets managed!


With Postcron start measuring and analyzing metrics to generate actions that improve your content performance!  🙌


Which Instagram metrics does Postcron offer?

On Postcron you’ll find the account and post stats to analyze and measure your content’s results and take your social media strategy to the next level.

When you sign into your account, you can see in a simple and quick view all the information you need:

  • Followers.
  • Reach.
  • Impressions.
  • Profile Visits.
  • Published Posts.


You can also choose a custom period of time to analyze:

  • Last 7 days.
  • Last 28 days.
  • This month.


💡How are you liking having this type of data available to track? Don’t forget that you can also download reports to share with your team and clients.


Here’s the step-by-step:

Login to your Postcron account, and go to the Insights section on the side menu to your left:


Now, select the account you want to analyze:


and voilà!

You can start tracking your metrics. On the top half you’ll see a summary of your account’s data in the period of time selected on the right:


Further down, there’s a four-part tab full of information and data on your account, that’ll help you improve your content creation and social media strategy.


Growth > Demographics > Post Performance > Post History


  • Growth

Here you’ll find information and get to know your audience: How many new visits you have on your profile, the number of unique users that viewed your content, and the number of times your content was shown to users.


  • Demographics

This section includes hard data about your audience, such as location, age, gender, and more! These statistics will help you get to know your followers more deeply, so you can discover what topics interest them and improve your content creation strategy.


  • Posts Performance

Here you can check the performance statistics of your content: best posts, number of interactions, and reach by type of post, as well as the hours and days that yield the greatest reach. 


  • Post History

View a list of your posts, visually summarized, so that you can learn which posts have the most views, engagement, and plays (for videos). You can also reschedule your most successful posts and moderate your comments directly from this tab! 🤯


How to read the graphs?

All the graphs show the same two variables: Time expressed by days on the horizontal axis and the quantity or volume of the specific metric on the vertical axis.

As the graph goes up, the blue color gets darker, indicating – for example – the days you gained more followers. In places where the shade of blue is lighter and the line is lower, it indicates you gained fewer followers.



As described in the previous example, in this graph you can see the evolution of your followers and how it has fluctuated over time.


Profile visits

This graph reflects the days with the highest and lowest visits to your profile; as well as the number of visits on different days. You can change the period of time to track more or less information.


It’s the number of unique accounts that have seen your posts on their screen at least once.


This metric indicates the total times that your account’s content has been shown to your audience.



Now it’s time to analyze what has been going on in your account on those days and identify which content has performed better to work on your strategy.


Sign up now and start tracking your Instagram stats with Postcron! 💪