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How to create a Twitter remarketing strategy that works and helps you get clients in only 5 steps

Por Elisabet Parera | Writer at

Twitter Remarketing

Imagine that you know who has entered and left your webpage without purchasing products or services and you also have the opportunity to show them personalized ads on the day you choose in one of the largest social networks of all time. You can do this in order to get those users who left your site without buying anything, to return as clients.

Doesn´t sound bad at all, does it? Welcome to Twitter´s remarketing!

So, you are looking for a way to increase sales for your business, seduce potential clients who have shown an interest in your product or service and have them pay attention. Here we are going to show you how to achieve this by remarketing on Twitter.

This is logical:

People who have already shown an interest in your company have more possibilities of interacting with your marketing messages and end up purchasing your products or services.

But, how do you know who these users are and how can you find them in order to address them on Twitter?

We will show you all this in detail and explain how to create an effective remarketing Twitter campaign in only 5 steps.


What is Twitter remarketing?

Remarketing —or retargeting as some people call it – is a second opportunity that we have all wished for at one point, to take advantage of if you want to increase sales for your business.

These are the most effective current marketing techniques and the reason why if a user visits a site but does not purchase a product or service, this is marked by the cookies of the page.

Thanks to this you can find out who it is and where he/she is, and you can show them your ads during their navigation on the Internet so you end up convincing them to buy your product.

Twitter, as Facebook or Google Adwords, allow you to remarket exclusively on the platform so you remarket your ad to Twitter users who previously visited your web page.

We could define this as ads that follow you on Twitter.

In other words, remarketing means: users who visited your page and did not purchase are not lost.

And that is why thanks to remarketing on Twitter you can recapture the consumer who expressed an interest in your company, brand, product or service but for some reason abandoned the registration process or purchase.


mobil purchase

How does Twitter remarketing work?

The first thing you must know is you can remarket on Twitter with those users who have visited your web page and who have downloaded your app, registered for your emails or have interacted with your company in one way or another, although one of the most common ways to remarket on Twitter is through users who have previously expressed interest in your company by visiting your web page but didn´t make a purchase.

So, by remarketing your Twitter campaigns, you can personalize how you advertise and encourage them to make a purchase.

This basically works in the following manner:

  1. A user visits your web page.

  2. Thanks to a small Twitter code that you have installed, known as a monitoring pixel, the social network registers the user´s visit on your webpage.

  3. When the user visits Twitter, a cookie is downloaded automatically on the browser and Twitter reads the stored information.

  4. Twitter adds the user to the personalized audience that you previously created.

  5. Your Twitter remarketing ad is shown to this user interested in your product who did not buy it, to try to get him/her to purchase it.

In the following infographic you can see the process:


Why focus on a remarketing Twitter campaign?

So, if you have a business, why should you focus on remarketing on Twitter?

In the first place because Twitter has more than 320 million active monthly users who enter the microblogging network to stay updated, making this social network into a great ally for all companies who want to attract new clients through the Internet.

In fact, according to HubSpot, 1 out of 3 Twitter users admit they use it to discover new products and 4 out of 5 use it to follow brands and companies.

So your potential clients, those who are interested in your product are on Twitter and this is the best opportunity you will have to convert them into loyal clients.

Furthermore, you won´t be showing bothersome ads to your audience doesn´t wish to see, but you will be offering them the opportunity to purchase a product or service they were interested in the first place. This is precisely what turns remarketing into one of the most successful ways to do advertising. And…

Twitter remarketing is the formula that can help you convince potential clients to purchase your products or services.

But in addition to all this, remarketing on Twitter also…

  • Allows you to “remind” your potential client that they didn´t buy or to come back to your webpage.

  • Allows you to have more presence in the mind of your consumers.

  • Reaches your audience who is interested enough in buying.

  • Increases recognition for the constant exposure to the brand´s ads.

  • Increases quality web traffic

  • Gives you the opportunity to offer additional products to clients who have just purchased a product.

  • Creates customer Loyalty.

  • Increases the performance of the investment.

And if this isn´t enough, studies show that 67% of the users buy on their second visit so your Twitter remarketing ads will help you increase sales.


Ready to start designing your Twitter remarketing campaign? We´ll show you how!

How do you create a Twitter remarketing campaign that works?

1. Create a Twitter Ads account

To begin, you must have a Twitter Ads account in order to advertise on the platform.

To do this, simply click on your image profile and on the top right hand corner, select Twitter Ads (or click on this link).

Once you do this, all you have to do is follow the instructions, choose a method of payment and you will have your Twitter Ads ready.

NOTE: This last step is very important. If you don´t set your ad account and method of payment you won´t be able to advance.

Twitter ads

2. Create an audience from your website

Once you create your Twitter Ads account, you must create a list of people to show your ad to within your Twitter remarketing campaign.

You can personalize this list on Twitter depending on your interests and objectives, which is called “audience” and in order to create personalized audiences you must do the following:

  • 1. Click on “Create a new audience”.

selected audiences

  • 2. Select one of these three options:
    • Upload your own list: to upload a CSV or text file with email addresses, Twitter users, phone numbers or user ID´s.
    • Create a tag to compile web site views: to configure your own list and the duration of interval attribution.
    • Compile user´s mobile apps: to compile data from users who have downloaded or interacted with your application.

In this case, the most common option is to select “create a tag to compile visits from the website”.

  • 3. Name your audience (for example, with the name of remarketing) and choose the type of conversion that better suits your campaign.
  • 4. Next, the platform will ask you to specify the attribution interval; meaning, the time needed to consider your client as a conversion from Twitter remarketing.

If you set a time of six days, for example, those clients who receive your Twitter remarketing campaign and convert within those six days are considered as conversion but if they exceed the time, then they are not.

  • 5. Once all of this is done, save the tag and create a web fragment and install it on your web page.

3. Install the Twitter code on your website

Once you have configured your personalized audience, copy the fragment provided by Twitter and add it to the tags <head> and </head> in the section belonging to your web site, landing page and for the rest of the pages where you want the data to be collected.

This code is called a conversion pixel, and its basically a few JavaScript lines you need to place in the HTML of any webpage you want to track (ideally, you must create a different pixel for each page).

This is the same for Facebook remarketing, this code is very simple to insert into any page created with WordPress.

If you have a website created with a code then we recommend you contact your programmer or designer so they can install the code.

When you have a tracking pixel installed, Twitter registers the traffic and the route used by each user with pixels on these pages.

4. Configure your Twitter remarketing campaign

The ideal thing is to wait to launch your Twitter remarketing campaign until you have a decent number of people for your personalized audience. Then you can create your ad and start to show it in these lost conversions.

To create your Twitter remarketing campaign, follow these steps:

  • Click on “create a new campaign”.
  • Chose an option that best fits your objectives. Twitter give you six options, although the best and most recommended option is “clicks on the website or conversions”.

get more visits or conversions

  • Create a name, budget, location, language and devices where you want your ad to be shown.

NOTE: Keep in mind that advertising on Twitter, converts best on mobile devices than on desktops.

set your budget

  • Add the personalized audience in the “select additional segmentation criteria” section; since this option defines which people your future ad is shown to.
  • Design several versions of the ad the same way you would in traditional advertising Twitter campaigns and add them by pressing on “Tweet (only promotional)” after you are finished with each one.

EXTRA TIP: Keep in mind that people who are going to see your remarketing ad have already visited your page before so they know your brand or product. Don´t make the mistake of creating the same ad for an audience who has never heard of you.

  • Finally click on, “Save campaign ” and create it.


5. Measure correctly

Once you have followed these steps, your campaign will begin so revise the metrics carefully, analyze everything in detail, optimize your ads and once the campaign has been working a while, leave only the ad that works best in your campaign.

Keep in mind that a good Twitter remarketing strategy can give you the push you need for your business and can also help you get conversions for future clients.

Twitter remarketing is so efficient that even this social network puts it into practice.

So now you know: your clients are waiting for you, so hurry up and go create your Twitter remarketing campaign and go after them!

So what do you think about Twitter remarketing and how can it increase your client portfolio and create customer loyalty for existing customers? Are you going to put this to practice to retrieve lost sales? Please leave us your comments!

And if this post was interesting and useful, share it with your social network contacts so they can also use the latest marketing technique.

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