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The Twitter Update That Allows You To Share Richer Conversations. Write Longer Tweets with the New Twitter Character Limit.

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at


After several weeks of waiting, the latest Twitter update is available, which lets you share tweets enriched with images, videos or links, without decreasing the quantity of Twitter character limit that you have to write your tweet.

With this change, Twitter “relaxes” for the first time its method of counting character offered as a maximum extension per tweet (the usual Twitter character limit of “140 characters”). As a result, your posts on the micro blogging network can be much more “nutritious” in terms of information.

How can you take advantage of Twitter updates in order to modify the use of the Twitter character limit?

Now you can finally enjoy this Twitter update in order to write much richer tweets, below we explain what aspects to take advantage of in these changes to account for these characters:

  • Tweets With Multimedia Elements: Because of this update you can add images, videos, surveys, GIFs, Quoted Tweets or Direct Messages in your tweets, without reducing the Twitter character limit of
    140. The URL generated by any of these contents won’t affect its extension!
  • Answers: When you reply to a tweetcitations by users (in other words, users preceded by the “@” character) will not be taken into account as part of your 140 available characters. This way your conversations can be a little more extensive and relaxed, especially when they are directed to several users.

What other changes are included in the new Twitter update?


In addition to the above, there are other changes that you can enjoy regarding this Twitter update. They are the following:

  • Retweet you own tweets: Another advantage of this update is that now you can retweet our own posts on Twitter. This is extremely useful so you can take advantage of maximizing your best tweets, meaning, those who have had the most impact on your audience.
  • Quote yourself: Similarly, from this update you can quote your own tweets in a new conversation initiated by you on your timeline. This enables you to comment on your own content and add information or explanations of your previous publications when you consider it necessary.
  • Changes in the use of “@”: Finally, Twitter has modified the way the “@” (at sign) impacts your publications. So when you begin a tweet with the “@”sign, with the name of a user (reference) your followers can see it.

Twitter´s Official Announcement

To announce this Twitter update, the team behind this micro blogging Social Network created several explanatory contents. One of the most instructive was the  animated GIF that you can see below.

Twitter Update - Twitter character limit



In short, this new Twitter update extends the amount of information that you can share to a greater extent for each tweet. We hope you enjoy these changes!

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And this is all for today! Please remember to share this with all your contacts if this post has proved helpful and nice. Until next time! ?