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What can you learn from the co-founder of Google? The 10 best quotes from Larry Page that will boost your business on the Internet

Por Elisabet Parera |

Google CEO larry page

Nowadays, kids learn to use Google even before they can walk, and a large part of the blame is thanks to Larry PageGoogle CEo of the most used search engine in the world and one of the greatest visionaries of our time.

And it’s the fault this man, who clearly knew since childhood that “he wanted to invent things”, that the business world is how it is today.

Without going any further, he’s simplified the task for use, revolutionized the Internet and completely transformed our life in order to make it much easier, fun and entertaining.

So this is Larry Page, the American businessman who alongside Sergey Brin founded what has been converted into one of the largest empires of all time: the technology giant, Google.

No one can deny it: everyone loves Google except for libraries, which deceive us—, and thanks to him a new way of conducting online business was born which is based on algorithms and key words.

But who is behind the real brains of Google? How did Larry Page turn his business idea into one of the most successful companies in the whole world? And better yet: what can someone like Larry Page teach you about advancing in your business?

We’re not Google, but we have answers to all these questions. And I’ll share them while reviewing his career and by sharing the 10 most inspirational lessons from Larry Page, the Google CEO himself, that will help you give your business a boost so you can turn it into a gold mine.

Of course, no one said it was easy, but, no doubt

Larry Page, the man who took his dreams and made them reality

google ceo info on larry page

His name isn’t as well-known as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but along with them he has completely revolutionized the Internet.

Lawrence Edward Page was born on March 26, 1973 to change our lives forever, although he didn’t quite know it at the time.

Surrounded by computers, gadgets, technology and magazines, Page learned to talked about the same time he was attracted to technology; largely due to his parents, both computer science and Artificial Intelligence programming professors at the University of Michigan, who promoted his creativity and innovation.

Today little remains of the Young man who at only 12 broke into when he finished Reading the biography his childhood idol: physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla; except for one thing: his passion for business. And he admits that:

“at 12 I knew that I would eventually start a company”.

13 years later, in September 1998, he was working in a Silicon Valley garage with his colleague from Stanford University and future partner, Sergey Brin, on something that would change the business world: the Google Search Engine—previously called BackRub, whose name comes from “Gúgol“, which is nothing more than a mathematical expression of the number one followed by a series of zeros, which reflects Larry and Sergey’s goal of organizing a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

Thus started the company which leads the Alphabet empire, a macro company founded in 2015 that he is also the CEO of and it includes the Google giant and all his other creations and acquisitions like Android, Chrome, Google+ and YouTube.

And many agree that although Google’s birth is thanks to two —even more, since they had to request funding to carry out their project—  Page has always been the true visionary of his company and Google’s driving force.

But it wasn’t easy for Larry Page to get here, there were even times when the economy began a bitter Word. Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, both Brin and Page believed in their Project, and judging by the results it hasn’t been too bad for them.

In fact, just recently Larry Page had been named the best CEO in America and Google was named the most valuable brand in the world, ahead of Apple. For some details, Google is valued at 45,000 million dollars and employs more than 20,000 people.

On another note, his assets are calculated to be over 38,000 billion dollars, he was named as the by the magazine Research and Development as the Inventor of the Year and in 2004 he was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Currently, Larry Page combines his position as Google CEO with the conferences he gives at the World Economic Forum and The Wall Street Journal’s Technology Summit.

It’s from these events that we’ve collected his 10 most inspirational quotes and they’re real lessons on optimism for those, who like you, are wanting to take their business to the next level.

The best of all? You can apply his lesson right now!

Google CEO google it GIF

10 inspirational lessons from Larry Page, Google CEO, that will change the course of your business

1.‘You don’t need a company with 100 people to develop this idea’.

Do you know what Google, Apple, Disney and Amazon have in common? All of them we born in a garage empty of resources but full of dreams, and this is exactly what you need to have a functioning business: bet on it, believe in your idea and advance with determination to accomplish your goals even though you may not have the necessary resources at the moment.

Imagine if Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney or Jeff Bezos had ceased in developing their ideas only due to not having a large number of people to back them. Fortunately for us— and for their pockets—, they didn’t do this.

Extra tip: Don’t let excuses distract you from your goals; it seems obvious but you’d be surprised about how many things can happen when you believe in what you are and what you do.

2.‘Our goal is basically to take the largest amount of information and make it accessible and useful’.

(And it seems like it hasn’t steered them wrong, right?)

One of the secrets to the Google CEO’s success is found in this phrase: he knew where he wanted to go and once you know where you’re going it’s much easier to get there.

Extra tip: Define your company’s purpose in a single sentence to make sure that you really know what you want to do; if you can’t do this it means that your goal isn’t clear enough.

google ceo larry page quote 3

  1. ‘When we began the searches, they all told us: boys, it’s going to fail, there are already 5 search engines. We replied: we’re a search engine company, but we’re doing something different.

Here lies the key: for all the competition you have in your market niche try to look for what makes you different from others and make it your differentiating value.

Don’t forget that competition is healthy and necessary, because without it you won’t be able to improve nor advance; study them and don’t lose sight of them but move fast so you’ll always be one step ahead.

Extra tip: Constantly look to differentiate yourself from your competition by offering something that they don’t have and creating your own brand image.

4.‘Treat people with respect and they’ll return the favor to your company’.

People are the most important asset for your Company, and this is something that you should never forget. If you treat your employees with as much respect as your clients and potential clients, you’ll see how they’ll act the same with your company.

Extra tip: On one hand, reward your employees’ performance when necessary, being as this is shown to increase productivity and helps squeeze out talent. On the other hand, make your business strive for your audience to be happy and it’ll be much easier for these users to become clients.

  1. ‘If you are changing the world, you’re working on important things’.

In order for your business to function well you have to ensure to resolve problems and provide needs.  That’s why, as said by Google CEO, Larry Page, if you help people you’re doing right.

Extra tip: Search for how your business can help people instead of thinking about the money you can earn. If you do that, the latter will just come.

  1. ‘It’s important for a company to be a family: that people feel as if they’re part of the company and the company is like a family to them’.

Work for every employee to feel valued, try to learn their needs and challenges, be interested in them and make every member of your team feel like they’re part of your company. Because if everyone just worked for themselves you’ll be able to reach great heights, but it’s only by working in teams where everyone is happy that they’ll be able to achieve extraordinary things.

Extra tip: Try to reserve some time during the work day aimed at encouraging teamwork and creating cohesion among the members of your team, being as these meetings known to strengthen ties and build teamwork. For example, organize a team outing to enjoy activities outside or promote activities within the company that encourage interacting with other team members.

google ceo larry page quote 2

  1. ‘It’s not necessary to go to school to launch a business. I read a whole shelf of business books and that was basically all I needed’.

You would be surprised with the number of people who’ve thrown their dreams of launching their own business aside just for not having gone to college or having a specific degree.

The big business men and women all have something in common: whether they have a degree or not, they’ve never cast aside learning and transforming themselves even if it’s something as simple as reading.

If you want to have your own business, then just concern yourself with learning. In fact, Larry Page once said: “live, learn, love… the important things in life”.

Extra tip: Dedicate a few minutes a day to reading books or even articles that will help you with your business: from how to have a successful business to how to improve the process, how to find the best content for your audience or how to create your own social media strategy . In our blog a few you can read up on this.

  1. ‘I know it seems like the world is falling apart but in all actuality it’s a great point in your life to get a little crazy. Follow your curiosity and be ambitious with it. Don’t abandon your dreams. The world needs you!’.

This can be summed up in another on of the Google CEO’s famous phrases: “when a dream appears, take it!”.

There’s nothing that produces more satisfaction than accomplishing goals and fulfilling your dreams, so believe in your dreams because they just might be able to feed you for the rest of your life.

Extra tip: The most successful businesses are built on dreams and ideas, so again: allow yourself to bet strongly on what you believe.

Google CEO Larry Page quote

  1. ‘We won’t be able to survive if people don’t trust us’.

In order to get people —in this case your audience— to believe in you, you have to earn it.

Focus on your audience’s needs, have a presence on the social networks where your target public is and carry out various actions focused on gaining the confidence of your potential clients, like for example, offering them quality content or by having great customer service.

Extra tip: Why don’t you create some type of  promotion or contest on social networks that helps you attract traffic and retain your clients? This is a great way of putting yourself out there, interacting with your consumers and generating confidence. Furthermore, there are tools especially designed to facilitate the whole process, like SocialTools.

  1. ‘What’s the sentence that sums up how to change the world? Always work on something uncomfortably exciting!’

Comfortability is the worst friend for a successful business to have, so steer clear from it and try to put some effort into every task you do and every objective you pursue. If you’re able to make each day of work exciting and thrilling, then they’ll be no one to hold you back.

Extra tip: Don’t get too comfortable and when you accomplish a goal celebrate! but move quickly to the next.  The issue is going to climb Little by Little, thus your business will grow and evolve.

What did you think about these 10 lessons from the brain of Google to apply to your business? In 2012 when Larry Page was the Google CEO, he told his investors: “whatever you can image is possible”.  Do you need anything else to start? Put these tips in practice and then tell u show it went!

And as always, if you found this article to be interesting then share it with your social network Friends so they also can take advantage of Larry Page’s, Google CEO, teachings.

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