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Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn Marketing


Are you sure you are taking full advantage of your Linkedin Marketing strategy? You better be sure you are! LinkedIn is the biggest and fastest growing social network dedicated to professionals. It has over 300 million people that use the site to connect with their friends and colleagues everyday, and is responsible for 4 times more traffic to your homepage than Facebook and Twitter. This platform is an excellent place to have your brand be present, which is why you should include LinkedIn Marketing in your Social Media Strategy.


Today we’re going to give you LinkedIn Marketing tips for creating the best updates to reach your audience and get more engagement. We’re going to cover exactly what you should post, when you should post, and how often you should post. Then, we’re going to show you step by step how you can start scheduling posts automatically on LinkedIn too!

LinkedIn Marketing

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy:

3 Tips for writing super-awesome updates on LinkedIn (What, When, and How often!)


1) What to post on LinkedIn:

In order to perfect your LinkedIn Marketing strategy, you first and foremost need to consider what kind of content you will be publishing. Studies have shown that LinkedIn users tend to be most interested content that contains industry insights, company news, and information about new products and services. It’s important to offer your audience added value. So, why not try sharing posts that are the “best of” or “top” lists related to your field?

LinkedIn Marketing

To get more engagement on Linkedin, follow these tips!


  • Ask a question! It has been shown that users are 50% more likely to leave a comment if the status contains a question.
  • Include a link in your post! Updates with links and CTAs get 45% more engagement.
  • Post a picture! When you post a picture on LinkedIn your are 98% more likely to receive a comment.
  • Get more shares by posting videos! Research shows that users are 75% more likely to share videos than any other type of post.


2) How often should I post on LinkedIn?

Now that you have a better idea of WHAT to post on LinkedIn, we’ve got to nail down WHEN and HOW OFTEN to post. We recommend that you post once per day, Monday through Friday. LinkedIn released a study that showed that pages who posted 20 times per month were able to reach 60% of their public. Evenings and weekends do not seem to result in much engagement on this network, so we recommend avoiding posting then.

If you want help organizing your Social Media Content Schedule take a look at our article 5 Templates that will save you thousands of hours.  


3) When to post on LinkedIn:


If you want to maximize the reach of your content, it’s clearly a good idea to post when the majority of your audience is online. Since this is a work-related social network, studies show that the larger number of people are on LinkedIn during business hours. That’s why we recommend posting in the morning or around lunch-time.


It’s important that you test out which times work best for your audience and industry. In the case that you or your staff create content during other times of the day, or it seems inconvenient to have to remember to login and update your account everyday, we’re going to show you how to use Postcron to schedule all your posts for the week automatically!


Check it out:


How to schedule posts on LinkedIn using Postcron


1. First go to the Postcron website and log in using one of your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts.

Postcron login


2. Once you are on the dashboard, you need to add the LinkedIn Page or Profile where you want to schedule your posts. A window will pop up showing your LinkedIn account(s). Click the one(s) you want and then hit the blue button, which will take you back to the dashboard.

Add LinkedIn account


3. Now your accounts are connected! All you have to do is create and program your post. If you have a large number of posts already prepared, consider using Postcron’s Bulk Uploader for LinkedIn.

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Now you are all set up to start automating your posts on LinkedIn!


LinkedIn Marketing


We hope these tips on what, when, and how often to post on LinkedIn will be useful when it comes to writing the best status updates and reaching your audience. Incorporate these tips  to build a successful LinkedIn Marketing strategy. Don’t forget to make your life easier by scheduling your posts so that they are published automatically. Not only will it save you tons of time and energy, but it will help you remain always present on the social media network for professionals!


Do you have any tips or strategies for reaching your LinkedIn audience? Have you run into any glitches with your LinkedIn Marketing? We’ve love to hear about your experiences, so please leave us a comment below!