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Why should you use a Micro Influencer to boost your Local Business?

Por Eugenia Skaf |

Is a Micro Influencer What Your Business Needs_

As we told you recently, Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective techniques today to promote your products and increase your sales. In this context, there is an ideal strategy for smaller businesses: The Micro Influencer Marketing. But what exactly is it and how can it benefit you?

That’s what we’ll talk about today! Here we will tell you how the Micro Influencer technique works and why it is so effective. Besides we will see what the difference with the Mega Influencer and how you can find the ideal influencer to boost your business. Finally we will give you 4 essential tips for your campaigns.

Let’s start!

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the possibility of promoting your business proposals through prominent personalities in Social Networks. This technique is brilliant and effective for a very simple reason:

People trust on the opinion of influencers almost as much as on their relatives or friends.

This has been shown by several studies. As a result, it is a highly effective method to publicize your business, your products or even the “personality” of your brand, taking advantage of the popularity of certain users of Social Networks, which you can hire for this purpose.


So, with the help of an Influencer you manage to promote your commercial proposals in a very effective way, before a specific public.

Now, there are two scales in which you can work within the Influencer Marketing, according to the size of your commercial project. Of them we will speak next.

What is the difference between Micro Influencer and Mega Influencer Marketing?

Brands used influencers with large audiences to promote their proposals to specific audiences that could not be reached outside of Social Networks. Now, how can influencers take advantage of small brands and local businesses?

As a response, we can draw the difference between the two scales within Influencer Marketing: while large brands such as Coca Cola use Mega Influencers (e.g., a Hollywood celebrity), local businesses (e.g., A restaurant in your city) use the Micro Influencer.

What is a Micro Influencer?

A Micro Influencer is an influential personality within Social Networks, but on a much smaller scale. It enjoys good reputation and a large number of followers within a specific field. These include, for example, leading bloggers and Social Media experts.


These are the differences between a Micro Influencer and a Mega Influencer:

Micro Influencer

  • They have between 1000 and 10000 followers.
  • Create content with which your audience can relate and find inspiration, in a close way.
  • They interact a lot with their followers, because it is a much smaller number and “manageable” than in the case of a Mega Influencer.
  • They get a smaller number of Likes, Comments and Number of times the content is shared when compared to a Mega Influencer, but its influence is much more “palpable”.

Mega Influencer

  • Over 100,000 online and offline followers.
  • They are aspirational for their followers.
  • They cannot interact with their followers because of their huge amount.
  • They get a large number of Likes, Comments and “Shares”.

In summary, we can say that the Mega Influencers have a massive but less “deep” range due to the lack of interaction with the audience, while the Micro Influencers impact in a smaller number of people, but in a more convincing and close.

So, if you have a clothing store or any local business, you can identify a Micro Influencer related to your industry (for example, a fashion blogger in your city) and hire it to promote your products through blog posts, demonstrations, photographs , Videos and other specially generated content.

How to find a Micro Influencer?


Now that you know what it’s about, we’ll give you some tips on how to find Micro Influencers that can help you promote your business.

  • Use Hashtags: You can research these tags on Social Networks like Twitter or Instagram to find users who are already interested in your products. Search hashtags relevant to your company, products or market, to find the most popular posts within these topics.
  • Make Searches in Social Networks: Research your list of followers who are those who have a larger audience. Choosing a Micro Influencer from among your followers makes it easier to convince them to promote your brand.
  • Search in Google: You can always go to Google to find “bloggers” in your city. Be specific in your search, for example if you have a vegetarian restaurant, look for “vegetarian blogger in your city“.

Another possibility to find a Micro Influencer in your city is to use tools like Klout. It is an online and mobile application that uses analytics applied to Social Networks to score users through the “Klout Score”, which is a numerical value between 1 and 100.


So, the greater the score obtained by a user, the more popular and influential it is in Social Networks. The Klout score is based on measurements relative to the network of contacts of each user and the amount of interactions obtained in relation to the contents created by the user being analyzed.

How to choose the perfect Micro Influencer for your business?

Once you’ve found some Micro Influencers relevant to your business, it’s time to choose the most convenient one. But, how to make that decision? Here we share with you fundamental tips to carry out the selection process successfully.

It is best to answer the following questions regarding each Micro Influencer:

  • Do you publish regularly? Consistency and constancy are fundamental to keep up the engagement of a social account.
  • Do your followers interact with your photos? Check your pictures and see if they have Likes and Comments. Do people tag other users in the comments? Does Micro Influencer respond to users’ questions? The interaction between the Micro Influencer and its audience is fundamental to achieve effectiveness.
  • Does the Micro Influencer profile go with your business proposal? E.g. If your products are aimed at housewives, an adolescent influencer will undoubtedly not be the one indicated, whereas a woman mother of a family would be much more convenient.
  • How will you make up for it? For example, you can pay for publication; offer you free kits of your products or special promotions. We advise you to choose the influencer whose expectations are best adapted to the possibilities of your business. With respect to the mode of payment, another possibility of great benefit is to propose to the Micro Influencer that uses a link or determined code to promote your products before your hearing, and that way the payment can depend on how many followers follow said link to make a purchase.

5 Tips For Your Campaigns With Micro Influencers To Be Successful

You’ve already found the perfect Micro Influencer for your business, great! Now, how can you make the most of this strategy? Here are 5 keys to achieving this:

1- Focus on Engagement

Engagement, that is to say, the amount of reactions and interactions that Micro Influencer gets from its followers, is essential to achieving conversions. That’s why once you hire your Micro Influencer, you have to make sure that the responses from the audience are plentiful and real.


2- Establish a content agenda

Just as you would in your Social Media strategy, it is highly recommended to generate together with your Micro Influencer an agenda of publications or contents, monthly or weekly, put together. That way you can orient the posts according to your specific needs and increase the systematicity of the strategy.

3- Send a weekly email with your business news

Doing so allows you to keep your Micro Influencer informed about your latest proposals in a non-invasive way, while giving you a general overview of where your brand is headed. In this mail you can present your latest products, expose your goals and inspire your Influencer with your recent successes.

4- Show love

To get the best results from your Micro Influencer and keep it fresh and enthusiastic, it is essential to show how much you value. You can appreciate its contents, indicate how much you appreciate your time and effort, and have some attention from time to time (e.g. give you a product for its good performance).

By way of conclusion, we can say that the Micro Influencer strategy is an ideal opportunity to increase sales and extend the diffusion of your brand in the local area. Take advantage of this highly effective and economical technique to give a boost to your business. Then you tell us!

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Did you like this article? Did you already know what a Micro Influencer is? What is your opinion? Leave us your comments! And please remember to share this blog post with all your contacts. Until next time!