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Email Marketing: 3 Foolproof Techniques to Learn How to Sell Using Social Networks And Keep In Contact With Your Clients

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

Social Networks (and Facebook in particular) are especially useful for digital marketing and online retail because they allow you to identify and engage clients-objectives quite easily.

So, in order to take advantage of your audience’s contacts, it’s not good enough to get “Likes” on your page, it’s necessary to generate a database of those users who are interested in your proposals in order to identify and contact them directly.

What’s A Database And What Is It For?

A database consists of a list of phone numbers or emails from users who have shown a previous interest in your sales offer, because they made a purchase or have followed your Facebook Page.


To have a user’s database is very useful since it allows you to:

  • Create Email Marketing Campaigns: include newsletters, promotions, etc.
  • Create Personalized Facebook Ads: this advertising option allows you to show ads to specific individuals from a list of phone numbers or emails.
  • Measure the Reach of Your Sales Proposal: allows you to measure how many clients you have generated with your venture and to establish successful parameters and future goals.
  • Keep in Contact With Your Clients: by using the mentioned methods and other possible techniques (such as telephone calls).

Now that you know how valuable it is to generate a Database to keep in contact with your audience, let’s describe the techniques that allow you to stay in contact with your clients in the future.

1- Organize Facebook Contests To Obtain a Database Of Those Interested In Your Proposal

Having a Database is essential. How do you get one?

A good way to generate one is to create a contest on your Facebook Page with SocialTools, a tool that offers many benefits in terms of Online Marketing.

SocialTools allows you to create applications on your Fan Page (contests, raffles, surveys, etc.), so you can invite your followers to participate for a prize. To do this, they must enter their contact information and whatever you request (email, phone number, etc.).

As users register to participate in your contest or raffle, your Database increases. And since these are individuals who follow your Fan Page (and their contacts), the magnitude of the emails you obtain is quite high.

Benefits Of Using The Apps From SocialTools

As we mentioned above, SocialTools offers a group of tools so you can grow in terms of Digital Marketing. In short, the advantages you obtain by using any of these applications are the following:

  •       You obtain a Database of emails, phone numbers, gender, age and any other information you wish to request from your audience.

  •       You can invite users to click “Like” on your Fan Page.

  •       You can increase the chances to win over those individuals who share your raffle or contest with their Facebook contacts.

  •      You can increase the engagement of your Fan Page.
  •      You can personalize any app you choose with your brand’s identity (logo, backgrounds, etc.) by using the online editor.

3 Ideas To Create Contests With SocialTools And Increase Your Database

SocialTools offers you more than twenty apps for your Facebook followers; we propose three different ideas to inspire you regarding your profile proposal.

  1. Create An Image Contest: The idea is to offer a slogan so your fans can upload an image and participate for a prize. For example, you can invite them to upload an image using one of your products as creatively as possible.
  2. Invite Your Audience To Participate In A Contest Survey: If you wish, ask your audience about the products you wish to obtain data about and at the same time, propose a survey with a contest. In order to participate for a prize, individuals must answer first.
  3. Reward Your Followers With Discount Coupons: A good option to obtain a database and encourage sales at the same time is to offer discount coupons to the audience.  

enciting coupon

What Types of Prices Are Right For You?

As we mentioned previously, the “perfect prize” is that which gets the job done and entertains your audience (meaning, it has a real value) and favors product dissemination or stimulates the buying process.

That way, some possible prizes can be:

  • A kit of your products.

  • A free yearly subscription to a service.

  • A purchase order for a certain amount.

Once the contest or raffle is over, you can download your complete database ready to be used.

2- Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign To Keep In Contact

Once you have an email list, you are ready to create email-marketing campaigns. Through this email distribution you can display your products, present your offers, announce news items, spread your blog posts and much more.

Now, in order for your Campaign to be effective (in other words, so your emails are read by users), you must follow the next suggestions:

a- Write the Perfect Subject Line

Since the first thing users see on your email is the subject line, this must be as attractive as possible. With this in mind, here are some suggestions on how to write the perfect subject line:

  •         Avoid being redundant.

  •         Position the most important words at the beginning.

  •         Use numbers instead of words as much as possible.

  •         Be brief: less is more.

  •         Generate curiosity or intrigue by asking a question.

b- Include videos in your emails

According to specialists, emails that contain the word “Video” in the subject line are opened an average of 19% more than those that do not include them. They also present a CTR (Clicks Through Ratio) of 65%.

And lastly, emails with the word “Video” in the Subject line exhibit a reduction of 26% in the unsubscribed user rate. For this reason we suggest you add Videos in your Email Marketing campaigns as much as possible.


c- Choose the best times to send emails

To get subscribers to read your emails, we suggest you send your emails during the most convenient times. To find out when, you can take a look at the highest email-opening rate.

That way, if you notice that the parameter increases at midnight, then that is the best time frame to send your emails. Learn more about email marketing metrics on this post.

d- Use templates to optimize your time

The ideal thing to create your Email Marketing Campaigns is to use tools such as Mail Chimp or Doppler. Why? Because they offer hundreds of templates to choose from depending on the occasion.

That way all you have to do is choose a template and paste the text you want to share. In addition, these services offer metrics to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, in order to apply adjustments and optimize statistics.

3- Make Sure You Include Two Types of Emails In Your Campaigns

Now that you know the secrets about optimizing your Email Marketing campaigns, we recommend sending two types of specific emails that individuals love to receive.

Keeping in mind that the main purpose of Email Marketing is to keep in contact with current and prospective clients, sending them emails that stir positive feelings and ideas is fundamental.

These types of emails are:

a- Congratulatory emails and special anniversaries

Everyone likes to receive special occasion emails (birthdays, Christmas or even Halloween). That is why we suggest that you create a yearly calendar with promotional dates, so you don’t forget to create relevant campaigns.

happy dog

In addition, yearly celebrations are the perfect excuse to create special benefits and attract individuals to your business. Implement this and let us know how it went!

b- Special offers and discounts

Lastly, the other type of email people like to receive has to do with special offers and discounts. And that is something everyone likes, the possibility to save money on a purchase!

For this reason we recommend that you include these types of emails on your campaigns, since they increase the opening rate and help you increase your sales and publicize your products.

That is all for today. By combining your social networks with email marketing you take advantage of all the benefits of digital marketing techniques and you answer the question on how to sell on social networks.

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And please don’t forget to share these tips with members of your team or colleagues.