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Motivational Phrases: 4 Reasons Why You Should Include Them In Your Publications

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

Why Should You Publish Motivational Phrases_

As you know Social Networks are made up of people like you and I, with feelings, good days, bad days and with fluctuating moods. But the “Show Must Go On!”.

That is why we all need some inspiration. That is where Motivating Phrases come to play!

In this post we take a look at 4 Reasons Why You Should Include Motivational Phrases in Your Publications and which are the best practices, tools and strategies to get this done. This way you can get your audience´s attention and multiply your engagement. Here we go!


1- Because We All Need Motivation

As we mentioned above, we all have good and bad days and during a few seconds, a motivational phrase can help us change our attitude and tackle our day with more optimism and energy.

So, if you want to include added value in your content for your audience, sharing motivational phrases is essential.

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2- Because It´s Possible To Learn From The Experience Of Others

Normally motivational phrases shared on Social Networks are the consequence of people´s experience and the valuable lessons they have learned.

That is why, these types of direct quotes allow people to identify with them, since the authors are usually “concrete”. And this multiplies your shares!

TIP: To find the best motivational phrases related to your industrial sector, we suggest you investigate Google to find out who the main representatives of your industrial sector (influencers) are, and find the most inspirational quotes and share them with your audience.


3- Because This Is The Most Shared Content On Social Networks

As in videos, images are the most shared content on Social Media. That is why motivational phrases presented in image format can help you multiply your engagement (meaning, increase positive reactions from your audience) greatly.

TIP: To take advantage of the potential of images without having to incur legal problems, we recommend accessing hundreds of free image banks available on the Internet. You can take a look at the categories and choose the most appropriate and attractive backgrounds for your motivational phrases.


4- Because They Move People

Finally, motivational phrases move people, meaning, they appeal directly to their emotions. And emotions are very powerful! That is why you must choose the right inspirational quotes so your Social Network followers decide they are worth reading and don´t doubt for a second in sharing the content with their contacts.

TIP: When you select motivational phrases, read them carefully and if you can, “test” them among your acquaintances to find out which are more effective. Be aware that in order to achieve better results, it´s always convenient to maintain adequate and correct language (non aggressive).


That is all for today! We hope this post has helped you understand the importance of using motivational phrases to generate added value content for your audience. Let us know!

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