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Pinterest Pin Image Size
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Facebook Cover Photo Size
Instagram Post Size
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Google Plus Cover Photo Size

Facebook Image Sizes

Using the optimal Facebook image sizes for each post on Facebook is what ensures that your images will be fully displayed. If the images you post differ from the optimal size, Facebook will try to edit them to the standard visualization size, which might end up cutting out important content and information for your audience. To avoid this, just select the desired image size in the Image Creator so that your Facebook Post image size is: 470px x 470px, your Facebook Ad Image and your Images for link posts are: 470px x 243px and your images will be correctly viewed by your audience. Its also very important that your Facebook Cover Photo Dimension and your Facebook Profile Picture Size are optimized so Facebook can easily adapt them to all the different device types where your Facebook page, profile, group or event will be seen. You can find more information on the different Facebook Image Dimensions as well as tips for creating the best images for Facebook in this article: Facebook Image Sizes, Tips and More.

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Instagram Image Size

Since Instagram is a social network specifically designed for mobile devices, it's important that your images are adapted to the different mobile devices available. To do this, make sure you follow these Instagram Image size requirements: Your Instagram Profile Picture should be 110px x 110px and your Instagram Shared Posts should be 500px x 500px. Create and optimize your images with Postcron ArtStudio, our free Image Editor, and ensure that your followers see what you really want to show them. If you're wondering how to post on Instagram from a computer or any other mobile device, check out this tool. And for even more information on Instagram picture sizes and advice on improving engagement on Instagram, check out our guide: Instagram Picture size, tips, and more.

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Twitter Image Size

Images are a great way of sharing content with your audience without limiting yourself to 280 characters. But in order for all your followers to see your entire image, you have to follow the Twitter image sizes. Choose the type of image you need and make your own inspirational quote pictures and Twitter Images with Postcron ArtStudio, then download or share them right to your social networks. Also, remember that your Twitter account serves as the first impression of you or your brand, so make sure it looks good! Use 1500px x 500px for your Twitter Header Size and 400px x 400px for your Twitter Avatar Size. And when you share a post with a photo, make sure your Twitter picture size is 420px x 220px. If you'd like to know more on how to get the most out of images on Twitter, then take a look at our guide: Twitter Image Size, tips, and more.

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Google Plus Image Size

All the content you publish on Google Plus is automatically indexed by Google. Therefore, when you publish an image on this social network you should be taking 100% advantage of the benefits of appearing in Google's image search results. For this, remember that when you share a photo the optimal Google Plus Photos Dimensions are 497px x 279px. Additionally, your Google+ profile is usually the first thing people will see from your company, brand or yourself on search results. Therefore, it's important to have a good Google Plus Profile Picture and a good Google Plus Cover Photo, not only because it represents you, but also because having the correct size allows people to view it without problems when they click on it. Choose the Google Plus Image Size you need to open your canvas and start designing! In our Google Plus Image Size, Tips, and More you'll find everything you need to stand out on this social network.

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LinkedIn Image Size

You have to be professional on the most professional of social networks. Your presentation image, as well as the content you share, must be able to be properly visualized by everyone who interacts with it regardless of the device they use. Remember that first impressions last.
For this, make sure that your LinkedIn Cover Photo is 1400px x 425px, your Profile Picture is 400px x 400px and all your pictures must go along with the LinkedIn Post Image Size of 744px x 400px. Additionally, if you advertise on this social network, a good image will cause your advertisement to generate more engagement. To do this, use the LinkedIn Ads Image Size of 744px x 400px.
Select the LinkedIn Image Size you need, make your own LinkedIn Image for free and share it directly to your social account with Postcron ArtStudio, the Effortless Image Maker. If you want to take your content to the most on this social network, then check out our LinkedIn Image Size and Tips.

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Pinterest Images Size

Pinterest is one of the social networks where the majority of its content is in image form, which makes it a valuable source. Thanks to the large number of images shared on this network, it's important for your images to be viewed properly so they won't be skipped over due to bad quality. While you can use any image size on this social network, the optimal Pin Image Size that adapts best to all types of mobile devices is 236px x 350px, and 222px x 150px for your boards Pinterest Banner Size. With Postcron ArtStudio you can make your own quoted pictures, visual content, inspirational pictures, and obtain the best social media marketing results. If you want some more tips for Pinterest, check out our guide on Pinterest Image Size, Tips, and more.

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