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Why Video Sharing Is Essential For Your Digital Strategy? Data, Tips and Tools You Need

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

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When you work with brands in Social Networks, the most stimulating is to obtain results. A good engagement with the audience, followers on the rise and more sales are the desired goals. But how can you achieve them? The answer is to share videos! In this post, we will see how this strategy can lead you to success.

Let’s go for it!

What are the advantages of sharing videos for digital marketing?


1- They help you increase engagement

The videos report excellent results in relation to engagement, that is, they generate more Likes, Comments and are shared more times than the other types of content. For that reason, if you want to get more positive reactions from your audience, better include them in your content.

2- They are ideal for creating promotional content

If you need to talk about promotions or products and you dread boring your audience, creating promotional videos is the perfect solution. For best results, we advise you to work together with a well-trained technical team, take care of your script and the aesthetic aspects (as they reflect the image of your brand), and make content entertaining.

3- Generate the desired stopping point

When users review your feed, your brand should highlight over hundreds of messages, many of them appealing or eye-catching. The videos, like the photos, are able to generate the so-called Stopping Point, that is to say, get people to stop to see what your content is about.

4- Transmit the values of your brand

Due to their expressive characteristics, videos are much richer than photos and texts, as far as information transmission is concerned (think that in addition to the image they have sounds, music, a script). That’s why they are the perfect tool to convey the values of your business and generate identification.

From what has been said, we can conclude that sharing videos is an effective and powerful technique to grow in Social Networks. Next, we will talk to you how you can leverage these benefits even more.

What are Native Videos and why should you prioritize them in your Video Marketing strategy?


When you post videos on Social Networks, there are two ways to do it: 

  • One is to share a link that directs content that is hosted elsewhere, e.g. YouTube, and
  • The other is to upload the video yourself to the Social Network in question (e.g. Facebook). The latter is what is known as native video.

In fact, many of the Social Networks have their own native video platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This means that you can upload a video file to your social account (whether you have recorded it with your phone or created it through an audiovisual editing program).

Now, why is it more convenient to do it that way and not copying and pasting a link? Here is the answer:

Why share Native Videos on social networks instead of links?

1- Multiply your reach

Although it is true that to publish native videos or not, they improve the engagement, the fact is that Social Networks that have platforms for native videos usually “reward” the users who upload their own videos, to favor the use of the service. For example, they often give you more exposure to content, both in the profiles of each account and in the feed.

Native videos play automatically 

Native videos play automatically

The videos published through links want the user to click to start playing

The videos published through links want the user to click to start playing

2- Generate your own video gallery

When you publish a native video, Social Networks (eg Facebook) generate an album where your videos are stored and is easily accessible by the audience. This also gives more relevance to your content, sorts them and gives you more control over what users see, thanks to the editing functions of each Social Network.

3- Provide more complete analytics

When you share native videos, you can get complete information about how users interact with your audiovisual content. This is so because each Social Network has its own statistics service, which help you measure the success of your video and make the necessary adjustments to your content strategy.

Now that you know the specific benefits of sharing native videos in Social Networks, we’ll give you some essential tips. Take note!

5 Tips to make the most of the native videos


# 1 Optimize Your Strategy by Publishing Native Videos Automatically

With Postcron you can upload native videos to the Social Networks and program them so that they are automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on the dates and times you prefer. That way you not only save time from work and not that you also systematize your video marketing strategy.

This exclusive functionality for paid users, allows you to upload native videos to all types of accounts of the mentioned networks, through the manual postingWe advise you to take advantage of this tool for community managers and multiply the reach of your videos.

Schedule Video

# 2 Download YouTube videos and natively upload them to your social networks

Many times the video we want to share is hosted on YouTube, so we tend to copy and paste the link to solution mode. But with the help of FB Down Video Loader you can download videos from YouTube and Facebook, upload them to your own accounts natively.

This extension for Chrome is very simple to use and extremely practical since it enables you to download the videos you want quickly and without leaving the screen where you are browsing. Implement it and then tell us!

# 3 Create tutorials to help your followers and customers

Whether you teach them how to make a purchase in your e-commerce, how to fill out a form or how to participate in a contest organized by your business, the tutorials are the perfect tool to instruct your followers about your proposals and instigate them to participate in theirs.

With tools like Greenshot, you can create tutorials easily, as they allow you to record your computer screen to demonstrate how to use your services and save them as videos that you can then share of native form in your Social Networks.


# 4 Take advantage of social networking to create and share fun native videos

Finally, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the tools of Social Networks (especially those present in the mobile applications of Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to create fun and more relaxed videos, using filters, stickers and all the existing editing features, and publish them in real time.

Keep in mind that more “human” videos (e.g. those presenting to your company’s staff) tend to achieve much greater engagement than the more formal or institutional audio visual content, as users can more easily identify with the brand seeing people “of flesh and blood” as themselves.


To conclude this post blog about Digital Audiovisual Marketing, we can say that sharing videos is fundamental in any content marketing strategy that seeks success. And that in that with text, to publish native videos in the Social Networks is the best way to take full advantage of its potential.

So you already know, share native videos! Then you tell us.

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