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4 types of YouTube advertisements that you should be using in your advertising campaigns

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

YouTube advertise

We recently shared with you an Introduction to YouTube Marketing, whose intention was to explain why you should add your brand to this Social Network. As the second part, today I will explain to you more specifically how Advertising on YouTube works and what the types of advertisements are that you can use.

Major Statistics of YouTube advertise

Before jumping right into what the types of advertisements are that you can create on YouTube to promote your brand, I want to share with you the major statistics of this Social Network in terms of advertising. This way you will get an outlook on the effectiveness and the impact of said service.

The numbers that you will see below were taken from official sources, and also from a specialized publication from the site

  • YouTube users that saw a full TrueView advertisement are 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to the brand’s channel.
  • The viewers that were exposed to a TrueView advertisement are 10 times more likely to subscribe or visit the brand’s channel.
  • The number of advertisers that publish promotional videos on YouTube grows more than 40% year after year.
  • The average spending of the major 100 YouTube advertisers increases more than 60% year after year.
  • YouTube’s advertising service TrueView grew more than 45% as of 2014.

As you can see the effectiveness of the advertisements on YouTube results in a steady increase in advertising investment by advertisers. Additionally, the display of advertisements on the Network leads users to be more interested in channels of different brands.

On the other hand, when an advertisement on YouTube is good it produces a large impact on the audience. Proof of this is the 10 most popular YouTube advertisements in 2015. Below here you can see the 5th place ranking, advertisement by Adidas titled “Unfollow” and starring Lionel Messi:


Now that you know more about the importance of investing in advertising on YouTube let’s go on to the main theme of the post.

Advertising on YouTube: 4 types of advertisements to promote your brand

Advertising on YouTube - YouTube advertise

In terms of advertising, YouTube offers you 4 types of advertisements to promote your brand, between them you can choose based on your particular need and according to your available budget. Below I will present to you each one of them and their particular characteristics so that you can choose the most suitable option.

1- TrueView Advertisements

The TrueView advertisements are highlighted by working with the CVP model, which means, Cost per View. In other words, YouTube only pays you when the viewer sees your full advertisement. Below I’m sharing with you the TrueView advertisement formats that you can choose from.


A- Display Ads

Description: They are seen to the right of a featured video and also above the Suggestions List.
If you use a large size player (in “Theater” or Full Screen mode) this type of advertisement can appear below the player.

Size: 300×250 px y 300×60 px.
Location: Appears in all areas of YouTube except in the Home Page.
Support: Can only be seen on desktops.


B- Overlay Ads

Description: These advertisements were formerly known as “In-Video Advertisements”. They are characterized by being semitransparent notices at the bottom of videos, covering 20% of the player screen.

Size: 480×70 px (flash) or text.

Support:  Only for desktops.


C- Non-Skippable Video Ads

Description: This class of advertisements used to be called “TrueView in-stream Advertisements”. They can be inserted before, during playback or at the end of the main video. They are shown in the video player and its main characteristic is that it allows users to skip the advertisement after 5 seconds of playing.

Size: Standard Video.

Support: Can be viewed on desktops, mobile devices, televisions and video game consoles.


D- Non-Skippable Video Ads

Description: Formally known as “In-Stream Advertisements that cannot be skipped” they are characterized by not offering the viewer the option of skipping them. This means, the advertisements can be seen in full before the main video starts. Their duration ranges between 15 to 20 seconds according to regional standards set by YouTube.

Size: Standard Video

Support: Can be seen on desktops and mobile devices.


E- Long Non-Skippable Video Ads

Description:  These advertisements are similar to the previous one, so they also cannot be skipped by the viewer but are longer. They can be inserted before, during or after the main video plays. Their maximum duration is 30 seconds.

Size: Standard Video

Support: Can be seen on desktops and mobile devices.


2- Sponsored Cards

This is another type of advertising that you can display on YouTube that is characterized by appearing outside of videos and within the site. These are advertisements that are paid per click or views received. These are the types of Cards available:

A- Sponsored Cards during Video Playback

Description:  They appear when a video is played and are located in the upper right part of the screen. They are not seen in the home page.

Size: 300×250 (in image or Flash format)

Support: Can only be seen on desktops.


B- Sponsored Cards in Search Results

Description:  They are advertisements that are seen in search results and like in the previous case, do not appear in the home page.

Size: 300×250 (in image or flash format)

Support: Can only be seen on desktops.


C- Sponsored Cards for Mobiles

Description:  In this case the advertisements appear in YouTube’s Home Page and also in the search results.

Size: Variable, in all cases the image formats must be JPEG and GIF (not animated).

Support: Can only be seen on mobile devices.


3- Masthead Format

Advertisement on YouTube also offers you Masthead format to promote your brand. They are advertisements very similar to a Card, except that they are oriented towards companies and businesses with large budgets, also they are very expensive. They are characterized by appearing exclusively on YouTube’s Home Page.

A- Masthead for Home Pages

Description: This is a possibility to reserve, for 24 hours, the space for banners that appears in the upper part of YouTube’s Home Page in order to promote your brand, service or products.

Size: Standard Video within the space of 970×250 px. At the same time, you can insert a complementary banner of 300×250 px into this video.

Support:  Only for desktops.


B- Masthead Expandable

Description: Like in the previous case, this is a possibility to reserve, for 24 hours, the upper part of YouTube’s Home Page. The only difference between Masthead Standard and this one is that the user can expand it by clicking so it to be shown in 970×500 px.

Size: from 970×250 to 970×500.

Support:  Only seen on desktops.


C- Masthead Lite

Description:  Like in the previous cases, this is a possibility to reserve, for 24 hours, the upper part of YouTube’s Home Page.

Size:  Reduced to 760×150 px, it permits including a 265×150 px video and enables including a banner on the side of the video.

Support:  Only for desktops.


D- Masthead Video

Description: It allows advertisers to reserve the upper portion of YouTube’s Home Page for 24 hours, but in this case it is a video that plays automatically for 30 seconds. To quit watching, users must push the option “Click here to continue”.

Size: 780×195 px.

Support:  Available for desktops and mobiles.


4- YouTube Advertisements for Mobiles

These are advertising formats for YouTube especially designed to function on mobile devices. These are the available types that you can choose from:

A- Roadblock for Mobile

Description:  This class of advertisements can be seen on YouTube’s home page, in searches carried out on and while exploring videos. Additionally, they provide you information on how many users have seen the advertisement on YouTube for mobiles throughout each day.

Support: Can be seen on all classes of mobile devices.


B- In-Stream Video Ads

Description:  They are video advertisements that are automatically played for 15 seconds before the main video starts. They are shown when people play a video of a premium inventory partner in the YouTube for Android application and on

Support: Can only be seen on Android mobile devices.


C- YouTube Brand Channels for Mobiles

Description:  This is a possibility for creating channels exclusively for the mobile version of YouTube. Its huge benefit is that it permits increasing the video’s visualization and deepens the relation between the brand and Android and iOS users (remember more and more people connect to the Internet through their mobiles).

Support:  Only appears on



To know more about how to create your channel to effectively reach your audience, I advise you to read our article YouTube Marketing: ¿How can video advertising help your business? that, like we said at the beginning of this post, functions as an introduction the world of the advertising on YouTube.

This is all for today! I hope that this article was useful to you.

Did you already know the types of advertising on YouTube? Have you advertized before on this social network? Tell us your experience! And please, share this blog post with your contacts so it can help them too. Until next time! 😉