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How to Have More Likes on Facebook? The 13 Effective Tips Your Account Needs to Grow

Por Eugenia Skaf |


As we told you in the first part of this special about how to have more likes on Facebook, it is fundamental to know in depth the communication channel and the profile of your audience, to generate a genuine and lasting bond. In this second part, we will concentrate to give you executable and effective tips to achieve this.

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How to Have More Likes on Facebook? The 13 Effective Tips Your Account Needs to Grow

There are many ways to multiply the number of positive reactions your content arouses in the audience. Next, we share with you the 13 most effective and simple ways to get many more Likes from your fans on Facebook.

1- Complete Your Page Information

It is important for users to find the information they are looking for about your business when visiting your Page (note that many of them use Facebook to find out about specific data). For that reason, it is imperative to fill in all your Fan Page data completely.

So, make sure you make a clear and brief description of your proposal, set your hours, select the business sector to which your business belongs and add a link to your website. You also have to place representative pictures of your company (e.g. your logo on your profile and an image of the facade on the cover).

You can make these changes by entering the “Settings” section, on the top right of your page, or by going to the “About” section and clicking “Edit Page Info”.


2- Optimize Your Cover to Favor the Obtention of Likes

The cover of your Facebook page is much more than the image “background”: constitutes a very important communication opportunity, as it is one of the first two images that people see when they visit the profile of your brand, and you know that First impressions are fundamental.

In fact, taking advantage of “first impression” not only allows you to generate a more positive brand image, but you can take advantage of those seconds in which people contemplate previewing your profile to capture your attention with your image. Finally, you can also take advantage of this space to spread your proposals.

How to have more Likes on Facebook by taking advantage of the cover of your Fan Page?

  • Be sure to always post pictures on the perfect resolution for Facebook so that they look professional.
  • Take advantage of the space on your cover to transmit information relevant to your business and your audience (e.g., a colorful photograph of a new product or a black and white one).
  • Share attractive images and communicate the values and identity of your brand. Remember that your cover and your profile photo are the visual elements of your business card on Facebook (that is, the preview that is generated when users place the mouse pointer over the name of your Fan Page).


3- Ask Your Friends to Give “Like” to Your Page

As simple and obvious as this tip looks, it is a key instance to answer the question of how to have more Likes on Facebook. Why? Because when requesting this from your friends you not only get their LIKES, but also make them aware of your proposal and consequently many of them will respond favorably.

In effect, after giving You Like, many of the people to whom you have asked for this small contribution, will begin to see in your newsfeed news about your publications and probably interact with them (through Likes, Shares or Comments).

For this reason asking your friends to give Like to Your Page is a very good way to make it grow. You can do this by email, or by copying and pasting a message written by you in which you request this with a link to your page, via Private Message on Facebook.


4- Find The Tone and the Singularity of Your Brand

So that people are interested in your proposals, interact with your content and decide to give them “Like”, it is fundamental to find your own style of your brand, which is manifested through your daily posts, in the photos you choose to illustrate your account, in the way you describe your business in your profile, etc.

Now, Finding the personality of your brand is essential to make good Content Marketing and have more Likes on Facebook, as it is what will give your posts a voice and a style of their own how can you discover it? In this regard, the experts propose to follow the following steps:

  1. Collect a significant sample of the most successful posts you have shared, and analyze them for your own style. If you do not have it, try to formulate how you would like it to be.
  2. Describe the values of your brand in three words.
  3. List all the above and create a “Mood Board“, that is, a visual scheme that includes all the concepts that you consider key in the style of your brand (you can use words and also images).
  4. Make sure your bloggers and Community Managers understand how they should transmit the values and style of your brand in the content.
  5. Update the Mood Board of your brand as time passes, according to the changes that your company is experiencing.

Facebook like

5- Share Contents That Go With Your Audience and Check the Statistics

Sharing content that resonates positively with your audience is the right strategy to keep your engagement on the rise. Basically, it is about analyzing the profile of your audience (consider their demographic characteristics, consumption habits, tastes, etc.) and offer publications that prove profitable for that profile.

To achieve this, we advise you, on the one hand, to know your target audience in depth (below we share with you a list of questions that you can answer to outline your profile. And on the other side, we suggest you check your Facebook statistics to see how effective each of your posts is.

What You Need To Know About Your Target Audience

The idea is to see which are your most successful publications in terms of favorable reactions obtained. You can also check at what time you should post, analyzing the time slot where you get more Interactions from your audience.

To see this, you must go to the section “Statistics”, available just above the cover photo of your page.

6 – Take Advantage of Hashtags Using Them in Just the Right Measure

Hashtags are one of the most useful elements that you can use to expand the exposure of your content. Basically these are tags that classify the topics that your posts deal with, and that help users find them (through hashtag searches).

Not all Social Networks work with this system, but fortunately Facebook does (as well as Instagram and Twitter).

Now, according to specialists, for hashtags on Facebook that help you get more favorable interactions, there should be few: one, two (ideal) or three at most.

Interact with your audience


This is demonstrated by research, which indicates that publications with more Likes on Facebook have 1 to 2 hashtags (as shown in the image above. For this reason, we advise you to use two hashtags in your Facebook post that are clearly related to the subject you are dealing with.


7- Take Advantage of the Most Effective Formats to Generate Engagement


At the moment there are innumerable investigations that indicate that the visual contents are the kings in the matter of engagement (that is, in relation to the capacity to interest and to involve the hearing). And in that context, the videos are at the top in terms of effectiveness in attracting the public.

So much so, that there are studies that show that most users prefer to see a promotional video about a product, to read about it. That is why the first videos and the second photos should be permanent contents in the profile of your brand.

In this regard we share a fundamental TIP to maintain professionalism: be sure to check in your account and in your app the option to upload photos in high resolution to Facebook. This will prevent the Social Network automatically lower the quality of your image, especially when uploading from your mobile

In the following image, you can see where to find that option on your phone.

8- Turn to Emotional Marketing in Your Content

Another very effective method to answer the question of how to get more likes on Facebook is to take advantage of Emotional Marketing. Basically, it is about appealing to human emotions, which are the quintessential motor of people’s actions (especially in Social Networks!).

Resorting to Emotional Marketing is extremely effective, as emotional content gets a lot more feedback from the audience and exhibits a significantly higher popularity among the audience

Now, what kind of emotive content can you publish? Try the following:

  • Make sure you’re curious: E.g. through an intriguing title or briefly telling the introduction of a catching story in the text of your post.
  • Be positive: Publications that convey motivational or inspiring messages show high rates of Shares and Likes, compared to other types of content.
  • Transmit enthusiasm: Stimulating your fans with posts full of vitality puts people in a mood or mood more impulsive, and that way it is much easier to get a Like.


9- Check the Publications of Your Fans on Your Business Page

Facebook pages for businesses have by default enabled the option that allows followers to publish their opinions on the wall of the brand. This can be positive or not, depending on the type of criticism your brand receives and the profile of your industry sector.

In fact, it is not the same thing that a clothing store receives criticism that an insurance company does. That’s why it’s very important that you keep an eye on what your fans are posting on your business page.

Another option is to disable this option on your page. In the GIF below you can see where you should go in the menu of your Facebook Page to disable that option. You can also enable moderation of posts, so they are shared only if you approve them. Remember that bad reviews can lead to a fall of your image and, therefore, your Likes.

Post visitor on Facebook

 10- Use Tags In Your Posts To Maximize Your Visibility And Get More Likes

A good way to have more Likes on Facebook is to take advantage of the possibility of tagging brands and/or people in the text that accompanies your posts. Why? Because that’s how you draw more attention since the administrator of the page you mention receives a notification that it has been tagged in your post.

At the same time, tagging accounts in your publications increases the chances that more people will see you, since when you generate a reaction in the person or brand that you have tagged, this type of activity appears in the Teletype of the start of your contacts, as shown in the image below:

reacted on facebook

However, in order for this resource to work you must make sure you meet these two conditions:

  • Only tag brands or people that are related to the content of the post (e.g. that appear in a photo), so as not to be a spammer.
  • Place the tags sporadically and not every day, to avoid being invasive.

tag brands or people on your posts

11- Invites People Who Like Your Posts, Give Like To Your Page

You can take advantage of the interest shown by the users who like your posts, to request to like your page. This simple technique is very effective since the people to whom you apply for this action have already shown an interest in your proposals and therefore tend to respond favorably.

Doing this is very simple, you just have to go to one of your posts that have obtained more Likes, and display the list of people who have liked Your post. When you do this you will see a button that says “Invite” next to each name. Just press it to send the invitation.

invite friends on facebook

We advise you to do this periodically (e.g. one or more times per week) to maximize this possibility. You will see that it is very effective!

12- Get An Insight From Your Competitors On Facebook To Learn And Differentiate

A basic instance when considering not only how to have more Likes on Facebook, but also how to make a difference and style with your content is to analyze your competition. Reviewing your Fan Page allows you to get valuable information, such as what your fans like (and what they do not like).

You can also check the tone with which they address their followers (for ideas, not copy) and what are the characteristics of their most successful posts. Take note of all those aspects in which you perceive deficiencies, p. Ex. if you discover that you do not have your profile fully completed, or have not posted links to your site.

The idea is to get an overview of the profile of the audience you are targeting, and to know the communication style of your competition, to generate your own by overcoming perceived faults in your competitors and providing better content.


13- Use Native Facebook Tools to Increase the Visibility of Your Posts

When posting content, Facebook gives you a series of tools that can help you a lot to get Likes. Indeed, once you have posted e.g. a photo or a video, you can click on the menu of the three points to the right (as shown in the GIF below), to access 2 very profitable options.

The first one is “Set at the top of the page”, and it allows you to just post a publication at the top of your profile so that it is always the first one seen by people who visit your Fan Page. This is ideal for spreading your promotions or communicating news relevant to your customers.

Secondly, you can embed Facebook publishing on your blog or website, using the “Embed” option. To do this you must paste the code that will be given to you after clicking on the menu, as you will see in the next animated image.

Embed posts on content

This is a great advantage because when you embed the post you keep your Facebook options enabled, including that of giving Like (and thus you multiply the possibilities of getting a Like, as you broaden your audience from outside the social network).

Also, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the option to Stream Live Videos, through the function of “Live Streaming”. This possibility is ideal for sharing webinars and events in your real-time business on your page, via video. Facebook will highlight your live stream and you’ll get more exposure and Likes.


By way of conclusion, we can say that there are many techniques, some more complex than others, to get more Likes on Facebook. In all cases, the final result will be given not only to use them but mainly to maintain the quality of your content, always providing added value to your fans.

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Did you like this blog post? Which of these tips has been most helpful to you? Tell us your opinion! And please remember to share this post with all your contacts. Until next time!