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6 Facebook post Ideas to Position Your Business and Sell More

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

6 Facebook Post Ideas to Grow and Sell

We know that in order to reach your audience you must find them on Social Media. And nothing better than to do this on the widely used and popular network: Facebook!

So: what type of content can help you sell more and broadcast your business? This is what the following 6 Facebook Post ideas are all about. Here we go!

6 Facebook Post Ideas That Can Help You Broadcast Your Business, Increase Sales and Be Relevant Among Your Audience


1- Publish inspiring quotes that reflect the spirit of your business

Motivational quotes have excellent results on social media since we all need a little “push” to inspire us daily. For this reason, we recommend that you include them in your publications. Additionally, they are ideal to reflect the values of your company!

So, we recommend that you search for the best quotes and model phrases in your field or important entrepreneurs in general on Google, so you can share them on your Fan Page with your audience. The subjects can be motivational, funny or inspiring.

To attract users and obtain the best results, we recommend that you include text inside a photograph or background design. You can do this easily with the help of a good online image editor for Social Media.


 2- Create participation with suggestions to improve engagement with your audience

According to the specialists, “engagement” is the skill a company has to reach an audience with recommendations and by getting answers, so, by increasing said factor, you reach the main objective as you publish on Facebook and other Social Media.

So, how can you get more followers to participate? The answer is: by sharing content that produces interaction and encourages participation! In this regard, we recommend two excellent strategies:

  • Create publications to “fill in blank spaces”: You need to invite the audience to complete phrases such as “If I win the lottery the first thing I would do is _______”.

  • Conduct surveys: this technique enables you to find out relevant data for your business. You can ask questions such as: “What is your favorite dish on our menu?” or you can create longer surveys with the help of Facebook’s survey application.

App Survey Facebook

3- Create games to sell more, increase traffic on your site and gain a database

As you know, the majority of people use social media to have fun and that is why games are a perfect way to reach your audience and broadcast your products, all at the same time. And as in the previous case, you promote audience participation and business interaction.

So, we recommend you generate entertaining ideas that meet business objectives (from promoting your brand to increase sales of specific products). Here are two effective game ideas that can help you reach specific goals:

  • Increase web traffic on your site: you can challenge your audience to find a specific product on your website in order to win something (for example: available colors) in a private message in exchange for a discount on a product or some other added benefit.

  • Create a database: invite your followers to send a photograph where they use your products or ask them to send their email address. The idea is for you to award the most creative or original image. For example, with a kit of your products. Don’t forget to publish the winning photograph for an even bigger impact!

4- Share the contents of your Blog

Publishing content with added value is essential within a digital marketing strategy. And you can do this in a blog located on your website is recommended in order to promote your business and increase web traffic through Social Media.

So, as experts explain, it’s not enough to paste a link of your article and share it on your Fan Page. On the contrary, its much more effective to add a presentation on your publication, preferably a quoted text of your blog post, generating curiosity and provoking readership.

It should be noted that it’s essential to maintain good quality articles so your audience finds them useful, fun, informative or educational. With this in mind, we recommend that you read the following editorial article so you can learn how to create effective and attractive blog posts.

5- Express your business values with inspiring images and motivational videos

According to Marketing and Social Media specialists, images and videos are the most shared content on Social Media (especially on Facebook!). For this reason, it’s important that you include them in your everyday publications.

But remember that not all content offers the same results! The idea is that whatever your images show reflects your business values and are pleasant and appealing. For this reason, technical aspects are a good and fundamental solution.

In this respect, in order to achieve a greater impact, we recommend using Postcron Art Studio, our online editing tool so you can work with correct sizes for each type of publication on Facebook.

Postcron ART Studio

As far as photograph content is concerned, we recommend:

  • They are visually displayed
  • Transmit a positive message regarding your products, ideas, human values, humor, beauty or feelings
  • They are attractive enough to catch the attention of users with the incessant flow of newsfeed information

The same applies to Facebook videos since the objective is for people to associate favorable emotions with your brand. For example, we recommend sharing videos like the ones you can find on upsocl, where the quality of transmitted content and values are correct and “trendy” (meaning they become easily viral).

6- Take advantage of publication formats offered on Facebook to display your products

Logically, to increase sales it’s necessary to get known by your audience and get them interested in your offers. Consequently, you should include promotional content in your publications so your products, services, benefits and more are displayed. You can use photographs, videos, blog posts, etc.

But remember, you shouldn’t exceed yourself! Because you can become a spammer before your audience, meaning, show an excessive amount of advertising, generating rejection, since no one wants to see ads all the time. To help you in this area, we recommend you follow the 80-20 rule regarding content:

 Content rule80-20

As you can see from the image above, the objective of this rule is to prioritize the added value of your Facebook content, so people find your posts genuinely useful, interesting or educational; in short, they find them interesting enough so they follow you on this Social Network.

Once this is understood, let´s take a look at the options Facebook offers when you publish, so you can generate ideas to take advantage of the formats offered. The type of promotional content can be photographs, videos, commercials, live feeds, events, and notes.

Facebook offers several formats to choose from so you can promote your products.

As you can see from the image above, Facebook offers interactive tools so your followers can ask questions by calling or sending you private messages. To enable these channels is quite useful for your business (especially because Facebook recognizes with distinction those Fan Pages where administrators respond back quickly to questions from the audience).

As far as strictly visual content is concerned (images and videos), the alternatives found on Facebook are: upload images or “loose” videos, create photo albums (for example: show collections) and create image sequences (ideal to show locations or products and link them to your e-commerce).

Facebook offers these formats so you can share photographs and videos

You can also display up to 19 photographs in a presentation format, shown as a video format and finally, you can combine images and videos with “Create Canvas”. Going over these options and keeping them in mind can help you plan your content with the objective to fully capitalize on these tools.

Now that you know about these options, here are some ideas to take advantage of when displaying your products:

  • Create photo albums to show types of products organized by categories (for example: if you sell clothes, you can create an album with the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons, etc.).
  • Create presentations to exhibit your offers in a more dynamic manner (this type of format is highly customizable so you can add music, modify the time between each image, add tags to position your video presentation on Facebook, etc.).
  • Create an event on Facebook to promote a day of special offers, be it online (on your e-commerce) or offline (in your “actual” store or business). You can get recommendations and get the most out of this option and sell more by reading this post.

That’s all for today! We hope you have found these 6 Facebook post ideas useful to inspire your publications and broadcast your business on the most popular Social Network. Please let us know!

Did you like this post? Which ideas have been more useful? Please share your opinion with us! And remember to share this publication with your work team. Until next time! ?