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Facebook Insights: 8 statistics to analyze on your Facebook page

Por Elisabet Parera | Writer at



If you could take advantage of your Facebook page and offer your followers the most attractive content in order to achieve the best results for your business, wouldn´t you do it?

This is the objective of Facebook Insights, a Facebook feature that allows everyone with a page of followers to know all the statistics in detail, available on the page.

The British physics and mathematician Lord Kevin said more than 200 years ago:

“What cannot be defined cannot be measured. What can’t be measured can’t be improved. What can’t be improved is always degraded”.

In other words: you need to know the objectives you want to reach for your Facebook strategy and above all, you need to measure statistics to know if you are on the right path.

So the more you know about Facebook Insights the better you know how your page is working and once you have the data you can improve your social media strategy and know what decisions to make.

And that is exactly what we are going to show you bellow with this step-by-step guide for Facebook Insights, where you can learn about this tool, why you need it and which are the 8 statistics to analyze no matter what in order to have a successful Facebook page.



What is Facebook Insights and why you should use it?

Facebook Insights is a native Facebook tool that allows you to track accumulated statistics on your page of followers.

These statistics can only be checked by the administrator or administrators of the page and can be very helpful to know what information really interests your audience so you can offer them only what they are interested in.

Basically, thanks to Facebook Insights you can see all the data and user interaction with your page to know if what you are doing on the platform has the impact you are looking for.

In Facebook Insights you can track general data from your page of followers to concise data for each publication or video views. In other words, the data on your Facebook page can be found in Facebook Insights.



Now, why use this tool? The answer is quite simple:

With Facebook Insights statistics you can improve the way you reach and conduct business with people who like your page.

Because if you analyze in detail your page statistics you can improve your brand´s image, attract more traffic toward your website, get more visits, generate more interactions, seduce new potential clients and much more.

But if what you want are concrete reasons to use Facebook Insights, here are 10 that won´t leave you indifferent:



Now, which statistics should you consider in order to analyze the evolution of your Facebook page? We will tell you right away.


8 Facebook Insights statistics to consider no matter what and how to analyze them step-by-step

1. Overall vision of statistics

To enter Facebook Insights you must click on “statistics” on the top of the Facebook profile in the menu section on the right or by clicking on this link .

Once you are in, you can see the overall vision of your Facebook page statistics and a summary of what is more important. If it´s not a statistic, you need to keep in mind the performance of your page.

If you want to see each metric in detail, you can do this by accessing the menu on the right of Facebook Insights where you can see the most important metrics and analyze: likes, reach , visits, actions, publications, videos and people.



2. ‘Likes’

The “likes” is a statistic to analyze no matter what in order to know how your social media strategy is doing.

In Facebook Insights you can see all the “likes ” for the period you choose: from concrete intervals of time, for example during the Christmas season or during the time you launch a promotion on Facebook to the historical evolution or the net “likes”, meaning, the difference between the “likes” and the “dislikes”.

You can even know where each “like” comes from, from the page, the ads, the publications, mobile devices or other options.

You can also see the “dislikes” your page has received and the concrete dates, the “likes” of each publication and the monthly, weekly or daily active users.

As a default, graphics of the last 28 days are shown but you can program this depending on your preferences.

Facebook Insights Likes


3. Reach

The reach is the number of people you have shown each publication to. This also includes the “likes” of each publication and its derivatives (“love”, “sad”, etc.), the comments and the number of times these were shared.

You also have statistics about how many users clicked on “hide”, “report as spam” or “dislikes” in each publication or which can give you an idea of the type of content your followers like and dislike.

The reach of Facebook can be organicmeaning when users see a publication on your page or in the news section – and paid sectionwhen users access the publication through your Facebook ads —.


4. Visits to the page

In this section, you can see how many total visits each section of your page received: the start of each publication, the section of information, the images… EVERYTHING. And not just this but you can also see the data for sex, country, city and device.

You can also see the visits to the timeline and the tabs, the mentions and publications of other users on your page and the external sources, for example, websites, search engines and other media such as YouTube or Google+.

This way, thanks to Facebook Insights you know which tab has been clicked by your followers and the entry sources to your page in order to improve your social network marketing strategy, specifically on Facebook.

Facebook Insights - Visits-to-the-page

5. Actions for the page

This statistic is crucial because thanks to it you can obtain concrete and interesting information about the behavior of your followers.

On the one hand, you can obtain a list of the number of clicks and aspects such as your website , phone number or the call to action you can insert on the cover.

And you can add this data by age, sex, country, city or device.

This will help you see which site clicks are registered depending on the type of content campaign or ads that are taking place during certain days and then compare which ones are interesting to individuals who clicked on your page.



6. Publications

In this section, you can take a look at which publications worked better and which did not and what days and times your followers were online.

This option also allows you to see in detail all your publications during a certain period of time. This way you can see each of the publications, the type of publication, the segment and reach the interaction and if it´s a promoted publication or not. You can also see the average reach and the participation.

In addition, you can also add up to five observation pages in order to analyze in detail everything your competition does in order to give you an idea of where they are and where you are and allows you to know which actions to strengthen and which ones you should stop implementing.


7. Videos

If you also publish videos on your Facebook pageand believe us, you should and in this article we explain why— then this section shows you an ample analysis in detail of the videos you upload on the platform as well as the links you share in another network and the native videos on Facebook.

This way you can see the reproductions of more than 3 seconds to the reproductions of more than 10 seconds, the ones that have been reproduced during 30 seconds or the most viewed videos on your page.

You can also see the data of the organic videos and the paid ones, the automatic reproductions or those with only one click or repeats… You can find all the data you need to know about your videos here.

With this data, you can analyze the engagement of your video publications and know which audiovisual content your audience likes the most.


8. People

How can you get more clients if you don´t know your target audience?

That is why this section is so important, because you can know absolutely everything about your followers: you know the percentage of men and women, their age, the country and the language of each one.

You can also see the number of users who have viewed your publications during the last 28 days, comparing it to the percentage of followers you have. And it also shows the percentage of users who have interacted with your publications compared to your fans. The same thing happens with the reached predominant country, city, and language.




The idea is that you check these statistics periodically and afterwards export your statistics to have a record of everything that happens on your web page.

To do this all you have to do is click on the button export statistics found when you check your Facebook Insights data and save this on a file in your computer.

You can also choose the range of dates you need as long as they are after July 19th, 2011 and you get an Excel file with all the information.

Once you have the data, analyze it in detail, detect behavior patterns and check what works and what doesn´t.

What did you think about Facebook Insights and their importance to know everything that happens on your follower page in detail? Do you use this native Facebook tool? Are you thinking about using it? Leave us your comments, we would love to read your opinion!


And if this article was useful, please share it with all your social network contacts so they can also take advantage of Facebook Insights


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