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Postcron, the social media management tool prefered by community managers

Postcron is the simplest tool for Community Managers and Social Media Managers.

It allows you to Program and Publish posts and also keeps your accounts up to date on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts that you run up to date.

Manage your social networks from a single control panel

Add all your Facebook profiles, pages, events and groups that you run, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn pages and profiles, and  Pinterest boards.

Managing all accounts from one place will save time and efforts.

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Obtain post, link and photo recommendations from the Content Gallery, an indispensable tool for Community Managers and Social Media Managers.

At Postcron we know that the stress of constantly creating content for social networks can be extreme, that's where the Content Gallery comes to the rescue of community managers and social media managers because this tool, in just seconds, provides you with viral content to share with your audience. 

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Save a lot of time scheduling posts by programming all the posts for the week or month in just seconds

The bulk uploader is the perfect tool for social networks, a secret of every CM (community manager). It allows them to schedule hundreds of posts on social networks from an Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet, shortening the work of days, weeks and even months! 

Working collaboratively with your colleagues and companions


If you run social accounts in collaboration with other people, add them as members of your team so they can enjoy the benefits of your account and you'll enjoy the benefits of their help ;).

Enhance your position as a Community Manager or Social Media Manager, try Postcron for free now!

Bulk Uploader Bulk Uploader Find out how to use the Bulk Uploader to schedule houndreds of posts from an Excel Spreadsheet Watch Video
Watermark Watermark Find out how to automatically add a Watermark to all the photos you post Watch Video
Content Recommendations Content Recommendations Find out how to get high-quality content to share with your audience Watch Video

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@postcron Just signed up for your Business account, and I'm giddy. Seriously will tell anyone everyone.
Alexis Morgan Roark‏ ‏
Alexis Morgan Roark‏ ‏
@postcron Didn't catch that my previous service does not post to FB Events! I had 35 minutes b4 event (6pm PT). Done in less than 10. #whew
Andros Holmes
I just found an incredible time saver, and it's called @POSTCRON!

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