Do a bulk upload with “Postcron’s Bulk Uploader” feature and schedule up to 1000 posts at once from an Excel or Google Docs template in just a few clicks and ensure your brand’s active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Establish the text, image and/or link for each post in your spreadsheet and save it as a CSV file.

Set the publishing times to “automatically” and schedule many posts at once

Define the publication time of each post in the spreadsheet or let Postcron schedule them in the predetermined times of each account or by following the criteria and frequency that you define and done! All your posts will be scheduled and published on your social networks.

In addition to the bulk upload tool, which allows you to save time and get ahead days, weeks even months in work, Postcron also offers:

Save time, upload Posts in Bulk on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram with our Bulk Uploader tool

Select the account(s) in which you want to schedule the posts and activate Postcron’s Bulk Uploader feature

From Postcron's control panel select the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and/or Instagram profiles, pages, groups and events in which you want to perform the mass scheduling through the bulk upload tool.

⚫ Manage all your accounts from a single control panel,

⚫ Obtain content recommendations for your accounts,

⚫ Personalize the images you share on social networks,

⚫ Work in collaboration with members of your team,

⚫ and much more! 

Create an Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet with all the posts you want to schedule on your accounts for the next few days, weeks or months

Try Postcron's Bulk Upload Tool and Schedule many posts at once, in minutes!

Some of the brands that utilize Postcron: