Postcron is the simplest tool for Scheduling and Publishing posts on your social accounts.

Maintaining an active presence on social networks will improve the positioning of your brand and will increase your blog or site traffic and views and conversions. 

Are you asking yourself "How to Increase Blog Traffic" or "Site Traffic"?

Advertise your company on social networks by programming the week’s or month’s posts in only seconds.

Protecting the images of your products, generating greater positioning and diffusion of your content, adding a Watermark to your images.

Schedule and publish your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest profiles, pages, events and groups from Postcron’s control panel.

Additionally, install the Postcron extension for Chrome and you'll be able to schedule interesting links and photos on all your accounts from any site (without needing to login on each social network, including Postcron). 


Share the benefits of your plan with your collaborators and they'll be able to generate and schedule content on your company’s accounts.

Increase your Blog traffic by keeping all your social accounts up to date from a single place.

Remember that social media marketing is not only talking about yourself, but you should also share content that is valuable to your audience, that generates interactions and this generates web and blog traffic. Postcron’s Content Gallery is a complete library that provides you with the best content to share with your public without having to spend hours upon hours creating it. 

Postcron’s Watermark feature allows you to add whatever image, text or logo you choose to every photo that you share on social networks. This way, every “like” and every “share” will ensure that your blog or site image goes viral. 

Work collaboratively with your colleagues and employees.

Automatically receive content suggestions to share on your social accounts.

You'll love the bulk upload feature that allows you to schedule many posts at onces in just a few seconds so they can be shared when you decide and this promoting your website, products/services and content. 

Try it out yourself, increase your blog or website’s traffic and views and enjoy the increase in conversions!

Here are some brands that utilize Postcron: