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Why has Twitter raised the character limit per tweet?

Por Eugenia Skaf | Blogger at

¿Por qué Twitter ha subido el límite de caracteres por tweet?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Now on Twitter, you have 280 characters per tweet to express yourself more and improve communication with your followers.

280 Characters is the new text limit in tweets!

In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about this update and we will reveal how you can post tweets of 280 characters automatically.

Why has Twitter raised the character limit per tweet?

After conducting an experiment in September 2017, the Twitter team determined that expanding the number of characters to 280 was the most convenient way to satisfy their audience, and they announced it soon after on their blog. When the measure became effective, the mythical seal of the Social Network of 140 characters by tweet was left behind.

The Twitter team said they were always aware of the difficulty of having to fit ideas into 140 characters, and that is why they decided to implement this update. “We want every person around the world to be able to easily express themselves on Twitter“, they explained.

That is why, from now on, your tweets can include more information (approximately one paragraph). That means more opportunities to do Online Marketing and spread your business on Twitter. Then we will see how you can make the most of this novelty, programming your tweets on Twitter.

How you can take advantage of the 280 characters of Twitter Scheduling your tweets via Postcron


The new provision of Twitter implies numerous advantages in terms of digital marketing, including:

  • 280 characters to share information about your business (offers, news, etc.).
  • More space to publish value-added content that gives your audience a non-commercial reason to follow you.

To take advantage of these benefits to the fullest, review your Social Media strategy, and make sure to publish on Twitter at least twice a day, in order to create a relevant presence.

Using tools like Postcron, this task of publishing regularly becomes very simple since you can schedule in your account all the tweets of the week, month or period of desire so that they are automatically published in your account.

And as in Postcron we have already updated, you can schedule your tweets of 280 characters both from the manual post and from the option of massive posts.


Why is it advisable to automate your tweets?

Because this allows you to systematize your publication strategy and reaffirm your presence in the Social Network. And this combined with the advantage of having 140 more characters to express yourself in each tweet, is a great opportunity to boost your business.

In summary, the new Twitter update of 280 characters means new opportunities to communicate more and better the proposals of your business. Automate your publishing strategy to maximize the impact of this novelty and multiply your presence in the microblogging network. Then you tell us!

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That’s all for today! Did you find this information useful? How would you like to take advantage of 280 available characters on Twitter? Tell us! And please, share this article with your team. Until next time!